Thursday 14 February 2008

With love...

Hope you all were showered with flowers and gifts from your loved ones today and if not, be lovely to yourself and have a treat - there, that's an order, so you must!

(These are my cards by the way, not had chance to scan them in yet so please excuse the ebay picture withthe watermark!)

I was a lucky girl indeed, two lovely rose plants for our new garden. A red patio rose with lots of tiny clusters of flowers and shrub rose which will look beautfiul in the border of my dreams. Ok at the moment they're just small, green and a bit spiky but they have lots of promise and considering Woody loathes roses I was very touched and actually filled-up!

He often buys plants as a Valentine's gift. A symbol of our un-ending love for each other - or value for money? I'm pretty sure I now which is his intention but a girl can dream on Valentine's day can't she, sentimental old thing that I am!

We don't tend to do anything on Valentine's Day itself but on Saturday we're actually going out together (!) to a very cosy pub near us for a drink and a longed-for natter with each other which I'm really looking forward too.
Hasn't it been a glorious week so far? And it's half-term here so the sunshine has really made life lots of fun. The boys have been up to the Lancashire coast with daddy and Grandma to see the container ship that ran aground near where daddy grew-up. B is completely thrilled by it and they even had an afternoon playing on the sands - in February! Do you know, there is a wicked part of me that's quite ok with global warming (ok, not really!).

We've been out in the garden, visited the museum and made treasure boxes and had friends to play. Back at work today but its been a smashing week.

Little bit short of pics this week as my camera batteries have given up the ghost and I am rubbish and not bought rechargeable ones or replacements yet. Will do soon because this sunny week has brought Spring to No.25 and the winter bits and bobs will be put away at the weekend and floral china and pretty fabrics are coming out! Because Easter is so early I really want to get some use out of my spring curtains so I'll be back soon with some new corners of my home.

I'm aiming to finish my first embroidery project tomorrow and, if we get chance, I'm going fabric hunting for the vintage sofa which I'm afraid hasn't been touched yet. Life's been a bit busy and I've not had chance to contct the upholseter (did I explain mum and dad have very kindly offered to have it re-covered for us in lieu of last year's Christmas present - doors for the old house we never had.)

Well, the sap is rising and I've got an urge to welcome spring which always makes me crack on with things - a bit like coming out of hibernation. Hopefully, new things will be on show here very soon!

Have a lovely weekend and hope the sun keeps shining with you.x

(sorry about the hopeless formatting - I still don't quite get blogger. Why aren't my paragraphs spaced the same? grrrr!)


Carol said...

Wishing You A Lovely
Valentine Day


Carol X

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, nice to catch up with what you've been doing, have a lovely Valentine's Day!
Lucy x

Niki Fretwell said...

Happy Valentine's Day Steph!
I think it's lovely to be given plants by your hubby - they last so much longer than cut flowers too.

Glad that your boys have enjoyed the sunny half term. (Its next week for my daughter)

Happy fabric hunting! (One of my favourite pastimes!)

julia said...

Lovely Valentines gifts, a great idea to give plants rather than flowers.
We're going to look at that container ship when we visit Mum and Dad's next week.
Enjoy your Saturday night ot together.
Julia x

tess said...

rose bushes are a perfect valentines present - lucky you!

Unknown said...

Have a lovely time at the sounds perfect to me!!

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you Steph..
Lovely to hear of your impending date with hubby!

With love

Rosie said...

What pretty old Valentine cards. How lovely to receive rose plants as a present - I too love roses, along with sweet peas and lily of the valley they are my favourite flowers. Enjoy your special Saturday :)

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Steph. I'm so glad you got those roses - do you think he took the hint after your post?!! Sounds like you had a wonderful half term too, ours is next week (when the weather changes!). Take care and enjoy your evening out with Woody

alice c said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Just think - you will be able to have roses all through the summer. That sounds better than a bunch in February.

Deb said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Valentine's Day. Rose bushes sound like absolutely lovely gifts! Enjoy.

Nonnie said...

A very happy Valentines Day to you. I think a plant is a much nicer gift than a bunch of flowers that will be gone in a few days. Once you plant the roses you will be able to watch them grow and flower every year. Really sweet.

Perfectly Lovely said...

I hope you had a nice valentines, and I hope you have a fabulous time on Saturday night.
Half term sounded wonderful, the weather has been glorious lately, perfect for being on the beach in February!lol!

Jen xx

mollycupcakes said...

Glad you had a lovely time honey and wish you good luck looking for some gorgeous vintage fabric.
Can't wait to see that.
Enjoy the sun this weekend.


Catherine x

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the re-upholstered sofa. It is a sofa to die for .. £20, outstanding bargain!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, what a great idea about the man-creche, it's a shame the pubs aren't open that early, they'd be more than willing to come with us then, I expect!
Lucy x

gayle said...

You have been tagged. Please see my blog for details.

jessica daisy said...

I hope you had a lovely time at the pub Steph, I think that the roses where a perfect present, much better than cut flowers, especially as woody has such an aversion to them! I shows how much he loves you and what he would do to make you happy.
The vintage valentines are gorgeous, I never think of by vintage cards on ebay, but I will have a look next time.
Looking forward to a picture of your home with all the floral china on your dresser.