Friday 19 September 2008

Furred and Feathered Friends

I love a robin. On Christmas cards or the bird table, they are most definitely my favourite garden bird. All summer a young male has been fluttering about our garden and I've been hoping so much he'd adopt our little patch as his territory and it looks as though the huge amount of cash I've spent on gruesome mealworms and juicy fruity seed has paid off. He's all ruby red now and strutting his stuff on the decking like no-one's business, chasing off the cat and singing his heart out.
Last Christmas I put this lovely, lovely picture of a vintage robin tin in my festive scrapbook and I've been trying to track one down ever since. I've seen a few come and go on ebay for silly amounts of money so I thought I'd have to make do with my lovely picture instead. But on a whim I searched again last week and I'm not sure how it happened but I got one - for £3! You have no idea of ridiculously pleased I am. So the robin in my garden is joined by few more in my kitchen, yippee!

Another little creature has come to stay too. Thanks again to Deb who's fabulous treasure trove This Vintage Life is my favourite place to find the most special and reasonable vintage treasures. I'm perhaps not really what you'd call a dog person, having only ever owned cats, but the look on Stanley's face was just irresistible and he looks at home already (despite my dodgy close-ups).

Autumn in creeping on here in the Moorlands and the last couple of days have been balmy, bathed in a warm, honeyed light that only September brings and is so welcome after the drenching we've been having.

I've been busy cosying up our home against the damp, misty mornings and chilly nights that have arrived. The thick, tapestry curtains are up in the sitting room and all the eiderdowns are draped on beds and sofas, (this is where I hole up under mine in the evenings, "mine and mummy's cosy corner", says B.)
This weekend will see the cheery, blue spotted oilcloth come off the kitchen table to be replaced with faded red linen and the winter cushions on will be back on the settee in the conservatory. Really need to get my bulbs into the new garden border and I've finally made a start on revamping the kitchen. How dreadful is this! Navy and yellow, not my thing at all. And I've never seen another blue sink in my life!
We've lived with it for too long but after the weekend it'll be gone for good. Back soon with some pictures and maybe a crumble or too. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Good things come to those who wait

I'm not very good at being patient and I've been waiting and waiting for a very special treat to arrive. I've poured over the catalogue, grappled with an awkward website, realised I can't buy what I want to online, sent off vouchers instead, realised I'd not sent the right amount, posted off another voucher and waited and waited for the postman to arrive. And on Monday, finally he came with this!
(Not great pictures I'm afraid, I've had to mess about with the enhancement because it's still raining here and the light's vanished.)
How I love my new Cath Kidston handbag, part of my leaving present from my old job and my very kind colleagues. When they presented me with an amazingly generous amount of CK gift vouchers my eyes popped out on stalks; my funds only stretch to key rings from her catalogue and to have a chance to choose just what I fancied was a bit overwhelming to be honest.
But never fear, I pulled myself together and set to work making some very hard decisions. New bedding or pyjamas, yards of fabric for making lovely things or floral china, fancy top or sewing trinkets. Choices, choices. In the end I plumped for a handbag, I've had mine for 4 years and its looking a bit shoddy to say the least and a fancy purse because I'm bored to bits with my old brown, sensible one. And I love them so much.
Just popping out for a sandwich is such a cheery thing to do now with my spotty green purse. I'll be hanging onto my other vouchers for the Christmas range and the New Year sale to cheer up myself up when January leaves me feeling flat. Not all CK designs appeal to me but others I adore and having a bit of floral loveliness everyday is brightening up this very murky start autumn no end. So, thank you, thank you to my lovely old team very, very much.