Friday 14 March 2008

Getting a bit done

Spring really must be upon me because this week I've actually shaken off a bit of that slow, sludgy, winter feeling and made a bit of headway with the dreaded LIST (am I the only one who loves making lists then feels haunted by them for weeks? Why do I do it?!)
Not mammoth things but still....
#1 Dancing - well shuffling if I'm honest but I'm so chuffed that I actually went out and did something new. I'm a terrible werriter and, despite bags of initial enthusiasm, its amazing how many things I talk myself out of. I can now - just about - manage a basic lindy step. But don't even ask me about putting it to music yet... it was lots of fun though and I'm really looking forward to the next one.
#2 New pillowcases - I bought a lovely vintage bolster case with crocheted trim a while ago and have been meaning to turn it into a pair of pillowcases for ages. Not exactly a massive job but yippee, I finally did it and my bed is looking cosier than ever.

#3 Hurrah for the WI - the lovely Lucy Bloom wrote a smashing post about the WI Country Markets and I have to agree. From handmade knits to chutneys, apple pies to free-range eggs the choice and quality is fantastic. This is my haul from the WI plant stall at the trestle market in town. Lupins, a potentilla, tulips, snowdrops in the green and some must-have wall flowers - all for £6! It would've been rude not too don't you think? Just got to grab a chance to get in the garden now.

#4 Curtain love
- I love this curtain fabric I snapped up for £4 a metre from my favorite vintage shop a few years ago. Its smothered in spring flowers; daffodils, anemones, peonies, so as soon as March appears, the cosy winter stripe comes down and I whip up my pretty springy, floral fabric, in time for Easter.

#5 Dancing dress - ok, not a proper 40s vintage dress - too expensive or too small - so will this New Look version do? It's dream to wear, covers all the lumpy bits and makes me feel like a carefree, lissome young thing, like the girl from the Flake advert! But does it look 40s enough? We've got a summer wedding coming up and I couldn't justify splashing out too much on a frock to wear only for the dance so I'm hoping this will kill two birds with one stone - but what do you all think?
Thanks for all the advice on frocks and make-up, you're gems and I wish you could all come too. Have a smashing weekend xx


prettyshabby said...

Hi Steph..I must admit I just cannot function without my lists- I make lists for just about everything..even my son makes lists for his bike parts.
The bolster looks great now it's pillowcases,so pretty and the dress will be perfect for both 'do's',the ditsy floral fabric is so lovely...and as for the curtains..gorgeous! My grannie used to change her curtains seasonally and I think it's a lovely tradition.
I was gardening in a little village that I go to every Friday,and the WI had a film showing in the church hall..only a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers quaint is that! they often have plant or cake sales but this is the first film showing..don't you just love country village life!
ps. did you see The Land Girls? it was on tv tonight, LOVE that film!

Unknown said...

Hi Steph, I showed my mum the photo of your dress, and the first thing she said was, "oh i used to have a dress a bit like that". My mum is 89 and spent lots of time dancing when she was young with american airmen.
The curtains are beautiful!
Only just moved back to Sheffield so looking forward to spending time in Derbyshire.

Rosie. ps, Mum and I are mad Elizabeth Chadwick fans1

Twiggy said...

Lovely spring curtains, I love WI markets too and Farmers Markets - ace. Your dress is lovely, looks 40s and the colours are really pretty.
Twiggy x

Kathy said...

Oh, Steph, the dress is lovely - you will look lovely. Funnily enough I was in Primark the other day (very glam) and I purchased a lovely dotty dress in pea green. Whilst trying it on I thought of your dance! I too love lists and the WI market. In Axminster there is one every Thursday in the hall and it is fab - bunches of flowers for 50p, plants, chickens etc. Fab! Every Thursday morning I meet a firend there and then we "do" the 2 Charity Shops and then to River Cottage for coffee! Bliss. Kathyx

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Lists... hmmmm.. I am great at making them and even better at losing and forgetting them!
Love your pillowcases.. nothing beats vintage cotton and linen to sleep in.
The dress is gorgeous and just the sort of dress I would love to wear ... if I were 20 lbs lighter!

You will look pretty as a picture in it Steph..


Rosie said...

Your dress is so pretty, perfect for both the dance and a summer wedding. Will you wear a hat with it for the wedding? I love both country markets and farmers markets, you can find some lovely hand made things and tasty produce, too.

French Knots said...

I love a list, just makes me feel organised!
The pretty floral dress is perfect for a summer wedding.

Anonymous said...

the dress is perfect for both occasions, thanks for the pretty post.

jessica daisy said...

A list is a wonderful thing, almost as wonderful as jugs!
You'll never guess, I was in new look the weekend before last, and tried that dress on! It just looked so pretty, and such a good shape, I ummed an ahhed, but in the end decided I probably wouldn't have anything to wear it to, so I left without it, but now you have given me second thoughts!
You will be the belle of the ball! what shoes are you going to wear with it?
P.S. I love your pillowcases, and your eiderdown, on sunday Danny took Ella to his mum's for the day, and I decided to stay in, so I bought my pink eiderdown downstairs to the sofa, and snuggled under it with a cup of tea and watched Goodnight Mister Tom, Blissx