Monday 11 October 2010

The Year is Turning

Oh dear. No camera = no blog for weeks on end. It's always been the images and memories made by them that's inspired my blog and so a bit of a camera problem has led to a bit of a break in the blogging too. However, all is now fixed and I'm catching up, capturing the turning year and life feels rather good. Well apart from a stinking cold but you can’t have it all can you?

Things are getting rather cosy here at No 25. There are cats on blankets, conkers and acorns on the ground, the scent of wood smoke in the air and the first of my winter squashes is ripening on the kitchen window sill.

I’ve had my winter coat on a few times and now I'm looking forward to the colder weather forecast for later in the week. I’m not good in the warmth and much prefer being cosied up against the elements. Nearly time for scarves and woolly tights - hurrah.
The garden is looking pretty glorious, in a faded, relaxed, mellow sort of fashion. It’s a time to just enjoy the garden for what it is, rather than seeing problems that need fixing or weeds needing pulling. Not much point now, the weather will do a better job than me at sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

I’ve got some small gardening to do, lots of lovely bulbs to put to sleep, ready to burst into life by the front door when the days begin to lengthen again. These are some of the last blast of summer blooms, just about to disappear for another year.

These past few weeks I’ve been relishing autumn cooking. Now our boys are a little bit older and engrossed in their own games, (or some elaborate shared adventure for which mummy is expressly not needed),  I’m getting to spend a little more time in the kitchen for an hour or so after school.

Homemade casseroles, baked fish, spicy stir frys to warm chilly evenings have appeared on the kitchen table recently. Much inspiration has been gleaned from the new River Cottage series (more recipe ideas, less “help, I’ve never cooked before” spods,which is rather good and I still have Nigella’s new thing to watch too, (we’ll see, I can't decide if she really irritates me or not!
It's also the season to pick a few choice things out of the tv guide, set them to record and then curl up when the time is right for a cosy evening of enjoyment. Autumnwatch is back and we will all be enjoying tracking the season as the weeks whizz by. Already we’ve seen the first geese fly down the valley to settle on the watermeadows and the housemartins have all flown on.

And there’s a new Sunday night treat to enjoy, the marvellous Downton Abbey is knocking spots of Larkrise to Candleford (the last series of which was incredibly dull if I’m honest) A bit of upstairs and downstairs is more up my street. So time to draw the new cosy, winter curtains I made with help from mum (with new but thrifted fabric, £6 for 6 gorgeous metres) and settle in.
Thank you for all the lovely Christmas comments btw and all the inspiring ideas. Good to know I'm not alone!


charl said...

im loving downton abbey. me and my sister though are talking about it like its real which is a bit worrying!!
the fabric for your curtains is lovely

Pipany said...

Oh that was lovely Steph. Such a gorgeously evocctive catch up blog with autumn images I really relate to. Downton is a highlight of our week along with dear Hugh of course. Great to see you back x

Karen said...

Steph I do agree with you about cosying up and although we haven't lit the fire yet we have stacks of logs in undercover by the back door. And my only complaint about Downton Abbey is it should be on BBC as the breaks for stupid adverts is SO annoying. MIssed you -so glad you are back. Karen X

Hen said...

Good to see you back Steph, and so much to comment on in this lovely post. First - KITTY! Yes, any fur is great by me and yours is so very cute, look at those little pink paws. Secondly, curtains, spotted then before you even mentioned the thrifty fabric. Gorgeous, well done you. Agree with you, we are firmly in stews and crumbles mode here, the fire is going and the jumpers are out. I'm with you on Nigella, found her quite annoying in the last programme (I mean why does she have to be so attractive - at her age too!) Her book, as with her others, is great though, so much better to read than to watch (though I do both!) A bargain at £9.99 from Sainsburys.
7th November is creeping closer, Steph!
Hen xxx

Bobo Bun said...

I was wondering where you were and if all was fine with you the other day in that way you do when you sort of feel you know someone. Glad it was just a camera glitch and nothing else.

Lovely post Steph, made me feel quite hungry. I avoid Nigella, but have quite a few of her books which we can turn into veggie versions. On tv she manhandles too much meat for me and makes me feel like throwing up, but I can see why non cooking men would watch her.

Loved the curtains, they look wonderful. Gorgeous fabric.

Lisa x

- said...

What a lovely post with lots of cute photos and you are right, it is getting cooler and it's time for everybody to get comfy and cozy again.

Helsie said...

Oh, and we are heading for heat, heat, heat !!! I am determined to spend some time in the UK around Christmas some time in the future. It's on my buchet list. I so want to snuggle down by the fire and crochet !!!!!
Isn't it amazing how the grass is always greener - on the other side of the world in this case!

Flossie and Tom said...

Love the curtain fabric - I'm always scared to make curtains because of getting them straight at the bottom.

Loving Downton Abbey as well, shame the Turkish hottie died though :(


inmykitchen said...

Oooh cosying up I'm with you on that, it's time for jumpers, woolly socks and scarves in luscious layers.

I gave Nigella one chance but cooking a cheese cake in a satin dressing gown come on.

But Downton is great Julian Fellowes spins a good yarn ... the intrigue ...

Sandra said...

What a fabulous blog ... hello I'm new to you, and just loving what I've found. I think I'll sit one evening with the fire on and catch up on your past entries.

Another downtown abby fan here... just loving it. And I'm with you on the whole Nigella thing - normally I'm a big fan, I'm just not sure at the moment about her.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Ahhhhh so there you are - I thought like me it was time to hibernate.

A beautiful post Steph full of all that I hold dear to this time of the year and more.

Cosying up - that's what I love the best.

take care and enjoy as the season unfolds.

Nina xxx

ps. I put irritation aside and take comfort in the cooking. N x

melanie said...

what a lovely cosy post. I love this time of year too, I much prefer the colder weather to the warm weather, people who know me think I am barmy saying in the height of summer how I cant wait for winter, lol. I am loving all your cosy photos, lovely :) xxxx

harmony and rosie said...

How I love the curtain, regardless of its price. I'm also loving Downton, totally compulsive viewing but have to confess my woolly tights have made a few appearances already - couldn't help myself!

Kate x

loveandlilac said...

A lovely read - love the photo of your cat all snuggled up! Downton Abbey isn't really grabbing me yet despite the wonderful Maggie Smith. Lark Rise was a bit of nonsense but I do miss the bucolic country scenery. Your post reminds me to get the winter coat to the cleaners asap. Louise x

Frances said...

I definitely share your affection for this time of the year. It's a season that energizes and inspires us.

That Downton Abbey program does sound promising...hoping it will cross the Pond to our television sets next year.

Great to have you and your camera back!

Penelope said...

Your curtainsare really beautiful, I love a thrifty find. We are all autumnal here too with stews and crumblesgalore. Thanksfor sharing your cosy post xox


Hi, glad your back in blog action, and like you i am so enjoying Downton, its sumptouse, and can not wait for the next episode , Julian fellows is so good with period peices, i am rather fasinated by Bates, the valet played by the actor who was also in lark rise,....roll on sunday evening, as for Nigella she rather irrates me but she is very beautiful i give her that!! Linda x x

driftwood said...

just loving the kitten on the crochet photos, one of my cats adores crochet, he can always be found sleeping on a crochet blanket xxx

Little stitch and me said...

Beautiful curtain material, we are too getting ready for the on coming winter season, just stocking up with wood for the log burner and very much looking forward to wearing scarfs and gloves, so cosy. Our new furry residents won't know what is happening when they realise that the box thing in the chimney is a magical heat maker that they can snuggle in front of.. positively heavenly.

Julia said...

What a gorgeous post! You have captured this time of the year beautifully with your words and pictures ~ I have noticed on my little blog wanderings of late that there is a distinctive turn by us womenfolk to the indoors, to nestling, cosying, retreating and cooking warming meals...isn't it a lovely time of the year?

Sending love
Julia x x x

Garden Girl said...

Hurrah! You're back! Loving the new curtains, actually studied them before reading your post which is a bit sad. They're beautiful!
I have been buying thick woolly tights like an insane woman, and wandering around shops stroking hats and scarves whilst grinning madly. No more pasty white legs on show, bring on the boots!x

Rubyred said...

Such a lovely post! Love your fabulous curtain fabric and all the wonderful crochet! We are having a chicken stew tonight, it is lovely to browse though cookery books when it's cosy and warm indoors!
I love Downton Abbey too,a treat to watch on a Sunday evening!
Have a lovely day
Rachel x

Keepapi Creative said...

Glad you are back. I missed you! Thank goodness for the camera being fixed. I adore your photos! It certainly is cozy up time, & as we've had a sick bug slowly working through our family there has been a bit of that going on here! Watching River Cottage has made it all the more enjoyable though. Jacs x

Katy Noelle said...

Hi, dear Steff! I've been away from blogland, lately, myself and, this morning, thought that I really, really needed a bit of Curlew Country. Phew! I feel much better.

I've just been putting in our garden, this month. We've lived in the new house for two and a half years, now, but not had ANY garden. Wildflowers - lots of wildflowers. This is an old farmhouse and, usually, there are lots of old peonies, lily of the valleys, some irises, somewhere. The one botanical gift is a long, old, established row of lilacs.

Well, Mr. Tom finally finished his year of the dirt (digging up for septic and running wires for electricity in the barn, rerouting springs in the driveway, etc, etc). He's rebuilt the stone wall - it's glorious - and I've moved my plants from the old parsonage (plus, have some new perennials from end of year sales). Next year will be so different! =]

Well, enjoy your coziness! It's raining buckets here, in Vermont, and I am thinking soupy thoughts. =]

Love, Katy xo

Unknown said...

just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me today…I found your blog…delightful