Sunday 9 September 2012

Local Heroes

We're feeling as proud as punch in the Moorlands at the moment. Yesterday our golden Olympic hero Anna Watkins came home for her special parade after winning gold in the women's double sculls with Katherine Grainger at the Games.
It was a fantastic event. It felt like the whole district was there to pat her on the back and let her know how much she's inspired us and how chuffed for her we are.
There were banners, people hanging out of windows, flags, lots of cheering and the bunting was out again in force around the town.The sun shone all day and her golden post box was dazzling.
Anna is truly a local girl; swimming lessons at the leisure centre, athletics at the running track, brownies in the town etc. She grew up in the next village to ours and went to B's school and it was amazing for them to see her and her magnificent medal, right back here where it all began.Who knows which child from Leek might be the next gold medallist?
But we're doubly proud around these parts because Lee Pearson, perhaps one of our most famous Paralympians has now got his own golden post box too, (thanks to a team medal gold in the dressage), in the village where I grew up. He lived around the corner from us until recently but now lives in my mum and dad's village.

Lee's bringing back three medals from London, one of each and incredibly he's not quite had the Games he was hoping for. There can't be many places to boast gold medal heroes from both London Games in this fantastic summer of sport.

Really makes you proud to be a Brit. The Times summed it up brilliantly yesterday - a summer so many thought would never emerge but, exactly because of the British attitude to all things, we have been amazed by how taken with the whole wonderful spirit of summer 2012 we have been and, despite all the weather, its become one we truly will treasure and never forget.

Well done Anna and Lee. Inspiriational doesn't come close. You're champions and we love you!


cazzy said...

She is a friend of ours - she is amazing

VintageVicki said...

2 local champions - amazing - must be something in the water :)

Its all been amazing to watch - sad its all over tonight.

Luckily today we had Stage 1 of the Tour of Britain come through our town so thats been a lovely boost for us.

Country Rabbit said...

I really think its wonderful Steph! local shop has never been so more chatty and friendly- every one discussing the games and medals and how wonderful we've all done!...It makes me feel proud and its brought communities back together i really believe that! ;0)
its a year to stick fondly in our thoughts for the rest of our lives!.

Thanks for your lovely comments!
much appreciate them coming from you and your lovely blog!

x Kazzy x

Madelief said...

Wow to have 2 local champions in the Olympics! That's special. It looks it was a lovely event.

Happy weekend!


Jewel said...

That is fantastic! All our olympians and paralympians have been fantastic inspirations! They have made the whole nation proud and the whole experience has been so humbling! Such a lovely celebration!

Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful day and we really enjoyed it too, so glad you took some amazing photos I forgot to take my camera
Thea x

driftwood said...

what a wonderful day it must have been!