Wednesday 10 October 2007

Underneath the spreading chestnut tree

What a wonderful few days we've been having with the weather. Glorious golden sunshine with long shadows and a bit of mist and damp in the air makes such a wonderful atmosphere.

On Sunday we went over to Tatton Park with the idea of watching the red deer rut which you can get quite close to but the lovely weather had tricked them into thinking it's still summer and they were as calm as can be, relaxing in the sunshine. We hired some bikes though, one with a child seat for Archie and the other with a funky carriage for Barney because it was a bit far for him to cycle himself and we had a lovely picnic under the horse chestnut trees. It was great fun whizzing about, mainly because its mostly on the flat and I haven't been on a bike for 18 years! Thankfully its true what they say and you don't forget but a certain part of my anatomy certainly had!

Just before the postal strike hit a few of my latest ebay treasures arrived, yippee! This lovely old eiderdown I think now entitles me to join Jess' Eiderdown Appreciation Society as I've got two now - although trying to wrestle the first one back from Barney is going to be a toughie as he's totally adopted it on chilly evenings - which secretly I love!). The seams are leaking like crazy so it'll probably have to be for display but its so beautiful I don't mind.

Another of my latest obsessions are rosy teacups and this pair only cost £2.50.

Aren't they lovely?

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments I've been receiving. I really do appreciate them and I'm sorry I can't really keep up with replying. Its fantastic to have made so many lovely blogging friends. Talking of friends, I just want to send all our love from our little family to our dearest, lovely friends J & R who' s darling little girl really isn't too well at the moment and is having a big operation on Monday. We're thinking of you all so much. Cuddles and kisses to the bravest, most beautiful girl and hoping to see you all very, very soon. Xxx


Anonymous said...

I love Tatton Park, there's so much space to enjoy. We go to the Farm in December when Father Christmas is there.
The eiderdowm looks lovely and snuggly!

julia said...

Well done you, what great finds. I'm an eiderdown fanatic as well, and my children seem to be following!
Looks like you had a great day at Tatton park, haven't we had great weather. No wonder this is my favourite time of year.
Thanks for your comments about the boxes. Andrea can do them in any colour, with spots or checks. She's also going to do some very boyish ones with cowboys, planes etc. If you're interested I can certainly email some pics when she's finished them.
Julia x

Victoria May Plum said...

There are so many of us in the eiderdown appreciation society now! how great.
Your little boys look so cute there in amongst the leaves, I bet that they are getting excited about Christmas now.

Thankyou for your lovely comments, I'm glad I can be of some use LOL!

p.s Have added Curlew Country to my bloglist

Carol said...

Oh no, another LOVELY blog to visit !
I will take a longer look this evening.I am still in my nightie can you believe....I am painting a wicker chair and had the need for blog break...
Back later,
Carol x

Anonymous said...

You got some bargains there and you wre lucky that they arrived before the strike.

Carol said...

Hi I am back and dressed!
What a lovely blog.
I think that something odd is going on, I had no idea how many were out there who all love the same things..and blog about it.
It does make me happy to read the blogs, newspapers are quite depressing.
I will be back.
PS I through out my childhood eiderdown in my last house move, I really do regret it now and I had had it re-covered in a lovely Laura Ashley print..........

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there - love your new stuff and your three lovely boys!!I unpicked an eiderdown I got from a jumble sale - I couldnt have saved it and it took me forever to get rid of the feathers in the stitches. I have cut it up to use with all my old linen when I get moved and settled in. I see Carol's Kitchen has found you! She is like us all still new and still in wonderment at all the folks out there like us. Our buyers house is still not back on the internet - I am going tomorrow to raise merry hell!

pinkgreen said...

What lovely finds. You can't beat a cuppa from a pretty tea cup! It tastes so much better. I can't believe we can still have picnics in October. I am hoping the weather holds so we can get one in at the weekend.
Cathy X

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Ah lovely pictures! I think I should get my eiderdown out of the attic, Ella might love snuggling up to it this winter :)
We too had a lovely walk in the woods on Sunday, found loads of different mushrooms, I've never seen so many but Jeremy just replied 'it is their season' I didn't take the camera though... silly me.

vintage twist said...

Gorgeous photograps, glad you managed to get some cups.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I have just been reading your posts and looking at your great photos. I am glad to have found you, its always nice to hear about another person obsession with all things vintage!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

What a lovely place you live in! I somehow found your blog while clicking on links on the blogs of others... and I am glad I did! You have two sweet little boys! =) My youngest boy is about the same age as your eldest. I bought my very first eiderdown from Niki (Nostalgia at the Stonehouse) recently and am awaiting its arrival. =) I will be back to visit - you have a very lovely blog!

jessica daisy said...

oh dear Steph, you've caught the bug, sorry!
Since I did the post about the eiderdowns, I've bought 3 more, two at home already and one on it's way.
Originally the idea was to sell one, because I got it cheap, but Danny seems to have snatched it for the sofa.
The other one I have at home was exactly the same print as the pink one I have with roses on it, but in duck egg blue, so I had to have it, and ended up paying far too much for it, I'm too embarrassed to say how much!
Last night I bid £15 for one that was near the end of auction, and no one had bid on, and I won it, it wasn't described very well, so I took a bit of a gamble, it's small with pink rosebuds, and apperently has some minor staining to the back, so I thought it would fine for Ella's bed, as I won't be too precious about it, fingers crossed it's ok.
Jessx (God, I sound a bit obessed don't I, I promise, no more, I won't buy any more!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I hope that all goes well for your friends' daughter when she has her operation tomorrow.

I'm dying to join Jess's eiderdown appreciation society, but I keep being outbid on eBay!

Marie x

mollycupcakes said...

What a lovely picnic and lots of gorgeous items you got from the postman.
I love Ebay but not when you loss something you really want.

Have a lovely week and I'm hoping the hearts I've ordered to paint come this week sometime of I can get on and paint them for you.


Catherine c