Saturday 27 February 2010

Saturday Morning

Home again, home again and its rather nice indeed. We had a fabulous break and, even though we all reek of chlorine, we're exceptionally relaxed so mission accomplished. Sadly I completely forgot to take the camera with me so I can't show you any pictures of the fabulous forest we stayed in, the most beautiful snowflakes drifting gently down through the pines or the red squirrel who came for breakfast on our patio in the mornings.

Today we are having a very, very lazy day after a week of busyness and fun and Saturday morning so far's been made up of:
 - Some scrapbook inspiration in my cosy bed
- Something hearty and delicious for breakfast
- Busy boys + airfix = bliss
- Contemplating a bit of baking later on
And now? Well the cupboards are empty so the colourful market calls; fruit and veg, spring flowers and a quick peek around the charity shops I think. Saturday mornings are made for this (even when its so cold and grey and there's no light for taking decent photos - grrr!).

Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful - A Few Days Away

Ok, this is getting very trying now. It's white AGAIN outside this morning and we are shivering at No. 25. I'm having my annual February whinge I'm afraid. Half-term has been fun though. My lovely friend H brought her two small people over for lunch and a play and gave me some deliciously, tantilising primulas. The colours are just peeping through and being as it's so cold outside I've dotted them around the house instead to surprise me with some much needed spring cheer as their petals begin to open.
Everything else is very bland and cold and I'm desperate for a change and lucky, lucky us we're off here again on Monday for a few days of fun in the forest. I'm so excited, absolutely can't wait! Even if the weather is grim (probably) we will be away somewhere else, not having to think about work or chores or how messy and dull the garden is. There'll be lots of swimming, throwing ourselves down water flumes, bike riding and generally having a bit of family r&r.
Grandma is coming too which always adds a bit more fun for the boys and means that Woody and me get to do one our favourite things - going to the waterpark all by ourselves in the evening. Acting like 13 year olds  always does us the power of good!
I'm really looking forward to a change of scene, fresh air and coming home to hopefully see some crocuses peeping through. Have a lovely week.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Car Boot Bounty

Oooh it is a lovely, lovely Sunday in here in the Moorlands. There are clouds and a cool breeze but the sky is light and the sunshine has brightened my mood no end. I feel jolly and cheery and very, very happy to be back on form and with that delicious feeling that the most important things are right with our little world.
(a glimpse of our view this morning, all bleached bright and breezy)
We were all up early today, doing a bit of family Valentine's stuff. My boys are so sweet and produced a beautiful blue hyacinth "because mummy likes smelly flowers!". Woody gave me a super Observer guide to Wild Animals - vintage of course - to go with my expanding collection of guides covering all things from the seashore to wild flowers.

It being such a bright morning there was guaranteed to be a good turn out at the local car boot and, seeing as we all like a rummage through boxes of old tat, we headed off and returned an hour or so later with bags full of treasure.
Now this is my kind of washing up. Delicate treasures in need of a little tlc.
First up an ancient sandwich tin, possibly from the '50s I was told. I love the cream and duck egg blue but its a bit too rusty for sandwiches so it's going to become a new home for my seed packets.
Spring really feels as if it might just be peeping around the corner today so I couldn't resist these teeny Sylvac style bunnies and yet another flowery cup.
Primroses and violets; not long until they begin to peep through in our garden. And I think a few will find a home in here with another bunny.
And I think this is my very favourite find. We love the Ahlberg books (especially the Jolly Christmas Postman) but I've never seen this one before.
It's a sad story with  a happy ending and it made me well up when I read it.
The illustrations are just the most perfect ever. I dearly want to live in this cosy little house where the baby finds a family and lots of love. I hope our home feels like this for our babies.
Knitted tea cosys, a brick fireplace, braided rugs, embroidered sofa backs, cats curled up asleep.
Who needs interiors magazines? I think I've finally found my style Bible!

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Keeping Me Company

Oh dear. I thought I was doing ever so well getting back up to speed after my rotten bug, but I'm back in bed. Now it's the fluey cold thing that's been doing the rounds. Today I've stayed in bed. All day. I am sniffling and very achey but am very well supplied with tons of orange juice. Anyway I'm very hugely bored of feeling offside, so I won't go on.

I've spent the day staring out over our beautiful views, watching glorious clouds change shape and pattern, then drop snow and hail showers across the woods and fields and eventually clear to let very welcome, golden sunlight bathe the valley. It's been a huge tonic and I'm feeling a lot better.
The rest has done me good but I've hardly moved so don't have any pictures of the view to show you. So instead I'm showing you these that make me smile. I've never owned a dog, we've always been a cat family and not been home enough to give a dog the life it deserves.

But these little chaps have been stealing my heart over the past few months. I think its the expressions, I don't know why they look so mournful poor things. If ever we were in the right position it would be one these terriers (or maybe a Border) who I'd have to bring into our home to curl up by the Aga and walk with me through the woods  (the Aga in my dream house this is!)
So Bertie, Stanley (of course) and Little Sam are cheering me up. I found the pictures in our lovely local bookshop last week, they're by Milkwood Publishing, a lovely Cornish company who produce some delightful cards, perfect for keeping all to yourself and framing (they do have a website but I can't seem to open it today to make a link). Edited to say: Its working - here's the link now.

Thanks for all you lovely comments about my bash at crafting! I'm still blushing and maybe I'll show you something else I've made sometime soon. Have a lovely week, I'm off back under the eiderdown with a lemsip.

Saturday 6 February 2010

Stop Press - I've made something!

Now, you may have noticed but mine sadly is not a very crafty, creative blog. Despite my best efforts it is very clear that the crochet and knitting gene does not feature in my DNA. This makes me a bit blue but I have coped admirably buy buying up every crochet blanket that comes up for sale in North Staffordshire - or at least that's what Woody would have you believe!

Every now and again though I do pick up a needle. Not brilliantly but I can sew a little and I absolutely love and adore fabric and have quite a fearsome stash in my airing cupboard. Bags and cushions can be found a plenty at No.25 and, although some of them have to be unpicked to remove the covers for the wash (!), they're not too bad and all hand sewn (I don't own a sewing machine). Its just that the mood or patience doesn't come down on me very often and I don't often have the time either.
But I've been itching to make something for quite a while because there is a very big event on the horizon for our family. My dearest, darling sister and brother-in-law are about to welcome their first little bundle of joy into the world and I really wanted to mark the occassion. But I've been struggling with what to make.

Bunting was high on the list but because we don't know who will be arriving its tricky to buy the right fabric. Then I thought about a playmat but don't really have time to make one. And then during a tea break at work, inspiration hit - a picture. Not much fabric or skill (thank goodness!) required. By the time I'd drained my mug the design was done, I cut up the fabric while tea was in the oven and sat and stitched merrily one evening last week and now its almost ready.
Just waiting for the last number now (not too pleased with the embroidered letters and numbers but hopefully it'll all look a bit better ironed and framed). Now I admit that it does lean definitely towards assuming that the new arrival will be of the pink variety but I have some similar pieces in blue all ready and waiting if required that can be swiftly swapped.

I am ridiculously excited but very anxious too. Everything I have is crossed. Not long to wait now. Crocus time and all being well, I'll be an auntie!