Saturday 23 March 2013

Scenes from a Snowbound Home

Over the past few months we've become very well practised in snowy Saturdays here at No. 25.
Firstly there is usually a slow start, especially when the horizontal blizzard is still giving everything it's got outside.
Books, colouring, hot toast, long baths and the inevitable computer games fill most of the morning.
And then when the wind drops a little its a mad rush to pull on waterproofs and get out into it.
Time then to cosy in again, fill the radiators with wet socks and snuggle up with hot chocolate.
The kitchen table is working overtime at the moment. Half office/half craft table.
I'm not sure this winter is ever going to end. Perma-winter; stuck forever in the land of the Snow Queen. In the village up the hill from us the snow drifts are seven foot deep!
Looking forward to a long, snug afternoon of gardening books to lift my soul. Stay cosy!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love your hutch with all the colorful mugs and tea cozies. It looks like such a nice spot to wait out a winter storm...I love how just a little bulb flowering in a pot sitting in the sunshine can bring such hope into a house. We are having a very long winter also...but this too shall pass.

Katy Noelle said...

oh, hang in there, Steff! I've been considering that it's March and people just need extra loving and kindness! So many grumpy bears around! We had an early spring, this year - snow gone - all the birds back - daffs up three or so inches - things greening up.... but notice the word 'had'. The first day of spring, we woke of to a foot of snow. sigh. It is beautiful though! Happy, cozy, end of winter days to you and your family!


Katy xxo

Country Rabbit said...

lovely post...we are getting the floods rather than the snow drifts...lots of landslides! eeeek!...your cosy post has cheered me up ;0)x

Unknown said...

I can't imagine snow that deep in your village up the road. It's hard to find things t do with little ones, especially when the bad weather goes on for weeks and weeks at a time! Stay warm and cosy inside! Sharon

driftwood said...

brrrr. hot toast and hot baths sound perfect. we've escaped the snow this time, but I feel we've had our share already.... keep warm and cosy xxxx

Mama Macfennell said...

Bbbbrrr freezing here too but without the snow in this corner of Scotland. We just have howling winds and hailstones! Hot chocolate, bath, toast definitely the way to go. Loving the tea cosies.

Rose H (UK) said...

Glad you are making the most of the day - especially the snuggling up with hot chocolate!
Your book looks interesting, I shall keep a look out for that one.
I love snow but am glad we only have around 5 inches and not 7 foot drifts!
Rose H

Judy said...

In the US it's like that also! Right now we have freezing rain and then we're suppose to have up to 6 inches of snow! What happened to SPRING?? It must be coming soon!!

rusty duck said...

We've avoided the snow in Devon but it's still bitter with the easterly wind. Snuggling up here too, but it isn't anything like as pretty!

FunkySteph said...

I love the new look of your blog... We have had our share of snow this winter too, but it was not as much as you had... I don't mind the winter and the cold, but what I miss the most is a bit of light/sun... Wishing you some better weather.

marijke said...

Congrats, I've awarded you the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award! greetings marijke