Sunday 23 November 2008

Seasonal Pleasures

I've been very good this November. So far my plans for having a "less is more" Christmas are going quite well and early on I've manged to resist my traditional festive splurge on magazines.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not really into self-denial and Woody's eyes have rolled at the regular arrival of another glossy interiors publication, adorned with bedecked trees and sitting rooms, but honestly I've not bought nearly as many this year.
And this is my favourite thing to do with them; tear them up and reform them into my own seasonal version of the perfect magazine spread.
It takes an age but without the ads and the usual articles on festive traditions that appear every year, this way I look and look and look at these beautiful pages for the next 12 months so I really do get more than get my money's worth.
(Btw my awards for the very best this year go to Country Living - definitely back on form - and BBC Homes & Antiques - fabulous vintage-style Christmas tree, paperchains, the lot!)
We've been busy inside over the weekend.
The past few weekends have been full of fireworks, parties, colds, visitors, trips etc and we're all a bit worn out, so this Saturday we purposefully stayed at home with nothing more exciting than plenty of relaxing to do.
Yesterday was filled with games, sticking and glueing, making snowflakes and bit of light dusting (funny how I don't really mind housework when there's no rush before the visitors arrive).
Today was just as restful as we watched the snow turn to sleet and cosyed up indoors with a Sunday roast, a box of paints and Grandma for company. Perfect.

Finally I've found time to snap some of my lovely birthday presents too, these fabulous books (from which I'll probably never cook a thing but will devour them with my eyes) and my precious jug from Ludlow. They're sitting on my bargain cabinet I bought last year and have only just managed to haul in from the garage. Not completely sure what to fill it with but by Christmas I think there'll definitely be some fairy lights, vintage postcards and a few bits of china at least.

Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did and especially everyone involved in the Vintage & Handmade Fair - hope it went wonderfully well.x


Leisa said...

What beautiful scrapbooks - I enjoy doing the same thing. I can't bear to throw my mags away. Lucky you seeing all the lovely Christmas mags now, in Australia we usually have to wait until January for the Christmas ones to come in! Just another joy of living at the bottom of the earth!!!

Sal said...

That's a great idea!
I have to agree with you about C.L. and BBC Homes and Antiques..the two by my chair at the moment!!;-)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Love the scrap books. I used to have my very own Take That one when I was younger, so I think I should follow that suit and do one for homes.
Thanks for sharing.

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Steph, I sooo love the cottage in this months CL, I cannot get over the white floor though on the veranda/entrance, she obviously has no dogs, cats, doves, hens, 9 year old and man person with filthy work boots!! I especially like the vintage scandinavian fabric used in the cupboard, really would love to get my hands on a piece of that. The whole house just oozes Christmas...sigh! Every year I say that I am going to downsize the decorations etc, but I just can't help myself. Have already bought several new baubles. Ideally need a 20 foot tree...wonder if I could persuade man thing to make ceiling in front room bit higher..probably not!!

Funkymonkey said...

I think that I might oinch your idea of keeping a scrapbook of Christmas magazine articles. I'll have to forget about decluttering though as that means another collecton!

Pipany said...

Lovely post steph. I see what you mean about losing the ads amongst the pics. I also think CL is back on form - wasn't inspired by a few of them this year but can sigh with relief now! Have a good week xx

tess said...

love your christmas scrap books, the CL mag is on this weeks shopping list. Sarah Ravens book has been my bedtime reading all this week, most of the recipes are a bit unapproachable for me, but it's still lovely to look at I agree.

prettyshabby said...

ooh thats a clever idea! I get so fed up with seeing the magazines at christmas being all very same-y..and I agree about Country Living, I've been dissapointed with it a few times but that fantastic wooden house on the cover and the lovely 'Stanley' lookalike seduced me,it was just as gorgeous as I had hoped.
Your new jug and bargain cupboard are lovely.
By the way Steph,if you visit my latest blog post there's a little surprise for you x

Anonymous said...

What a great idea , I pull out pages and then put them in a plastic folder - think I'll have to go and get myself a scrapbook.We hada crafty Sunday too , it's fun isnt it?
Lisa x

French Knots said...

Lovely inspiring scrapbooks,now it can be Christmas at any time of the year!
We are having a less is more Christmas too, I'm trying to sew as many presents as possible using up my huge collection of fabric rather then buying.

Clover Yard said...

Such a great idea with the scrapbooks. I have about 4 years worth of old Country Livings and Country Homes and Interiors (another favourite), but they are taking up so much space. Now the hunt is on for some lovely scrapbooks. Thanks for the inspiration!

julia said...

I haven't found the perfect moment to read CL Christmas yet, maybe this week!
Love the scarpbooks and I am very envious of your weekend in Ludlow, it's one of my very favourite places!

prettyshabby said...

thanks for your message Steph..I've just deleted it so no weirdos can get hold of your address! (my e-mail is on my profile page if you need it ever)
Sairer x
I will try and get your prize to you at least before Christmas!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have always scrapbooked my gardening magazines, as the images of flowers and plants and garden ornaments are the staple for painters and furnishing fabric design... not that I do much of either any more..I think I will definately do the same with my country living etc.
What a beautiful cabinet, I can't wait to see it decked out in its festive glory...

Kathy said...

Hi Steph, what a lovely post. Your scrapbook is such a lovely idea and I would love to browse through it - I am sure we have the same taste! I agree about CL and BBC Home & Antiques, a magazine I only bought last month because of the article about the Vintage Fair and have now bought again. The worst magazine has to be Coast - utterly dreadful! I love your cupboard really pretty! Kathyx

Joanne said...

What a great idea, after I finished blog surfing I'm of to do the same with the ridiculous amount. of Christmas mags I've bought this year Well hubby did add to this when he bought me 3.

Love the cabinet.
Joanne xx

gayle said...

I really like the scrapbooks. Very inspiring,but I know my time will not stretch to it. I have a box file with all my ideas for the extention, and top of my list is iron radistors and an enamel woodburning stove. If you have any inspiring pictures of laundry rooms I would love to see them as that is the main thing I'll be doing from scratch. I would love to have it CL style with a touch of Cath Kidston Kitch thrown in. Enjoy all your Christmas musings. Gayle

Carol said...

Hi Steph gosh it has been ages since I popped in!
I love you little book. This is something that I have been meaning to do myself - another one of those things on that ToDo List!
It is so nice to see your little man busy at the table.
Take care.
Carol x

Carol said...

Hi Steph, they are from The White Company. I bought them 2 years ago. I am sure that they will have them again this xmas - they did last one, just slightly diferent.
Happy Hunting.
Carol xx

MelMel said...

Thank you so much for the super comment....i just love your house, we have the same spotty olicloth!

the cabinet is

MelMel said...

Seems we have a shared love of the 1940's,
My hubs n i went to lindy hop classes this year, and spend our car jorneys listening to Vera Lynn and Big Band music!

I jst love your frocks, wonderful....x it ok to add you to my blog faves?

Niki Fretwell said...

I loved your post Steph. I found it very relaxing - rather like your lovely saturday spent with your family and lots of glue!

Your cupboard is a beauty - it will look wonderful filled with your vintage lovelies...

Deb said...

Hello Steph
That's a lovely cupboard and I can just imagine it all filled with your wonderful Christmas treasures :-)

Phillippa said...

I do the same thing but since clearing out my workroom I find I am about 20 issues behind! So while my hubby snowboarding tonight I shall have to sit drinking wine cutting out my perfect home!

MelMel said...

Your tagged!x