Sunday 23 June 2013

Trying not to mind...

That this summer is panning out rather like the last and that my pictures are just the same. Lots to enjoy though while the rain pours down and the wind blows. I feel a film and an afternoon read coming on. Stay dry xxx

Tuesday 18 June 2013

All About the Garden

At the moment, my favourite time of the day is just about 7.05am. The house is still quiet, the kettle is on the hob and I pull on my wellies with my pyjamas and go out into the garden.

First job is to let out the hens, feed and water them and then there's a quick five minutes to say good morning to my garden. And at the moment everything is just about to come into it's prime.
The patio pots are all a little green and quiet this week. I've re-potted them, replacing the tulips and primulas with the cosmos, ammi majus and nasturtium seedlings I've nurtured through our Arctic spring. A couple more weeks and there should be a really good show and this lull means the borders get to really stand out.
Everything is pretty crammed in and will probably be a flop by the end of July but for now it looks just how I love it; abundant and fit to burst. This damp, humid weather we're having this week is just what the plants need to really hit the top of their form. There's so much colour to come.
Some things have happened by accident really, like the geranium that's made itself at home next to the bleeding heart. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. I love this other accidental combination too of self-sown lime achimilla, lovely rosy pink astrantia and the regal purple of the alliums just going over.

The honeysuckle on my cheapo arch is looking really mature now too and there are tons of buds. Just hope I get some balmy evenings to sit by and enjoy it.
I'm not out for long but it really sets me up for my day stuck at my desk in the city.

And at the other end of the day 7.05pm looks like this sometimes from my bedroom window. Happy Valley!

Monday 10 June 2013

Between the Mountains and the Sea

My blog is becoming a little like a travelogue, but that's no bad thing. Now our boys are growing a little bigger (and far too quickly) they love an adventure away and we're at that place where you can chuck a few things in the car and take off, stretch the occasional bedtime until dusk and eat whatever takes your fancy.
So with the forecast looking stunning for this past weekend we packed our tents and went west to Wales, to the north coast of the lovely Lleyn Peninsula, the very top bit that sticks out like a finger into the Irish Sea, backed by the mountains of Snowdonia.
Quiet paths led us to stunning beaches, past golden gorse and emerald fields, all set against the bluest horizon and a glittering sea. This footpath led from the campsite to their private beach and we sat here for a couple of hours with it all to ourselves, watching the gannets and oyster catchers and three fat seals bobbing in the bay.
We had such a wonderful two days. The sun never went in, the breeze was gentle and I think we've found ourselves a little bit of heaven.