Sunday 8 July 2012


I don't know about you but I find July completely exhausting. Its that time of year again where every possible activity seems to be crammed into as few days as possible - just when I'm ready to kick-back and relax to be honest.

Well its all good fun; plays, concerts, services, sports days, new school visits, costum- making, bake sales, holiday planning, birthday party preparations. And then there's work and the garden to manage too. Clearly I just have no stamina - I am a weak and feeble woman indeed!

Anyway its been a fun week too and a couple of friends and I joined a new, funky WI group that's been formed in town. Our first meeting proper is next week with topics like cheese & wine tasting, a glass jewellery making session and a talk on burlesque all on the programme!

We managed a pass out on Friday night too and went for a delicious curry and a drink at the new community arts centre that tons of volunteers across town are working magnificently to bring to life, The atmosphere was lovely and as our WI meetings will be held there I'm looking forward to seeing much more of it.

Saturday was spent being a tourist in my own town with my sister who lives over the hills. We indulged in some serious local retail therapy and went back to the arts centre for lunch - fabulous. And I met a fellow blogger too which was wonderful. Thanks for saying hello!

Today we've got a family birthday lunch for my lovely dad who unbelievably has reached offical retirement age which seems very surreal. And the sun is out for a bit at last too.

Later there's the tennis match of the decade which we'll all be settling in to watch, followed by a trip to France (via the tv) to cheer on Brad and the Sky boys. Busy then - but fun!


Louise said...

That sounds like a super weekend! We went for a walk in Derbyshire and got soaked in a very heavy shower - my own fault for thinking I could get away with not taking a waterproof!

A busy month indeed! I work in a school and there's so much to do in the last two weeks, but I'm ready for the holidays now!

I haven't made time to pop into the Foxlowe yet - I keep meaning to visit the tea room and check out what's actually there. I didn't realise they did meals, I thought they just a tea room type cafe. I'm a regular 'tourist in my own area' - there's always something you can discover and it's so much fun!

I'm looking forward to Wimbledon later.

Bobo Bun said...

That sounds just like my kind of WI Steph, how perfect.

I know what you mean about July, it's bonkers really. This week the girls have a christian aid event after school (baking required from me), school disco on Thursday (but that means free babysitter so we'll go to the village pub) and then school BBQ Friday night. Sports day is a whole day at our school this year?

Enjoy all the lovely things you've got planned, sounds delightful as usual.

Lisa X

Country Rabbit said...

Lovely post steph, love the collages ;0)...They do seem to cram it all in at school's dont they, i noticed there's 3 different plays, sports day (which keeps being cancelled cos of water logged playing fields ).
luckily the summer fair wasnt a wash out...I'd love to attend a WI...actually i did go to a few with an elderly neighbour years ago. They had a man in doing stain glass window tutorials- all seemed so wonderful and everyone enthusiastic ;0)

we have a hint of sun today after all the flooding! luckily i live on a hill!...

enjoy x

Anonymous said...

Your WI sounds great. I was asked to join ours when I first moved to the village, but the average age seems to be twenty years my senior, and talks include courgette varieties and holiday slides from Cleethorpes!

Jay said...

It's a busy time of year isn't it? Nearly the summer hols though and things take on a slower pace. Big match this afternoon, bowl of strawberries and cream at the ready!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I would love a Wi like that one, I have one crafty friend I meet up with and I am meeting another tomorrow to talk about All Things Crafty, so who knows we might get our own crafty group together, not quite WI but good enough for us! let us know how it all goes! Ada:)

bellaboo said...

Sounds like you enjoying being busy though!
Hope you have a lovely time celebrating your Dad's birthday and the start of his retirement.
Have a great week! :0)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for ages and love it. From Australia, it's midnight and have just finishined cheering on Cadel Evans....Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. LOL. Enjoy the TDF. Kelli.

Grammy Braxton said...

What a busy, busy week. No wonder you are tired. I certainly hope you are able to watch the Tour better than me. My only channel that broadcasts here in the US (that I can get) has been "temporarily off the air" for 4 of the 9 days. I love watching the Tour. Enjoy your week.

Freda said...

My daughter, given to spoonerisms, once said she felt 'feak and weeble' - it's been that in our family ever since! Hope you find the strength to keep up!

...Nina Nixon... said...

I feel exactly the same about July Steph - on top of all this rain as well, I feel completely washed out.

Nina xxx

Anonymous said...

HI, Jean from Guilsfield WI here. Hope you enjoy your funky WI. I joined in 1985 when I was 36, and I've gained such a lot from being a member. Now I'm an adviser in Powys Montgomery and I'd love to hear about what your WI gets up to. Have a great time - remember, the WI is whatever you want it to be!

Amanda said...

I read about the new WI, sounds great. I wish i lived a bit closer. Let us know how you go on.

Carol said...

The new WI sounds great fun, as does your weekend.
Sometimes the busier we are the happier we are.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

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Jessica said...

Hello Steph, I'm Jessica, and just found your blog.

I recently started renovating a cottage, well off the beaten track in the South West (

Your photos, and your energy, will inspire me to keep going!