Monday 3 December 2012

They're On!

Oh I love this night so very much. All the town out to celebrate and count down, then cheer the lights.
 It happened a couple of weeks ago and town has been twinkling ever since.
 We caught up with friends, bought treats and shopped. All at home which is a really special feeling.
Its a night for supporting all the people who keep the place going and pulling together to help those  in need.
 A great start to the season if you ask me. Xxxx


Miss Holly said...

Oh how wonderful and Christmasy!!!!! I just want to hop right in!! What a way to start the season.....I just love every second!!

Country Rabbit said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful- thanks for sharing- so festive and that shop window filled me with warmth- they have a similar feel to the switch on as Tavistock in devon, i love this time of year so much,

x Kazzy x

... said...


...Nina Nixon... said...

Oh yes - we went to a local display at the weekend too.

Nina x

haggiz said...

It all looks so Christmassy! I posted about the tree on my blog... it's really different this year, I'd love to know what you all think of it. I'm a real traditionalist, but I really loved it x

LinenandRoses said...

It looks really wonderful and so traditional. Our town lights and switch on are a little more tacky I'm afraid. But luckily there are some smaller towns around with a more traditional feel that we can go and visit. I'm hoping we're going to go to a very magical place at the weekend to get our own tree so that will be the start of my Christmas season. Thank you for your really sweet long comment and the good advice on my blog. Fiona x

Heather said...

oh yes we have ours coming up, It kind of sets things of for me! Heather x

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,
I want to move to the UK when I see these pictures ! Everything is looking so magical.
Love Diana

Tea with Prudence said...

Oh Steph, this post is delightful. As I get older, I am drawing more to being a homebod for Christmas, and seeing your little town lit up and special like that is beautiful.

I'm thinking of even trying to encourage the villagers over here (in Oz) in my little town to try something similar next year.


Frances said...

All your photos of the festivities are lovely. How wonderful that there are so many folks who contribute to these bright lights and seasonal gatherings.

I know that lots and lots of organizing and community spirit is needed for these evenings to bring such joy.


Sue said...

Hello Steph,LOVE your new header photo,you never disapoint with your posts and photographs(i know i say that often with your blog,but it's true)!!!
Hope all's well with you
Best Wishes
Sue xxx

Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely Christmassy pics.

Unknown said...

Simply a magical place in this world. Elizabeth