Wednesday 20 February 2008

Spring has sprung

Well almost - can you believe that the sun is still shining! Our walk to school was accompanied by a symphony of bird song this afternoon, bulbs are popping up everywhere and the birch tree in our garden is bearing minute catkins that will be heavy with pollen before we know it.
But goodness isn't it still so cold! Much scraping of ice, extra blankets and freezing toes still the form at No. 25 and even though the lurgy is lurking, at least its beginning to feel as if spring might really be peeping around the corner.
Spring flowers are cheering up my old wooden crate.

And the mantlepiece is looking rather chirpy too.

I was so busy enjoying the sunshine that only a few of my projects got finished. I'm too impatient to save the best 'til last so my precious floral china was the first thing I ticked off and I'm so enjoying the prettiness and cheery patterns.
My latest purchase is the set of Woods teacups and saucers on the top shelf. I completely adore the colour. The village hall where I grew up had a few disparate sets of Woods ware in lovley shades of pink, yellow, blue and green and at fetes and fairs they were brought out to refresh the crowds and even when I was small I thought they looked so beautiful. I'm so stupidly chuffed to have a few of my own - even if everyone else here thinks they're old ladies cups!

Do you know, I've never been to a car boot sale? No-one's more surprised than me so I decided to find out what I was missing out on and got up at the crack of a freeeeeeeeeeeezing dawn on Sunday and went to a huge sale in the city centre. Quite overwhelming but I did find two beautiful treasures, the sweet wind-up clock you can see on my banner, and this beautiful framed embroidery. It was only £1 and apart from the glass needing a good wipe its in lovely condition and the colours are so subtle. So, she who goes to the car boot not interested in stereos and dodgy dvds - wins!


julia said...

I have a lovely wind-up clock on my mantle piece - trouble is it's constantly stuck on 9 o'clock because it doesn't work!
I also have a lovely crate, shown in an earlier post which revealed itself to have woodworm a few weeks ago. Now a suspicious small hole has appeared in our skirting board - yikes! All for a £3 box from a car boot - sad thing is I can't bear to part with it so it's sitting in our garden! (I was tempted to bring it back in after treating it but common sense prevailed!)
Your dresser looks gorgeous, I love the Woods teacups, I have a lovely jug in my dresser exactly the same, they are so reminiscent of village halls aren't they?
Great work at the car boot sale, you'll be an addict very soon!
Julia xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Lovely carboot finds. I rarely get to them these days but never seem to find anything when I do get there!

Love your new banner Steph. Glad you liked the photo. Get that nature table sorted!

Sue xx

Deb said...

Wonderful carboot finds. I love your hutch filled with lovely china & treasures and your wooden crate filled with Spring flowers.

Ragged Roses said...

£1!!!! - that's amazing. Lovely too. Doesn't the sunshine make a difference, we were out walking the other day and stopped to listen to the birds singing, wonderful!!! Your home is looking gorgeous Steph, you must be so pleased.
Thanks for your comments nn my booky post, you didn't go to Royal Holloway did you?

jessica daisy said...

Your dresser looks beautiful, just like it's out of an edition on CL!
I love your new embroidered picture, and the clock is so cute, I'm sure you will become a carboot addict in no time. You quickly learn to scan the stalls quickly for vintage teasures. The lurgy is lurking here too, Ella can't seem to shake off a nasty chesty cough that see seems to have had for almost a month, and now shes got an eye infection so shes off nursery today.
Roll on spring I say!

Nonnie said...

Your dresser looks absolutely gorgeous.I'm totally with you on loving the Woods tea cups. I suppose they are a bit old ladyish but in a good way. I would love some to go with my jug. Well done on the car boot finds. I have to admit that I have only been to a car boot as as seller quite some years ago. This year is going to be the year of the car boot for me. Problem is that there are no regular ones really near where I live, but there is a big one near where my Sis lives so as I spend a lot of time there at the weekends then I'm definitely going to start visiting it once it starts again in April.

Anonymous said...

I have blue, yellow and green plain Woods Ware cups, I love their names Woods Ware Beryl, Woods Ware Jasmine and Woods Ware Iris! So 40's! I love them, I have platters too and they look good mixed and matched, blue, yellow and green.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello - yes I did go to RH, but 10 years earlier (I'm feeling old now!!!!!!). I did French and German and loved it. which halls did you live in - I did Athlone in my first year and then Chestnuts in my fourth year and lived in Englefield Green in a shared house in between!

Ragged Roses said...

You've got me reminiscing now!!! Did they still call food, boog when you went there? There seem to be so many ridiculous names for things when I went there, or maybe it was all the drink that was drunk in the student union!!

Lina said...

Hello, I'm new to your blog. Just had to say what a beautiful dresser!

periwinkle said...

Hi, really like the new banner. Is the cream jug with the pink flowers Caroline Zoob, sorry to sound like an idiot but this is a bit new to me, its gorgeous. Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me!
I love your dresser and I am all for 'old lady' cups!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pretty post, the dresser looks lovely.

alice c said...

Is it possible that you put those pictures of your new china up just to make me feel envious? Or am I just being paranoid?

I see that you are starting up a Royal Holloway fan club - can I join too?

Garden Girl said...

Can I move in with you?! Your house looks gorgeous.(as do the beautiful flowers) Don't worry about the linen trousers- I think they look great on other peoples, it's just me that ends up looking like I sleep under a bench when I dare to wear!xx

French Knots said...

You have made your new house a home so quickly, it looks lovely.I'm really enjoying the fresh, sunny weather too, with the promise of spring coming.

Louise said...

Hi Steph. I shouldn't be really, but I am adding a few more blogs to my bloglist and clicked on you from Nonnie's page. You have a beautiful blog which has definitely caught my eye, so I shall be visiting again soon. x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, well I am amazed that you'd never been to a car boot sale - I'll bet you'll be hooked soon. Great finds too. I hadn't noticed the Girls' Own site mentioned in the CL article, I've been to have a look and it's got some lovely stuff, I feel some shopping might be necessary, thanks for pointing it out!
Have a good weekend.
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. I instantly smiled the minute your new post appeared. Better than Country Living magazine any day. I can't wait for car boot season here in Scotland - yes we are wimps, it's a summer thing!
Carol x

Perfectly Lovely said...

I cant believe you'd never been to a carboot, just wait until it warms up a bit and you get loads of sellers, you'll pick up some brilliant finds then! I must say you did quite well with your first time though, that clock is fab!
Oh and the dresser looks gorgeous as ever!!!
Jen xx

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, love the spring flowers! Daffodils are already blooming here in Tennessee. LOVE the china, and especially the teacups!! I have enjoyed my visit here and have bookmarked you.
Hugs and Blessings,

Emma Herian said...

I dream of owning a dresser like yours - what a fantastic collection of tea cups too. You will find so many more in your future Carbootique trips! The weather has been fantastic, hearing the birds just makes it even better, oh for the country life! I still can't belive you had never been to a carboot!

Unknown said...

This is the first time I've heard of Woods cups etc., but the color is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Hi Steph,
Your dresser looks lovely. On reading this post I spotted your favorite childhood book - I also loved this book - did you dream of being on that farm - I did - and still
Have a super Sunday.
Carol x

cd&m said...

I'm very nostagic about Woods china for exactly the same reaon.

gayle said...

I loved the photos Steph. I want a few wooden crates for logs at the woodburning stove in Donegal, and for my recycling in the kitchen. I'm on a mission. I have the bowl and jug of the Caroline Zoob pottery you have. I think it is the daisies range. I love it. The screen is very nice. Very satisfying rummage!

mollycupcakes said...

Your dresser looks just lovely and all so in it's right place. Look but don't touch right?
Only you are aloud to move any items on there. lol
Well done on your boot fair finds, will you be going back to another one now?
Ben hates them so I never get to go :( some sweet talking this year me thinks.


Catherine x