Sunday 13 January 2013

Frosty Sunday

Do you think these could be snow clouds? All this promising that the Met Office is doing is getting my hopes up rather too high. I've got a suspicion we'll end up in the middle; missing it all.
Across the valley this morning it looks very frosty, bright now but very cold. A day for cosying in I think. My sister and her tiny ones are due over later so we're planning an afternoon of playtime and hot chocolates all round.
Even this pair are staying close to the fire, despite the garden hedge being full of tiny birds they love to chase and I'm glad for that. They're not the brightest felines and the birds have their tactics completely sussed.
I always put the feeders high up in the trees and this morning we've had a dozen long tailed tits, gold finches, blue tits, great tits, reed buntings and the robin all paying visits. The jay that comes for peanuts scares the living daylights out of my felines and the hens do a good job of keeping the furries away from the birds.
I made it out yesterday though on my new bike and surprised myself a bit (thanks for all the lovely, lovely comments on my last post btw!) The towpath was very muddy and it was hard going but I kept at it and headed down the valley for a few miles before turning for home. I thought maybe I'd chalked off about 6 miles but a friend showed me an app that maps your route and turns out it was just short of ten!
I can't quite believe it. Had to take some painkillers during the night because my poor old legs were really protesting, but today I feel great. Just need to pluck up some courage to get up a hill soon.
So I'm feeling pretty cheery and the first daffs of the year are making me smile too. And look what arrived from the greengrocer on Friday night...sunshine in a box! These clementines are delicious and aren't going to last us long.
So, a wintry weekend we have at last. I don't like it when we miss out seasons and as we never got our summer, I'd be disappointed if we don't get a winter either. Contrast is what its all about for me, not some samey, bleurrgh of never ending mildness and damp. So bring on the snow I say and the sunshine in June.
Happy Sunday


dottycookie said...

It's grey here too, biut I think we're suspecting we'll escape the snow too. Time will tell!

syrahsuzie said...

Drizzly and grey here in France but just got off the phone with Mum in North Wales and it is very white there after a hard frost.
Lovely daffs!

Jacquie said...

Very well put, contrast and proper seasons are always welcome. Stay cozy and well done on the bike riding.
Jacquie x

Sue said...

Hey Steph,Sunny here at the mo'. We had snow yesterday from 8am GREAT BIG flakes of the stuff,settled for a while but by about 1pm had all gone,and we live a few miles out from Birmingham city,it always seems to be a bit warmer there!! Glad you got out on your bike,
Take Care,
Sue xxx

Miss Holly said...

Oh I could have written this post....I get so excited when the forecast is snow and then.....nothing....
I too need the changes...spring ,summer, fall winter!!!
I so hope for you that you get it!!!
we have just gone from cold to warm!! wet and drizzly ...but nice in a way..I am dying for a snow storm....we've had one little one and it happened at night so I missed most of it...I read a post from a wonderful gal in has snow everyday since Christmas!!!!! I'll look it up and post her site to is soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!
I'll be saying snow prayers!!!

Miss Holly said...
This is the site for snow .....she is a wonderful person and an amazing artist....she does portraits in pencil that are just beautiful!!!! and wait until you see the snow!!!!! I googled where she is and I could be there in 22 hours and some minutes!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If it's seasonal changes you want, come live in central Canada! We had a blizzard Friday night and spent Saturday digging out. Now the temps are VERY cold, minus 25C and colder. Our spring is MONTHS away. Enjoy your photos.

driftwood said...

look like snow clouds to me. fingers crossed. x

Shirley-Ann said...

We woke to a VERY light dusting of snow here in Chesterfield Derbyshire - but nothing to get excited about. I do hope that all this promising of snow happens too! I agree with you - the seasons should be distinct.

Love the pics of your kitties. The black one looks just like one of ours - only she is very capable of catching birds! I rescued one little robin from her just this past week!

Hattie said...

The lightest lightest snow shower that melted instantly here in the Scottish Borders. The weather forecast seems to change every 10 minutes but really hoping for a good amount of snow - enough to stop me going into work please! Those clementines look delicious!

Mama Macfennell said...

Sorry that last post should be a comment from me! not my lovely daughter who doesn't believe in signing out! :)

MyCretanlife said...

Well we have had a bit of sleety stuff up here. not enough to talk about really. Since I got back from Crete in April it has rained and rained and your right we had no summer. Hope this year brings us some. We have a two Jays that come into our garden. One comes down to eat while the other sits in a tree and watches then they change places.

Unknown said...

I love weather just about more than anything. One brief snow storm here in the Heart of Ohio, and then rain. Too much rain. I'm with you. If it must be winter, let it be snowy! Have a lovely week. Elizabeth

...Nina Nixon... said...

So beautiful and wintry Steph.

I hope you have a lovely big smile on your face today with the beauty of all the snow we've had.

See - told you!....sort of : ) xxx

Nina x

Anonymous said...

Hello, Steph,

You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

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If blog awards aren’t your kind of thing then that is absolutely fine but we love your blog!

Kind Regards,


Frances said...

Bravo on those 10 miles...with such beautiful areas to ride through, I can well imagine how you traveled beyond your plans. (Thank your for the beautiful photos of potential snow sky and beautiful misty green fields.

Your kitties are real describe their hunting techniques very well.


Katy Noelle said...

As I was reading your post I was just thinking - I do rejoice in winter but I love summer, too. and that was your very same conclusion, too! =]

Attic24 said...

Awww do you know I've just written the exact SAME THING on my blog about our seasons behaving properly and doing what they should! I am LOving the snow here!

My Cottage Diary said...

Your kitties are precious! Great photos of your winter there. Have a good week. Bess