Sunday 22 February 2009

A change is as good as a rest

Our half-term has been a lovely jumble of homeliness and special treats.
Although Woody and I have still had to work we've juggled our days about to fit in visits to grandparents, a trip on the bus into town and the library (very exciting for the five and unders!), an afternoon at the museum and time in the garden prettying things up a bit in the very welcome sunshine.

And best of all we've have a holiday away from home to look forward to all week. On Monday we're off here again for a few days. I can't quite believe we that we're going here again within a year and not having to pay a bean for either. My darling Woody can really pull rabbits out of hats and he purposefully booked this trip for the coldest, dreariest time of year to give us all a treat when we most need it.
I'm looking forward to it so much. I have a facial and massage booked (never had a facial before so that'll be interesting!), Woody and I get 3 hours in the spa one evening and the little men are going pony riding and meeting owls. The adored mother-in-law is coming too, it'll be just lovely for us all to relax together.
Most of all we enjoy the water park and just pootling about on bikes in the peace and quiet. We're not usually ones for organised holidays but they really know how to do it here and I'm definitely not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!

So yesterday I popped to town to get a few bits and pieces we'll need and came home with this - well I'm hopeless at resisting temptation. I am beginning to rather covet Cornishware and have had this bowl with the hyacinths in for years. It was my grandma's and is very precious. You can't have too many pretty jugs about the house in my opinion so when I saw this lovely stripey one I knew I had to have it.

But Cornishware can be pricey so lucky for me this has a couple of small chips (which I rather like, more character) and it was mine for £8. More than I'd usually pay but a bargain really. When we get back I shall fill it full of daffs to cheer the last dull days of winter while I wait for Spring to really arrive.

Have a lovely week.


Sue said...

That Cornishware jug looks SO lovely next to your spotty mug and clock. Gorgeous. Enjoy your holiday.

Sue xx

jessica daisy said...

Love the jug, and all the prettiness from your last post!

Pipany said...

Hi Steph. Have a wonderful time on your holiday. FAcials are just so relaxing and make me feel really sleepy. I have Cornishware too and am lucky enough to have a shop which sells seconds really cheaply. Yours looks lovely on the shelf xxchres

Sal said...

Sounds like you had a busy week!
Love your photos!
I love Cornishware too! ;-)

claire said...

Have a great holiday :)
Enjoy your pampering x

Bobo Bun said...

Those plants look really cheery. Sounds like you've had a great week and more to come. Have a brilliant time.

Lisa x

Rebecca said...

Hi, just wanted to say I love seeing all the lovely pretty things in your home and you have a lovely family. Enjoy your break

our shabby cottage said...

Have a great few days away! Love the new jug too.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Lucky you, hope you had a lovely time

X Alex

Pixiedust said...

Pretty cornishware jug. Love the piccie of the little ones snuggled under the eiderdown.Have a fab holiday. xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hope you have a lovely time!! i did enjoy your pictures and also love the cornishware :-)
Lesley x

{oc cottage} said...

Too the porcelain pins too!
They are featured in my post for today also.

M ^..^

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Looks like you had a nice time. Love that jug, I have a similar one and adore it.

Claire said...

Have a wonderful holiday, how lucky you get to go for free!!! Its the perfect place for children to roam freely and have lots of fun!! Seeing your Cornish ware bowl reminded me that my mum had one so I will be going to my dads tomorrow to find it!! Love your flowers, they look great in the diffrent planters!!
Claire x

gayle said...

I love cornish ware too, I have old chipped cracked pieces, but they still hold garlic/ utensils/ sewing scissors. I hope your break is just lovely, I am jealous!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Your jug was a bargain Steph. I bought an identical one last week with a chip - £15!!!!

Enjoy your little holiday!

Sue xx

Ragged Roses said...

Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy it all. Looking forward to seeing those daffodils in that gorgeous jug

MelMel said...

Enjoy your break!
I love Cornish ware you they are very loved pieces....that are real bargains!


Sam said...

please don't let my pussy cat silkie sue know, but I think your cat is lovely!! Just cuteness sat with your little onesxxx

Love Sam xx

Shirl said...

Hi, just found your blog. Beautiful piccies. Never been to Center Parcs but I have had a facial; pure bliss!

Pony Girl said...

You blog is so charming! I love things with character and chips, too! ;)
That pic of you cozying w/the kids and the kitty is so cute!
Have a great trip!

mollycupcakes said...

Have a wonderful time Steph,
I look forward to seeing lots of photos.
Loving the cornish jug, it is so you and looks fabulous.
Your cat is a real cutie, snuggled up with your little men, so sweet.
Catherine x

Tracy x said...

your little ones look so happy and content x
have a great break away
t x

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm a fellow cornishware lover too, I always snap up bowls when I see them for a few pounds but you are right the jugs can be expensive. Something about the stripes combined with daffs or other spring flowers which is so heart lifting.

I am patiently waiting for the sun to shine so I can get out and pretty up my pots with primulas, daffs and tulips but it's still very wintery here at the mo.

Hope centre parcs was fab,
Love to you