Sunday 25 October 2009

Autumn Watch

I've got a bit obsessed with Autumn Watch (or possibly rather Chris Packham if I'm honest - I watched far too much of the The Really Wild Show when I was a teenager!) Having the programme on just once a week, for the whole season, is genius if you ask me and having the hugely hectic diary that I do there's a guarantee I'll be in in front of the box to watch all of it.
But we do like to get out and enjoy Autumn too, so today we togged up, grabbed the adored grandparents and headed up to our favourite woodland.

So the year has turned again. Everything is glorious colour; golden, copper, saffron, lime, burnt umber, sienna, scarlet and crimson, all against the blackness of stem and trunk.

We do this sort of thing all the time but having mum and dad with us today brought back so many memories. And here I am now, playing out my own happy childhood again with our little boys. Thank you, thank you mum and dad.
So there was lots of swinging, plenty of kicking and throwing of leaves and running through the trees.

And the view out of the window is changing too. It seems that this weekend the seasonal switch has been flicked and Autumn is here.

Time for a roast dinner, a fire, a curl up on the settee and a read of the Magic Apple Tree I think, and watch a teeny bit more of Chris!


heidi said...

lovely autumnal pictures,i too am a bit obsessed with taking these 'autumnal pics'!! as you can see from my blog. we too done a nice walk across the fields yesterday & took yet more trees all in black & white this time as i think they look so effective.they will be appearing on my blog,watch this space!!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Autumn - yum! I really wanted to say Chris Packham!! But Autumn is still as delicious.

Gorgeous autumnal pictures and all of one of my favourite places - the woods especially with all those beautiful colours.

Have a lovely, lovely week,

Nina x

ps. Happy Autumn watch.

VintageVicki said...

Lovely pics - looks like the sort of place my boys would enjoy too.

Chris Packham - fight you for him ;) He's a definate improvement on Bill Odie!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post.

The mention of Chris Packham made me smile. Many years ago I took my children to the Bristol studios to take part inthe filming of an episode of The Really Wild Show and remember him well (and Terry Nutkins)!!

Shari Sunday said...

Beautiful! I would love to take that walk. I'm afraid I missed out on The Really Wild Show and don't know who Chris Packham or even Terry Nuitkins are. Enjoyed your post.

Helen said...

Love your photos. They remind me of romping through woods as I child. All those beautiful colours are the best bit of autumn!

Dawn said...

Lovely pics - I think this has been a spectacular autumn. Who needs New England?

A Thrifty Mrs said...

What a beautiful walk.
I have a bit of a Chris Packham crush too.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ah happy days kicking the leaves up! Gorgeous pics and so lovely to spend time outdoors with your family,

Sarah x

periwinkle said...

oh no , I didn't realise Autumn watch was on - bummer . Your boys are getting so big so quick ,,,

Bobo Bun said...

A gorgeous walk. We only miss Bill as little bun adored him and he was named by her as Bloddie.

Lisa x

periwinkle said...

I do hope we find a new spot as the park is going to be closed for about 2 years 
Thank you for the Autumn watch info – i’ve set it to record as I’ve got a memory like a sieve , I’ll check out Unsprung too

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Sara said...

Gorgeous posts and pictures, and the perfect description too. Its lovely that you got to go out as a big family - those are the kinds of memories everyone will cherish <3

Pipany said...

Oh I missed this post Steph. It's full of lovely autumny pics too. Hope November is as pretty as October was, but I guess the Christmas build up will help with any dull days. Have fun xx

The Curious Cat said...

Aw! Walks out in autumn are so much fun and so colourful - it looks like you had lots of fun! xxx

nonni said...

Hello there, I just found your lovely blog! What lovely Autumn looks like you all had a wonderful time! :)

love, Poppy x

*Ulrike* said...

Lovely autumn photos, and it looks like all of you had a great time. I enjoy taking autumn photos too, the colors are always so vivid this time of year.
Have a wonderful day!

Helsie said...

Lovely photos. You live in a nice part of the world. I'm always happy to see the seasons in countries far away as ours are not distinct like yours.