Thursday 25 March 2010

London Calling

We're all off to the Big Smoke on Saturday. Can you guess where I might be visiting?
Calling in on Cath maybe?
Having a saunter around some fabulous exhibitions? Perhaps the Quilts at the V&A or the Food Front at the Imperial War Museum?
Joining the throng at the Spring Fair?
Nope - all that has to wait until another day because we'll be off to see Dinosaurs Unleashed in Oxford Street?! The mind boggles! Excitment levels are enormously high at No 25 let me tell you.
Thankfully there've been a few distractions though (because if I'm honest there are only just about so many dinosaurs I can take!); including cosy visits to see a teeny baby and his tired mummy and daddy.
Discovering little heart-warming moments at home, when you very least expect them.
And some last minute panicking to put together a spring garden for the Spring Fair. Not bad for 6.45pm the night beforehand - phew! Am I the only last minute mummy about?

Fingers crossed we'll make it to London in one piece and in time - just for once!


Helsie said...

Have a great time.

kirsty said...

Have a lovely time... I love the mini-garden!

Rubyred said...

Fabulous mini garden!
Have a wonderful time!
Rachel x

Katy Noelle said...

Dinosaurs unleashed in London - Oh, my! Life sounds so exciting. Have fun!

Love, Katy

P.S. Boy, do I know about only being able to take so much of dinosaurs AND having a ton to do before I go somewhere! Good luck getting it all together and I hope you have lots of energy left when you get there

dottycookie said...

Have a fab time - I'm braving the CL fair on Saturday!

And no, you're definitely not the only last minute mummy. I'm a last second one, or sometimes an "Oh dear, now we're too late" one :-)

Elyse said...


i want to tag along to cath kidston! can we go to cabbages & roses, too?

just found your blogging while hopping around via cats & quilts. lovely!


jessica daisy said...

Good luck, my mum took Ella and the queue was loooong! But worth it apparently. The little garden is adorable.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh how I wish I could come along.....I adore Cath Kidston........ :-)

My grandson would be allll over the dinosaur do-hickey!

Warm blessings,

VintageVicki said...

Have a great time in London whether its at Cath's or with the Dinosaurs :)

Love the little garden.

Have fun with your boys x

MyCretanlife said...

Oh! I remember making a spsring garden at school. Bah! that was a long time ago. Have a lovely trip to London.

Hen said...

Hope you all have a fab time, Steph. I didn't know about the dinosaurs, thanks for the tip off as I think I know a certain someone who might like it!
Hen x
P.S. Try to get to Liberty! We're off to the V&A today.

The Fairy Glade said...

Hope you have lovely time in London, a visit to CK sounds just the ticket! Ages since I have done something like that, haven't been to the VA for about 10 years!! Fingers crossed for a warm spring day, makes all the difference. Enjoy! Dev x

melanie said...

Enjoy London. Love your cute spring garden. xxx

Pipany said...

The dinosaurs sound great Step. Hoping to make our own easter garden this weekend. Have a lovely time (and enjoy that little baby) xx

Dawn said...

Don't overdose on the dinosaurs! Think I'd rather go to the Quilts exhibition personally but I guess small boys have different ideas!

The Curious Cat said...

ooo hope you have lots of fun!!! I want to be in London! But this ere foot says otherwise! xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Mmmm... Dinosaurs! I see a gathering of Dinosaurs every thursday at our village cafe! lol

I hope you have fun, and I too am a "last minute mum" even if I have been given the letter the week before... instead of the evening before! ;D

x Alex

bellaboo said...

Have fun with the dinosaurs!

Bellaboo :0)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, envious of your dinosaurs/Cath/quilty expedition. Hope it's fun.
Your garden is great! I am still mentally scarred by being entered into the local agricultural show's tea-tray garden competition as a child, and being the only one whose entry was made of plasticine because I made it 5 minutes beforehand with no time to get into the garden... Don't think I'll be encouraging my boys into garden design somehow! You are far from last-minute - the night beforehand is positively organised if you ask me!

Jen said...

I wonder if you've ever visited the CK outlet store at Bicester Village? I'm arranging to visit some friends in Oxford and hope they'll take me along!

Have fun in the Big Smoke and see you back up North soon! :)

Pink Milk said...

Steph, there's a beautiful blogger award for you on my blog! ;-)

Heather x