Tuesday 30 June 2009

A Bit of a Change

Can you have too much floral loveliness? I doubt it but for a while my dresser has been nagging at me to change things about a bit. There are lots of tricksy things on my mind at the moment (mainly work related) and I find a bit of shifting and rearranging is the perfect de-stresser on hot, mithery, muggy days like these.
I couldn't work out why I wasn't happy with it for such a long time (no before picture oops - they went with the old laptop but you can see how it looked on my last post) and then I came around to thinking there was too much prettiness, which is a bit of a strange concept for me to grapple with.

Maybe its because I enjoy the jumble and colour of my two little boys' gubbins and paraphernalia so much and too many delicate plates and tea cups are beginning to jar with the boys place in our home?
I feel the need for bolder, brighter colours and a place to display family treasures and special finds, and maybe not always the prettiest or daintiest things. Until now these sort of bits & pieces have been scattered about the place but I hope now the jollier dresser will become a happier home for more of them.

So the dresser is still mostly mummy's territory but I hope what's on it now reflects our jumble of home a bit more and doesn't look like too styled or like one that belongs to single girl with her own pad. More books, tins, mugs and trinkets and few less delicate floral plates and the kitchen feels more the centre of a family home. (Does this all sound a bit daft? Honestly I do have more important things to think about but this week I need destractions!)
Talking of which, we spent a lovely day on Sunday in the village a few miles away where I grew up. We basked in the sun, admired mum's outstanding new herbaceous border and the Rambling Rector then strolled up to the village for the fete. Swing boats, bat the rat, church flower festival and much ice cream was all enjoyed although I did forget to take any decent pictures. It was bliss to stroll home over the fields and remember the hundreds of times I've walked that route with family, friends and now my own little brood.

Happy summer days, just the ticket.


Karen said...

Hi Steph, I have two boys too and I know what you mean but as they seem to take over the entire house with their boys stuff little corners of prettiness are essential. I love the way you have arranged your dresser and those foxgloves in your parents garden are lovely. Hope your work issues sort themselves out soon. Karenx

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Every single time I go to an English gals blog my heart soars! All the loveliness! Sooo pretty. I do understand about the jumble of "family"....I'm a persnickety girl and like everything in order, but when my little grandson re-decorates something for me I have to leave it to enjoy....it's just too sweet to change and it makes me smile.

Have a wonderful week....everything is just PERFECT!


Jan said...

Is bat the rat like whack-a-mole- a game where the mole pops up out of different holes and you try and hit it? I'm in the US (Delaware) and hadn't heard of that.

Frances said...

I loved the photos from the country strolling, and think that your dresser is fine in before, after and any variation thereof photos.

You've definitely an eye for style and know beauty when you see it indoors or out.

Best wishes.

our shabby cottage said...

Oh my goodness, that last photo is just beautiful. It really sums up English gardens!

Pipany said...

Morning Steph. Always a good start to my day when I see you have blogged. I know just what you mean about needing to tidy and sort when you have a lot on your mind. It provides a feeling of control and order that may not be matched in your head. Love the mix of children's bits and pretty stuff; works so well. Have a lovely week xx

...Nina Nixon... said...

Hiya Steph - tidy and children do they ever go together?? My home is a constant terrane of mess, sticky fingers, piles of every description and the odd shreddie found under a cushion. Though your dresser looks lovely and I love all your little floral bits and bobs - pure treasure.

Have a lovely week,

Nina x

Jess said...

Oooo i am loving the dresser and garden pictures, absolutely beautiful!

Michela said...

Hi Steph!
Your dresser is lovely!
How lucky to stay in that beautiful garden!
Greetings from Italy1

simple living kate said...

The dresser looks fab. Plenty of variety and everything in its special place. Enjoy!
Linda X

Pom Pom said...

Your photos are an absolute delight. You have the lovely touch of an expert cozy-house-maker! Your images are better than a magazine. Thank you for sharing! Have you ever gone to www.susanbranch.com? You'd like it.

*Ulrike* said...

Country strolls are so nice and you have a beautiful countryside to go with it. Remembering it from a child and then seeing it through adult eyes.....memories, how wonderful.
Your pictures are so pretty and I love the ones on the side especially of the boats. Can you tell I'm ready for the beach?!!!
Have a great day!

Deb said...

Oh such a gorgeous post Steph!
Have a lovely weekend.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hello Steph...
I must apologise for being such a latent visitor to your blog but it is lovely to be back and see all your fabulous photos.. and how your garden has matured so beautifully..

I hope that life at work isn't so tricky .. and you are enjoying some stress free days in this sublime weather..

Michele x

vanessa said...

I've just been enjoying catching up with your blog, and it's been lovely. The Foxglove photos are stunning! And your dresser? I think it's gorgeous, looks to me like it's made up of little bits of you.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

sarah-jane down the lane said...


I have just discovered your blog via...........oh I've forgotten! idly following links from other blogs, V.NAUGHTY!
Anyway, just to say I share your love of Cornwall and foxgloves and pretty dressers..............
Really nice to find you!
Sarah x

Joshy and belle said...

im forever changing things round, when ever i feel a bit stressed i arrange odds and bits, spotty china and brightly drawn people, little shells sit with cath k goodies, and 'models' my little boy makes from yoghurt pots and lids! otherwise i sometimes think things can look too styled and not real.
felicity xx