Saturday 12 March 2011

Charity Shop Chic

I've never been a snob where charity shop clothes are concerned. For the last few years particularly, I've revelled in the thrill of discovering the "perfect thing" for the fraction of the original price, getting a green buzz and donating to a deserving cause all at the same time.

I am quite discerning and items have to be in excellent condition, be a great fit or easy to alter, for me to buy them. At the risk of this blog becoming a clothes horse here are my most recent joys.
I can't resist a ditsy floral print and this cheery shirt brings me little bit of Liberty-esque cheer for £2.50.

It came home with me this morning after a lovely walk around the town to find a present for my nephew's first birthday. Living where we do is a very precious and a deeply held pleasure of mine. I love to catch snippets of conversation, jokes and news being shared when I walk from shop to shop and through the old market hall.

There's something very special about bumping into friends while you're out and about, chatting to the stall holders and just enjoying being where you belong while doing something so very ordinary.
And it was more welcome than ever today. It has been a hard, emotional week. After a brief reprieve, I was told on Thursday that my working hours will definitely be cut down by almost half from April. It looked as if the axe might not fall after all, but now it has and the disappointment, stress and money worries a second time around have been much harder to bear for lots of distressing reasons.

But all things pass. This is not what I will remember as the years roll by, it will be just something we got through in the past. So I keep re-reading my positive intentions and  keep my eye out for the cheap and cheerful. Like this.
I don't wear blue all that much, (a navy school uniform put me off for a long time I think) but I do love it. And this Topshop dress is a beautiful little number to wear and will be perfect for warm office days and special occasions
And when you discover a new item, with the labels still attached, unworn, the thrill is magnified tenfold. My aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in June and have invited all of our small family here for a very special lunch . Roses with a 50s twist will be the perfect thing to wear. Can't wait.
While we're losing a lot financially I am very grateful for all that I do have, especially with all the bigger concerns going on around us all at the moment and such devastating events across the world . These small spends mean much more than if I'd been able to afford them full price, if that at all makes sense.  £12 the lot. Not bad.  In fact very, very good!

Have a smashing weekend.Xxx


KC'sCourt! said...

Very pretty dresses, I love the red one.
I wish the charity shops round here weren't so picky in what they sell.
Julie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about your job, Steph... It seems there'll be hard times for most of us ahead. BUT POSITIVE THINKING IS THE KEY!
Your new clothes look beautiful. I especially like the shirt!
How's the weather in England? Here, it snowed a few days ago and today it was as warm as in May! Crazy March !Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

Sending hugs your way. So sorry about your hard week. But I understand - some how we shall all get through these tight times. I love your charity shop finds - I adore thrifting!

best wishes to you!

Hen said...

Great finds, Steph, you are a bargain hunter extroadinaire. The rosy dress is particularly lovely, bet you will look great. I'm sorry to hear about your job, I'm sure it will all turn out alright in the end. These things often end up being for the best in a round-a-bout way...
Hen x

Amanda said...

I really admire your way of thinking and you are right in a few years this will be a memory, times you got through.

I hope things work out and keep those charity finds coming, they look so pretty.

Please may I? said...

Such lovely finds.

Your right many things cone to try us, but the things that really matter to us will always weather any storm.

X x

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

So sorry to hear your news but positivity is the way forward, at the end of the day you have those two lovely little chaps to keep you smiling!
You are lucky with your finds, I love the blouse and you look great in it, if I were to wear it I would look really frumpy, and the dress looks just right for the wedding.
Keep smiling
T x

salty pebble said...

steph, you always bring cheerful joy to me in blogland. Though im sure it must be a worry on your hours being cut at work.
but like you say...some how we all muddle through and better things will come your way ;0)

i love charity shops!
Actually my mum would take us when we were little...then when i went to university in London i realised all the poshy totty throwing out beautiful stuff, next to new!
always loved looking in the really rummagy scruffy charity shops cos you'd be sure to get a real treat!
My fav item is a clarice cliff plate for £1!!!! happy days is the land of thrift my lovely!.
Now living in Devon i love the charity shops even more! Especially now i have a daughter age 4 and getting lots of lovely clothes and toys for her....woohoo!

Love the floral shirt x

Reginas Cottage said...

hi steph,
wonderful finds!!! i love the liberty shirt and the dress with the rose.i'm so sorry to hear about your's a hard time for us all,think
have a nice time,

Carol said...

Lovely finds, especially the last rosy dress, stunning. I do like my charity shop finds too!
Sorry to hear your work problems but, like you say, those won't be the things you look back on. I wish I'd worked less (retired now) because we needed the money at the time but I bet we could have
managed on much less.
Carol xx

Pretty at Heart said...

I must admit that I haven't moved on to looking at clothing from Charity shops yet - tend to stick to the bits and bobs shelves. But I am very envious of those clothes.......I love anything with a ditsy pattern and also the "roses" dress is divine!
I am so sorry to hear about your job - we have been waiting to hear about my hubbys and have also been given more hope recently. So I know just how much more upsetting it must be for you now, after it seemed there was light at the end of the tunnel!

Lyn said...

some lovely bargains there.
Your positive attitde will see youthrough the tough times ahead I am sure.

periwinkle said...

Oh I love that last dress , it will be perfect for the occasion and I can just see you in it. Actually I used to have a skirt of similar material which I used to wear with doc martins :-D

Vintage Tea Time said...

Some excellent CS finds there - well done, you1 Sorry to hear about your job, but - as others have said - these things often have a way of working out for the best (not always easy to see that at the time, I know). Abby x

The Fairy Glade said...

HI Steph, know how you are feeling, we are all under review at work at the moment...not nice and the uncertainty is what wears you down. I won't know until June/July whether my job will exist or not. Love, love the rose dress. Enjoy the weekend. Dev x

Streetcomber said...

Excellent finds. With your great ingenuity, I am sure you will find a way forward.

busybusybeejay said...

I must say that until recently I was quite snobby about CSs.In a small market town I didn't want to be seen going into one!But now I am hooked.I am collecting old post cards and I love ceramic/china brooches and small ornaments and have had some great finds.Long live CS's!!

Gigi said...

I'm so sorry about your job. Hopefully, it will be back to normal soon! Love your pretty thrift shop finds -- lovely cheery things.

bibbitybob said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your job, but I'm loving your positive attitude. Everything happens for a reason and although sometimes it's hard to find, hopefully it will become apparent soon.

I also love those dresses and agree that finding a bargain is much more fulfilling (in some crazy way!) than buying new x

Joshy and belle said...

i love the clothes you have found, i never have such luck! im sorry about your job but like you said you get so much from being in the place where you live and spending time with your boys in your lovely home! i hope it all works out, fliss xxx

LandGirl1980 said...

Lovely finds! Not so lovely about your job though poppet :(

Frances said...

I share your thoughts about charity shops (usually philanthropies sponsor thrift stores over here in the States) and I rarely find any treasures like those you've captured.

This might also be because I am much older than you, and perhaps have a dream thrift shop located in the depths of my closets!

I am so sorry to hear about your employment developments, but think that you have got a very good, strongly positive way of viewing what is to come in the short run.

Again, I am much older than you, and have have several roller coaster rides over my years. I learned lots from both the ups and not-quite-so ups.


Lucy said...

They are fabulous, especially love the roses for an anniversary. I don't think you could have got anything nicer for £140 in John Lewis, I mean that.

I am sorry about your job, that is a horrible blow. But you're right, that won't be what you remember, and I hope that it will give you back more time for the things you love.

Happy weekend (half over!) to you to!! I'm only awake because I have a cold and a phobia of nasal sprays...must go to bed soon.

Travel With Lulu said...

There is something so satisfying about finding a gem at a charity shop :)

bellaboo said...

Yes,you are so right.We have to count our blessings everyday.Lovely post...and those dresses are truly gorgeous...especially the roses one! :0)

Bobo Bun said...

Completely understand Steph. Can fully sympathise as I'm out of work in two weeks time and have been hoping there would be more funding to carry out the positive work we do. Worry is debilitating and a horror to live with, but like you say you manage somehow and focusing on the positive is the only way forward. That's why buying beautiful things (and I must say lucky you for finding them as all gorgeous) at great prices lifts your spirits as does writing happy blog posts about all that's good in your life does too.

Take care Steph.

Lisa x

harmony and rosie said...

I'm sorry to hear of your worries but I admire your positive thinking. With that attitude I imagine you won't feel the pinch for long and in the meantime those bargains must surely help to soften the blow. Finds indeed!

Kate x

Peeriemoot said...

I'm sorry about your job, it must be so worrying. I hope things look up soon, but in the meantime well done on your charity shop finds, they're gorgeous!

Joanne said...

Love it! So romantic and feminine!
Great finds, especially that last gorgeous dress!
Well-done, Stephanie!

Madelief said...

You founds such lovely things! The floral dress and blouse are my favourite. They look so bright and ready for summer. You will look great on the party!

Happy new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anja said...

Sorry to hear about your job, but I think you attitude is amazing!
Love your bargains, that rose dress is fabulous.

Marylène said...

What a positive way of thinking !
It's a hard time for many of us : here in Belgium, in England, in Japan or all around the world....
I love your red dress with roses : so lovely !
I wish you the best.
Happy week

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Sorry to hear your job news, I know how you feel as 2 years ago I went through 6 months of risk at being made redundant. It can really take it's toll on you, my blog was something I did for me once the stress of it all was over and the changes at work had happened. I love your CS finds they are all soo pretty and cheery and the red & white floral dress is FAB. I hope things get better for you soon.
Luv Sophie xxx

Coco Rose Diaries said...

Gorgeous items found! It is such a great feeling to find something so beautiful for a fraction of the price.

Sorry to hear of job woes. It is such a difficult time at the moment, but as you say, years on you wont remember just how difficult they were, just that you got through them.

Focusing on the positives is such a good thing. I am trying to do that too to get me through some difficult days.

Best wishes

Vanessa xxx

bootextiles said...

I love,love,love your blog and have done for a long time but never posted a comment before. Thankyou for sharing all of your optimism with us when everyone seems to be struggling with their finances at the moment. I also love charity shopping and have developed an addiction for old fashioned home management books! Ive shared a few snippets in my blog. Charity shopping is definitely something to be proud of.I too enjoy the 'green buzz'. Back soon for more inspiration. xxx

silverpebble said...

It must be tough to have had such a work-related blow but it sounds as though you're looking at the positive - you've found some real gems there, Steph. I have a spot of shirt envy! All my hats off to you for finding the up side to a tricky week. Hope the sun is shining there today - it's quite bright here this morning.

Stephanie said...

Hello, I've discovered your blog recently... I am very sorry to hear about your job. I think times are more or less difficult for many people... I wish you all the best.fl

Julie said...

Hi Steph,
Great finds, you certainly have the eye for a bargain I think. I love browsing in charity shops. Got some great curtains to remake into blinds recently.
Sorry about the job. Not nice to have your hopes raised and then dashed again. Stay positive.
Julie x

Polka said...

amazing finds :)

Lee Ann said...

I have just found your blog today, through nice day at Rosie's. Sorry you are entering some hard times, your blog is adorable. I have enjoyed looking around and I am sure there is a lot more to find! I love your finds, so inspiring xx

Bodkin said...

hi loved the dress post have you watch Nanny Mcphee and the big bang with your children, i think you will love the clothes she about to do a post on a sweet allotmentment book i found with cute wood-engravings i was inspired by your post .tea dresses and allotments are two of my favorate things bless you for your blog from hesta

...Nina Nixon... said...

Such beautiful dresses Steph and for a scrummy price too.

So sorry about the job too - it is so tough trying to juggle finances. We were there too a couple of years ago. Things do get better though - it's just hard when you're in the thick of it - I know,

take care,

Nina xxx

ps. there is a way of widening your blog page to incorporate everything if you want me to email you the how to? N xxx

Nina xxx

julie said...

sorry to hear about the news about your job, will be thinking of you and hoping that the positivity can see you through.

Loving those dresses - all of them, each one I thought was fabulous, but I think the red roses one is my favourite by a squeak.

Ruth said...

So sorry to hear the pressure you are under Steph but I love the way your are looking at things so positively. We are in pretty much the same boat as you!

Plus I am deeply envious of your thrifting skills - these finds are all divine! You have a really lovely eye for vintage prettiness.

I get most of my clothes from my local Oxfam. I love the satisfaction of finding a complete bargain and donating money to a good cause. Twice the feelgood factor!

elizabeth said...

I'm liking your blog! I'm trying to live on so much less than i did before. It's so difficult for me. It is inspiring to seem some else going through a belt tighting is such a successful and fashionable way! Thanks and Cheers!

Ruffandtumble said...

Oh my gosh that 50s dress is 'love'. What a great find. And all so beautifully photographed. x