Wednesday 18 July 2007

We're off!

Well things are literally moving at last. There I was, happily wandering aound the Tatton Park Flower Show today when my phone went and at last we've had a firm offer for our house! If it hadn't been so muddy I'd have jumped for joy. Our offer on the Cheddleton house has been accepted too so we need to get onto the solicitors and get things going. I daren't get excited though, it feels like such a long way off yet.

Tatton was wonderful. I've been twice before, the last time 3 years ago and its improved a lot since then. Lovely gardens and marquees. John was interviewing exhibitors at the show for a new magazine so we made a family day out of it - which was even better as we got free tickets. The sun eventually came through and we had a lovely day. I didn't get to see many Show Gardens, thanks to all the mud and I didn't want to drag B& A around them in the crowds, so instead we had lots of fun fountain-spotting in the Back-to-Back Gardens and trade stands.

I got to have a good old mooch around the lovely Country Living pavillion and picked up a couple of bargains, two beautiful, white distressed photograph frames and a small etched bottle from Live Laugh Love and "Celebrations", a Country Living book about special occassions throughout the year. And also a gorgeous, wine coloured wrap top by Gabrielle Knight. I loved her other outfits but could only realy afford her sale bin so was thrilled to discover this - perfect for the autumn/winter with a comfy skirt and boots.

Blimey - we might actually be moving! Time to tackle to loft and cellar so we can actually fill the removal van with things we really need/like/use. Wonder what I'll find...


jessica daisy said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving me a comment, congratulations on the offer!

If your local fabric shop doesn't sell it, a good stockist for the pom pom trim is:

Sometimes on more expensive sites like vvrouleaux it sells for £4.99 a metre, but you can normally get it for £2-£3 a metre.

There are also other sellers on ebay, but try several searches like 'pompom'
'pom pom' and 'bobble' trim and trimming to get the full range available, because they have it under different names.

Love your new blog, I will have to add it to my list! Keep us posted with the move, and good luck,

Curlew Country said...

Thanks for the hello Jess. Will look up the trim asap.