Thursday 18 October 2007

When I win the lottery...

... this is the first thing I will buy. How gorgeous - but as we've just had to spend a ridiculous amount on the car (£350 for new tyres and brakes - ouch!) I suppose it will just have to go to the bottom of my list. It's a beautiful thing and would make my constant whingeing about how impossible it is to listen to Radio 5 Live on Medium Wave, disappear overnight - are you listening Woody? Even so, its a whopping amount to spend on a radio (£200) isn't it, however beautiful, even if it is in my most favourite CK pattern but I am a pauper and must accept this.

So I will have to satisfy my cravings with buying other people's Christmas presents from her lovely catalogue and hoping my numbers come up. I'm really trying hard to not spend at the moment but being frugal isn't really in my make -up. I haven't got a lot to spend and I don't really spend much but it would be better if I didn't spend anything at all. I was very good here on Sunday, the Chatsworth House shops. I often lose my head in here when the Christmas stock is in but I bought just one thing this year, a lovely large wire-work heart to slot cards in for display which is just perfect for my collection of vintage christmas cards.

It was a lovely misty autumn day and the trees across the estate look fabulous
in their autumn clothes.

I got a couple of lovely things in the post this week, a pretty embroidered brooch and a vintage candlestick to add to my little collection (pictures over the weekend hopefully). The lovely Jennifer at Buttercup and Roses has started a similar collection which looks just beautiful and is a real inspiration for my teeny version. If only there were flea markets in my neck of the woods! Looking forward to the weekend and fingers crossed we may get a moving date next week -
I'm so bored of waiting!


pinkgreen said...

I too want that radio! It is beautiful but as you say soooo expensive. I too work to a tight budget which is why I love charity shops and car boot sales. I love the fact that for £20 you can come home laden.
Good luck with the moving date.
Cathy X

Tracy x said...

i am another lusting after that radio - but it is such a huge amount of money when you do not have a great deal to spare!
i am hoping that my family will agree to club together for it as a christmas pressie - who knows - i may be lucky!
great blog by the way x
tracy x

mollycupcakes said...

Gorgeous radio, but what a price wow. I just couldn't I'd feel so guilty. I think we should just look at it prettiness in the book and think of the money we've saved to buy lots of other things lol
Good luck with the moving date and I'll so glad you like the hearts.
Have a lovely weekend and catch up soon.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

What an adorable radio ~ no wonder you want one!

Chatsworth House has long been on my list of places to visit. Last time I was in that area, I just hadn't time to go and look, so had to satisfy myself with views from afar (the road past the estate). One day, I hope to return and explore.

I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend and that your moving date comes through.

Marie x

Carol said...

Gorgeous radio, I have the little make-up bag in that design!
Candlesticks, I saw the collection but could not remember where!
so thank you I have found a saved it.....I started collecting clear glass candle sticks this weekend but I only have 2 so far, probably quite a few of us have decided to collect them as they really do look lovely grouped together.
I had some somewhere,probably in the loft, but i just cannot find them.
I have saved the farm as well, I must go to one of them. They use the same image of quite a few of the farms!!
Good luck for next week and the move date.....everything crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

We love Chatsworth, it's so beautiful and the shopping is good too. The farm / play area is antastic for the children isn't it.

jessica daisy said...

Hi Steph, although already the proud owner of a bog standard white roberts revival for 4 years now, I too have been lusting after a CK Roberts DAB radio, I've been umming and ahhing, and trying to convince myself and my husband (he would be able to listen to talk sport without that dreadful beeping noise in the background) that we need a digital radio as well as the old one. As you say £200 is a huge amount, but after surfing the web for any 'deals' I discovered a site in the uk that sells the 'washed roses' one for £169.99 and the 'red stars', and 'birds' version for £163.99 plus £4.99 p&p here: . So with that, plus the fact that mum and dad said they will buy it for me for christmas, I have just ordered my 'birds' one. I can't wait!!