Sunday 11 May 2014


What an experience! I'm just back from Blogtacular, a fantastic conference for bloggers held at the  wondrous Royal Institution, off Piccadilly in London, by the very able Kat Molseworth & Kat Goldin.

I'm a bit naive about this side of blogging and had no real idea blogging events even existed or about the whole business side, so wasn't sure what to expect. In this part of the world blogging isn't the phenomenal community thing it is in places like Bristol or Brighton, or at least it seems. Any North Staffs/Peak District bloggers out there?

There was tons of interest at Blogtacular for very kind of blogger from workshops on styling, branding, how to use social media with intention and interviews with real life bloggers who've made it really big.

For me the highlight was undoubtedly the photo walk with the truly lovely and hugely inspiring Xanthe Berkeley. These are my snaps of our stroll around Mayfair, Piccadilly and Berkeley Square with a bunch of great people, colourful balloons and lots of enthusiasm.

And of course meeting other bloggers. It was brilliant to hang out with the ever so lovely Nina who I've blogged with for a long time and other smashing people including Gemma and Laura. 

I've come home with a head full of ideas but the intention to keep my blog focused on what I love; capturing those precious family moments, our seasonal adventures, my growing garden and celebrating this little corner of England that I love so much. 

Thanks for all your comments and following me over the seven years I've been blogging. I can't see me ever doing anything else and it's lovely having you along for the ride. Xxx

P.S you can see lots more on the conference and amazing shots from the photo walk by following #blogtacular & #blogtacularphotowalk on Instagram and Twitter.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Away to the Sea

Well the sun may have disappeared as we travelled and the cloud descended, but our little day trip to North Wales was smashing all the same. In a way, the greyness set off the colours and textures of Llanddudno so well. The seafront is ever so elegant; lovely Georgian terraced hotels painted in subtle shades of cream, white and grey.

We wandered along the pier, me taking photos and the boys spending pocket money on toys and trinkets. The pier is truly beautiful. Everything from the bleached planks, wrought iron railings and the wooden huts filled with paintings, stained glass and tea shops were just perfect.

Afterwards we took a little boat trip around the bay and admired the view of brooding Snowdonia rising above the town. The wind was a bit keen though so we abandoned our plans for a beachy afternoon and headed a little up the coast to one of my most favourite places.
If you gave me a toothbrush I think I could actually move into Conwy Castle. Every time I visit I get tingles up my spine. Medieval history is something I find completely fascinating, ever since I became obsessed with Robin of Sherwood (classic 80s tv!) as a child. 

Conwy is a fabulous place, what one of my uni history friends calls "a climby castle" and I know exactly what she means. There are turret stairs you simply have to climb, wall walks, rooms inside the walls and great towers where you can still see enormous fireplaces where our ancestors warmed themselves, maybe alongside their king.
There are great reconstruction drawings around the site that do such a great job putting the ruins all back together for you, and a kids trail that our boys really enjoyed. We climbed the highest towers that are pretty scary but reward you with stupendous views across the bay, the walled town and the mountains. 
Back home my university books are out again and I'll be lost in medieval England for a while. Back soon :)