Sunday 3 February 2008

Reasons to be cheerful - just a few for now

I do really enjoy reading other people's Reasons to be cheerful so I thought I'd occassionally pop a few of my own on here.

#1 How fantastic, I did have to make an early dash back home on Friday and woke up to this on Saturday. It wasn't actually quite as thick as the photos make it look and it was melting fast by lunchtime, but the boys were totally thrilled. Little A's got a bad cough and cold though so he couldn't go with Daddy and B on the sledging trip poor thing.

#2 Inside these beauties make me smile everytime I go into the dining room. They have such a heavenly scent don't they - and if you look hard you can just see my mum (in an enourmous hat at my sister's wedding), peeping through the foliage!

#3 A visit to the collectors' market turned up another treasure, one I've been looking ages for - a vintage bevelled mirror - for £5! Joy! (And again, someone else getting in on the shot!)

#4 My scrapbooks. Mostly filled with home and garden pictures from Country Living, they never fail to cheer me up and inspire.

#5 The biggest reason of all (even with the chocolate smudged faces!)

Have a smashing start to the week. I promise to catch up with everyone soon!


Carol said...

Those are lovely reasons to be cheerful. I want snow, I want snow......
I love your scrap book too, great idea.
Caro x

Anonymous said...

those defiently are reasons to be cheerful aren't they,
I love the pretty pictures, and the mirror is lovely.

tess said...

the scrap books are lovely, you are good, all my cut out bits of country living are stuffed in a folder, do you think it would be wicked to make it into a project for the kids to do - sort out mummys scrapbook!
got to love those chocolatey faces too!

mollycupcakes said...

Gorgeous just gorgeous they are. Their cheeky smiles just say it all. Awww happy.
what a great idea putting yor fav pictures in a scrap book. Mine are all in see through pockets. Oh no another little job for my never ending list lol
Lovely to see some snow, it's missed us. But is very cold.
Keep warm hope the little one gets well soon.
Catherine x

French Knots said...

What a great way to keep looking all the wonderful Country Living pictures!
Lovely mirror and cheeky smiles.

julia said...

The snow completely missed us here, looks beautiful where you are.
Love the mirror, I have a collection of them in the hall, car boots are a great place to find them.
Those chocolate smudged faces - who could resist them??
Julia xx

Deb said...

Wonderful pictures & "reasons to be cheerful" - lovely post.

Reginas Cottage said...

What a loveley post.I love your scrap
book,too.It's a great idea.
Wonderful snow pictures.
Have a nice day,

alice c said...

Your blog is always sunny, optimistic and a delight to read. Having you on my blog list is a good reason to be cheerful!

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Steph, great pics! Our children seem to be one of our greatest source of joy, don't they? Mine may have left home, but they still ring me (almost daily) to share stuff with me and they constantly make me cheerful... what a blessing!

Mary said...

Oh, I enjoyed all your reasons to be cheerful. I'm a confirmed anglophile, so even the snow looks cheerful if it's in a lovely English garden! :) Your decorating photos are beautiful, and your children are precious!

cd&m said...

You have the very "bestest" reason to be cheerful featured in the last photograph. Adorable!

Perfectly Lovely said...

What great pics, you have made me feel all happy and positive!

i think Im going to have to start one of those scrap books, it seems like a really great idea.

Oh, and by the way you have two of the most adorable boys ever!..What a lucky mummy you are!!lol!

Jen x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Gorgeous - all of it!
Sue x

Kathy said...

What a lovely blog. Love the mirrors and the scrapbooks are a great idea - all my "porn"(!!!) are just shoved in a drawer. However the next project for my hubbie is to paint said dresser so I suppose I will have to get organised! I have posted the pillowcases so hopefully will be with you tomorrow. Best wishes, kathy

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, oh lucky you to have snow, even if it didn't last. Bet your boys were excited though, they look adorable.
best wishes,
Lucy x

alice c said...

I hope that you don't mind - I have linked to you in my latest post. I looked for an email address but couldn't find one.

Ragged Roses said...

Lots of wonderful reasons to be cheerful Steph! Love your little boys' faces.

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

What a fantastic mirror and what lovely little faces! x

Claire said...

I recognised some of the pics from your scrapbooks, their in my collection too although mine are in a pile in a drawer, i bought a really nice scrapbook ages ago but never got round to filling it. Your boys are gorgeous and I love the mirror..what a bargain

Nonnie said...

Those are some great reasons to be cheerful. Lucky you to get a bit of snow! Scrapbooks are great aren't they. I just love the ones I've created. Mine are mostly full of Country Living cuttings too. Sometimes I think I'm a bit odd to get so much pleasure from looking at pages and pages of lovely home and garden images. But I know I'm not alone.

jessica daisy said...

such lovely reasons to be cheerful, they made me smile.

gayle said...

Your scrapbooks are so inspiring. I keep all my magazines in box files, and only cut them for my decoupage/box-covering. I love your cornishware flower-pot.