Tuesday 11 September 2007

Sublime September

Thanks to my mum for these jolly cosmos from her garden which made me smile x
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and thoughts about our sticky situation at the moment. We managed to have a brilliant weekend enjoying the outdoors and it really put a better light on things. Everyone's support and ideas have really helped - thank you, I'm really touched, feeling inspired and much chirpier.
We've got some really interesting ideas in the pipeline and Woody's standard contributions to the daily paper (2/3 of his work) are now secure which is a massive relief. We'll muddle through and who knows, this could be a brilliant new start for us all.

This is where we went to on Sunday, Wetton Mill in the Peak District National Park and one of my favourite parts of the Moorlands. There's a teeny cafe and the lovely River Manifold which disappears underground at this time of year, despite all the rain. There's a great track, lovely for cycling so we took along Barney's birthday bike and he pedalled along like fury bless him. A bit of exploring the caves and a few ice-creams made for a lovely afternoon and I found some of my favourite September things along the way.
I love barns and they're so different in style across the country. This is what they look like up our way.

Beautiful berries - blackberries, hawthorn and elderberries. They're like jewels aren't they and I'm fascinated by them. I've been known to stop the car to get out and look at rowan trees and rosehips! Looks like there'll be a grand show this autumn (dodgy close-ups though - oops.) We made a lovely blackberry and apple crumble last weekend, the taste of autumn for me.

Warmer clothes - the weather has been so lovely that the old back-to-school feeling hasn't quite hit my wardrobe yet but I have sorted it out and and I'm so looking forward to pulling out my snuggly jumpers, comfy skirts and cosy trousers. This my wardrobe treat - a new hat - (£18 - gulp - I have been buying my other clothes on ebay for peanuts though so its not quite so bad is it?) . I lost my lovely one last year and this is a close replacement. I'm no sure I've got it on the right side though? I always feel a bit self-conscious wearing hats but they do keep you so warm.
Christmas magazines - this is bad I know but The English Home is out this week and I think they usually run Christmas features in this edition. Oh control yourself woman - better get off and enjoy the weather before the snow in my brain sets in!


Ragged Roses said...

Now the kids are settled back at school and I'm over the shock of it all, I've remembered just how much I like September too! So pleased that things have sorted themselves out for you
Kim x
PS If you're interested I've posted that sloe gin recipe I commented on.

Tracy said...

Hi thanks for your comment. I love your beret I am also a hat lover I would wear them all day everyday but somebody once told me your hair thins if you always have a hat on?? Nice to meet a new blogger

Leanne said...

I love september, not just because i am september born but because autumn is my favourite season. I live in hats in the winter, theres nothing more cosy than a good hat and fluffy socks!

Leanne x

Alchamillamolly said...

I read your previous post the night you sent it - I am sorry to hear of your imminent situation - then glad to see you have cheered up a bit after your lovely day out.
You will get through this I know cos some time ago we went through 18 months of unemployment - it was horrible but it was amazing what we did without! Best of luck - I love your blogs and your kiddies !! Catherine

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't mention Christmas magazines, hope there not in horrible plastic bags this year I like to browse on the newstand so that I don't buy too many!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph

September is such a lovely month and I enjoy the sight of the berries and the leaves changing colour.

Your hat is great. Living in a cold climate where temperatures plummet in winter, I wouldn't be without a hat, even though they do give me 'hat hair'.

Marie x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Steph, thanks for the birthday wishes! You've won some lavender! If you leave me a comment with your email address, I'll contact you for your address details!
Ki mx