Tuesday 21 May 2013

A Grand Day Out

Sunday was such a lovely day up here. We fancied a trip out and ended up at Chatsworth; the playground for the boys while Grandma and I had a good old saunter around the gardens.
I was ever so tempted to paddle in the Cascade, it was properly hot and now I'm even sporting a bit of a pink nose incredibly. We got so distracted by the water we completely missed the kitchen garden, which was a bit of a shame, but we really enjoyed just wandering where our feet took us.
There aren't all that many flowers, there's more landscaping than planting really, but these tulips were amazingly vibrant close to the mansion.
They had a great time climbing and exploring the sculptures. To be honest I'm not absolutely sure they were really supposed to do this, but that's daddy in charge for you! Very sorry Chatsworth.
Look at that bright blue sky! Perfect, lovely. A happy day x


Clareio said...

Chatsworth is stunning, I last went on a site visit in the snow, a different side of it but still absolutely stunning!

June said...

It is a fabulous place. We visited a few years ago when it was very hot. The Cascade was quite slippery but such a great feature. Love the last photo especially and your boys on the horse.