Tuesday 18 September 2007

Really on the move

This is going to be a challenge isn't it! Transforming a 70s detached into a comfy, cosy, vintage-inspired home - wish me luck! Looks like we'll be out of here and over to Cheddleton by the end of the month and this will be our new home. Its going to be strange living in a modern style house, I've grown up in much older houses and its what I'd have prefered but this place is in a brilliant location, has wonderful views over the countryside, 3 bedrooms and a secluded garden and most importantly - we can just afford it. Inside its pretty spacious and very light and airy so I've got big plans involving plenty of rosy/floral fabric, lots of enamel ware, pretty oilcloth, bit of gingham and my stash of nic-nacks.
When we move in I'll post some "Before" pics and see where we go from there.

Great day today. I went over to my lovely friend Melody's for coffee this morning and we had the most wonderful of catch-ups. We were busom-buddies at VIth form college and kept in touch over the years through Christmas cards and birth announcements, the usual stuff, but we've been out f touch for about 3 years I haven't actully seen her in the flesh for at least 10. So, there I was, sitting in the pews in the church next to Barney's new school for the reception class welcome service when this smiley lady began waving at me. I still haven't quite got over the fact that it was Melody and that her lovely littel girl Mia is in Barney's class! Small world or what?! She lives close to where we're moving too and I'm so pleased. Its smashing to be in touch with her again, she's really fun and we had a great time cathing up.
Here's to old friends and re-newed friendships.
(Aaaah Cornwall..as Wogan says!)

And this evening I got a sneaky viewing of my favourite TV programme at the moment -Doc Martin. For some reason we never watched it when it was on ITV1 but having been on holiday to Port Isaac (the most lovely, perfect holiday destitnation}, I'm now addicted to the re-runs on ITV3.

When we stayed in the village filming was underway for the third series which was really fascinating. I'm not really one for autograph hunting, I like to keep the characters 'real' in my head and meeting the actors would sort of dispell the myth if you see what I mean (can't even bring myself to watch the Behind the Scenes programme we've recorded - ridiculous I know!) but it was fun to see the actors at a distance and the storylines are gentle, touching and very witty.

(Dolphin Street where we stayed)

Really loving the will they/won't they relationship between the Doc and Miss Glasson and, being a hopeless romantic, seeing the tiny glimpses of the Doc's vulnerable side tugs at the old heartstrings. Woody's main writing work is to review and preview TV programes (not quite the dream job it might sound - we have to watch some complete tripe!) but occasionally we get previews of things you can't wait to watch and after a busy, hectic day it was just joy to watch the first episode, which I think is on later this week or early next? I won't give anything away, but if you dream of Cornwall, enjoy!

(Doc Martins' surgery/house above the mast of the front boat)


Kimberley said...

You'll do beautiful things in that house, I feel quite sure :)

Can't wait to see your pics!

Ragged Roses said...

I think your new home is going to look beautiful! Good luck with the move! How lovely that an old friend will be living close by too!
Kim x
I love Cornwall!!!

Leanne said...

thats serendipity!! how wonderful for you to have a friend ready and waiting! good luck in the new home :-)

leanne x

Vintage to Victorian said...

How lovely to have found your friend again. I'm sure you'll work wonders with your new home. I'll be coming to you for some ideas as I seem to be getting nowhere fast with ours!!

Those photos of Cornwall are super!

Sue x

julia said...

Thanks for visiting. It's amazing hat you can do with a 70's house, they are incredibly light, and usually have big rooms and gardens. I spent my early childhood in a 70's dormer bungalow and I have many fond memories.

I think I'm going to have to start watching Doc Marten. I once saw Martin Clunes in a pub in Dorset and he's quite good looking in the flesh!

Julia x

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Doc Martin but having bought the Radio Times this week have a cliam to fame - I went to school with the dark haired girl he is kissing!
I'm sure you'll work some magic and turn your new house into a home in no time.

Anonymous said...

Oh good luck with the move, your new home is going to be gorgeous one of the joys of a 70's place is that they provide such a wonderful blank canvas for you to work with.

Alchamillamolly said...

I am just leaving a house like yours after 12 years - ours was 1963 but just the same to look at really - I have just posted the agents pics on my blog - we are downsizing to a 1928 semi now (we are old) but our kids loved living in our sunny house. I will have such special memories. I have been reading your blog and you are moving for the right reasons it was where our house was that made it so lovely rather than what it was and remember what they say about location plus its where you want to be. What a bonus finding your friend again. Be happy

Posy said...

Steph, just had to tell you that the Ideal Homes Guide to Christmas is out on 11th Oct...!!!
Can't wait!!
Jane x

pinkgreen said...

It sounds like you've already got great plans for the house - can't wait to see how they turn out. I love Doc Martin too but I missed some of the last series. Didn't know it was being re-run so I will look out for it. I love Cornwall too (despite the fact my in-laws live there!).
Cathy X

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Good luck with the move. I also love the Dc. programme...ah memories of summer...
Suzie Sews