Thursday 7 February 2008

Come stroll with me...

When the sun is shining (and even when it's raining sometimes) I don't think there's a finer place to be than the English countryside and being very lucky to live with it all around me, I thought I might take you on a little stroll around our new home.

This is the footpath to school, just an ordinary path but I love the way it meanders from the modern part of our big village down to the older, medieval heart. It's bordered by lots of holly trees and hawthorn hedge and home to two very fierce robins we look out for everyday.
The view at the top is one of my favourites, I love how it just appears, over the hedge to the right as we come out from a dark, overhanging tunnel of holly and yew trees.

A little further on is this sweet row of red brick cottages. One was for sale when we moved and even though it was lots smaller than our old house I secretly longed to have it! Madness but it looked so cosy with real fires and old floorboards and.... ok, stop it now, get a grip woman!
At the end of the path is the 12th church, St Edward's, with (and this might sound a bit morbid) the most lovely graveyard (can they been lovely?). The views are stunning and it wraps around the church, keeping the people who've worshipped there before close to it, long after they've gone.
These are some of the oldest houses in the village and the oldest of the three pubs (3!).

Everyday I have to pinch myself that we're here and enjoying living in this lovely place so much.
I took these pictures yesterday, what a glorious day, especially looking at that snowy picture I posted on Monday. I nearly left my coat at home, (hang on, steady girl!)
Actually it was pretty nippy so I needed plenty of tea when we got in. What do you think of my new rosy teapot? It was absolutely filthy and only cost £1 but its come up a treat. Not quite sure how vintage it is but I love it.

And then to top off a smashing start to the day this gorgeous parcel with a beautiful vintage Tuck gift card, arrived from the very kind Kathy. She'd read my bleating post about hunting for embroidered, floral pillowcases for years and very kindly sent me this beautiful and completely pristine pair she'd just picked up. What a gem! Thank you so much Kathy and if you let me know your address a little thank you will be winging its way back to you soon.

We're off up to Wakefield on Sunday to visit our closest friends who had a new baby boy Charlie a couple of weeks ago. Its ages since we've had chance to catch up and we're looking forward to lots of cuddles, laughter and fun. Enjoy your weekend toox


Unknown said...

What a lovely little tour. It's every bit as picturesque as I would expect. I really enjoy your blog.

tess said...

thankyou for taking me on such a lovely walk through your village, I really enjoyed, and I love your teapot!

periwinkle said...

How envious am I , such a gorgeous place. You should take pictures through the seasons and keep us all updated?

French Knots said...

You live in a lovely village with an appealing mix of covetable cottages. And 3 handy!

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Steph,
You live a gorgeous place and are very lucky.
I love the teapot, just my colour lol
And the pillowcases are very pretty.
Have a lovely time with your friends, ooww cuddles with a new baby. Heaven! don't they smell yummy?
Catherine x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Steph
thanks for taking me out on the walk, it's lovely to see where you live. What a beautiful setting, I love our countryside, we are soooo lucky. Like you I think that graveyards can be very beautiful. Beautiful teapot and pillow cases as well, lucky you. Take care and have a good weekend

Deb said...

What a lovely tour - and wonderful spot you live in.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

thanks for a lovely tour,
have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

You are indeed lucky to live in such a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

I love the tea pot, and all the photos. We have had a few milder days here too but I don't trust it yet!

Taminator said...


I adore your blog! I love the photos and the comments. It always makes me happy to see what you've posted. And your boys are adorable!

Tammy from penmanreview

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

How lovely that walk was.
I love the teapot, and how lovely and kind of the fellow blogger to send you pillowcases too as they are very beautifull ones too.
Yes graveyards are very beautifull too, its a mix of time standing still & quietness , along with nature.
your little boys are so sweet
X Dominique

Claire said...

You are really lucky to live in such as beautiful place. Staffordshire is lovely - I studied in Stoke for 3 years, but that wasn't that lovely at all! Can you drop me an email about the transfers - it's bit long winded to stick in a comment and I have some spare duplicates you may be interested in (

Best wishes and thanks for poppig by - I look forward to hearing from you!

Carol said...

You are indeed very lucky to live in such a beautiful English little trip with you was lovley.
Carol x

Emma Herian said...

What a fantastic village - and 3 pubs!
I dream of a place like that, escaping over rolling hills.....
Anyway, hows the sofa covering venture going, very envious of that find, love the teapot too!

Nonnie said...

Thank you for taking us on such a lovely walk. Your village looks so pretty. You were very lucky to receive the pillowcases, they're really beautiful. As is the teapot. Very vintage style! Hope you had a lovely time in Wakefield visiting your friends.

julia said...

Great tour, I too love graveyards and the children have inherited our obsession. We love the Arnos Vale cemetery in Bristol, it was part of BBC2's Restoration series and is a great place to visit, very atmospheric.
Julia xx