Tuesday 1 January 2008

Sunshine and Snowflakes

(Well stick-on ones, but the half-finished conservatory did in a way seem festive but full of New Year promise this morning.)
I hope everyone had a really fantastic festive season, we had a lovely time at No.25. I must admit the big day itself did rather pass by in a blur of cooking, serving up, washing up etc but it was really lovely to be with the family and the early morning bit with the boys was just a joy. All my childhood Christmases came flooding back as we padded silently down the stairs hoping that Father Christmas had managed to find our new house and wasn't still unloading because he delivers to North Staffordshire on the way home of course, not until at least 6.30am when the sun is waking up (thanks mum for reminding me of this fact!)

We were a very lucky household and received pirate ships, lego airports, teasets, mini ironing boards, CK washbags, and an EB teapot (I'll let you imagine what was for who!) and possibly my most favourite gift - a holly tree of my very own so that in a few years I can snip my own berries to bring inside (if I buy her a boyfriend to make berries with first though!). You're a gem Woodyx

Much turkey, cheese, pickles, crackers, salad, prawns, chocs, pate etc has been consumed, a few Baileys and glasses of rose quaffed, many pieces of lego have been painstakingly put together and best of all we've enjoyed a couple of days when the boys didn't even get dressed and we played and played in our cosy new home.

New Years' Eve is a bit of a non-event for us with having little ones (Woody actually filed his tax return at 1am?!) but it was also mum's birthday so we had a fun morning with her and a lovely afternoon being spoiled at mum-in-laws too, fine ways to see in the New Year.

Today we got out and breathed some much needed fresh air down in a very misty, murky Manifold Valley, splashing in muddy puddles and getting all excited about the snow forecast for the next couple of days.

2007 was a pretty good year for me and I'm really grateful for what a calm, happy, pleasant life I have. I thought I'd do a quick 'end of year review' type thing, not exactly Sky News but a nice chance to look back.

*** Blogging - my personal highlight of the year. It might sound silly but its changed my day to day life so much and I can't believe that I didn't used to do this and hadn't made such fabulous online friends before last summer. I've really enjoyed sharing everyone's stories, marvelling at the amazing crafty skills so many of you have, looking at gorgeous thrifted finds, drooling over beautiful homes and gardens and generally taking pleasure in the joyous things of everyday life. My little blog has brought me so much fun. It's joy to have somewhere to squirrel away thoughts, post reminders and memories of happy days and beautiful things and discovering wonderful new collections and obsessions. Thank you to everyone who has popped by and for letting me in on your own blogging life.

*** Port Isaac - I dream about the stroll we took in the evening to fetch the fish and chips and gaze down on the Platt. I'm not sure when we'll get to go back again but I hope its soon and for longer. I adore this lovely place.

*** Not so great - Woody's paper closing. A tough few months but we're back to managing again and his comedy nights start to run in January again, hurrah.

*** New home - Life in the new house and our new village is the family highlight without a doubt. Things are so different, we're closer to family, school, each other. We have peace and quiet, a tranquility we thought we'd never get and more space too. Very, very lucky Woodhouses we are indeed.

*** Treasure hunting - I've really enjoyed my thrifting expeditions and have found some beautiful things, I almost don't mind being a pauper. The joy of finding a pretty teacup smothered in dainty pansies for £1 is pretty unrivalled in my book.

*** Not so good again - the bloomin' summer. No floods here but dismal, dready, wet, wet, wet. Oh please let it be better this year, I've got a garden now that really, really needs some work!

*** My boys - watching them grow into such lovely little chaps who're such fun. Barney has found more confidence this year and got a bit braver (everything from making friends at school to really enjoying paddling) and seeing Archie's first steps and watching him change from a baby into a real little boy has been amazing.

I'm not very good at New Year's resolutions, I don't think I know anyone who really is, but this year I'm resolving to try and have a good intention instead. I NEED to be more organised. Our bills and paperwork are still in various bags and drawers and I've been putting off sorting it for far too long. I buy dairies and calendars but never really get to grips with using them properly. Far too many things creep up on me and send me into a flap. No more. I am going to try really, really hard to be more organised and everyone reading this can hold me to it - gulp!

Happy New Year!!


Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there - having a sneaky blogging hour (!) on my extra special day off on my own. I was supposed to be up early to get in to town and shop and get home and have a relaxing afternoon. However instead I had a lie-in after getting my son off up at 6.30am. Now I have watched a new series on tele about families having a practice week at emigrating - I never see things like this 'cos I am usually at work so apart from feeling guilty I am having a ball. Then a blog tour as well - I still have to wash my hair. I am so pleased you are happy and so settled in oyur new home - I remember when we came here and it was so lovely the kids having lots of room to zoom around in. I read what you said about blogging it has filled a gap in my life I had because I didnt know anyone who thought like myself about all the things we bloggers love. I have had so much support over the disastrous move we arent having! Anyway here's to 2008 and maybe we will start our new lives soon x

Rosie said...

glad you had a great time in your new home - we walked in the Manifold Valley yesterday too - Wetton Mill to Thors Cave info board and bridge and back - the cave was shrouded in mist:) Happy New Year and best wishes for 2008.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Steph!! Happy New Year to you and your family. What a wonderful start being in your lovely new home. Fingers crossed for that snow my two girls can't wait for a chance to be out in it! Thanks also for your lovely comments on my blog

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Happy New Year Steph ... I hope that 2008 is a good year for you and your boys. Full of fun, love and happiness.. oh and with just a little good luck thrown in!
I so enjoyed discovering your blog late last year and look forward to many more of your divine photographs and your shared thoughts, hopes & dreams..


Carol said...

Hi Steph,
I could not agree with you more on Blogging.
I wish the very best for you and your boys in 2008. Good health and happiness in your new home too.
Carol x

tess said...

hope you have a very happy 2008 and it that it brings you much joy and happiness and blogging opportunities and friendships!

Leisa said...

Your little boys are just too cute, I hope they enjoyed their Christmas. I love the picture of your mantle - very lovely. Best Wishes for 2008 - I will be visiting often.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, what a wonderful insight into your Christmas and your year. Hope 2008 continues with only good things coming your way.
best wishes,
Lucy x

Reginas Cottage said...

wonderful photos.
Best wishes for 2008,goog health and
luck in your new house too.

jessica daisy said...

Hi Steph, Happy New Year to you and your boys, and congratulations on the birth of your new nephew.
What a lovely post, your boys looks so sweet and happy, how cute, and I see your collection of candlesticks is growing!

I so glad that I discovered blogging this year too, it so nice to look at other peoples creations, houses, treasures, and to find other people that enjoy the same things as I do as well as sharing with someone who understands my joy at finding a charity shop or boot sale bargain!

My filing is appalling too, I have a stack of statements, bills, and vaguely important slips of paper under my desk, but I always seem to find something more interesting to capture my attention, funny that hey!

Good luck and warm wishes for the new year, Jessx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Steph

It would seem that there could be a bills mountain waiting to erupt if all we bad-at-filing bloggers put all our paperwork into one huge pile. I wonder how Ben Nevis would compare!

Happy New Year - it's been such fun reading your blog and watching your boys grow, and I for one am looking forward to hearing all about your new garden as the weeks of 2008 progress.

Sue xx