Tuesday 24 September 2013


Autumn for me is all about colour. Day by day it strengthens and deepens. Rich, golden and vibrant the green of late summer that's mostly flat and sullen, transforms into glowing shades that draw my gaze.
The patio pots are full of colour in September. Clashing rather a lot but I love them.
This late, extra warm weather is throwing me a bit. To be honest I can't wait to get my woolly tights back on and knock up a casserole. Those days will be here very soon though, so for now I'm relishing these last sunny days shining on us and the autumn colour they will bring. 

Saturday 14 September 2013


On a sunny, Autumnal Saturday we love to get out and explore. A market town, a cafĂ© for coffee and cake, preferably somewhere with lots to look at, charming shops to potter arounf and hopefully a river to stroll along are the perfect ingredients. We found them all today in Newark in Nottinghamshire.
Such a pretty town crammed with the most beautiful buildings. Medieval, Georgian, Victorian all of the same warm, weathered brick nestle together around a handsome square up to the castle and along the riverside.
There are lovely shops, too many empty ones, but Newark seems to be just holding its own against these difficult times.
The Totally Locally scheme that's done such a lot for our town is launching there too. Hopefully it will be just the boost this lovely place needs to keep it vibrant and as lovely.