Saturday 3 April 2010

Dresses I Long to Wear

Now, you may already have deduced this fact but in case not, I really am not a fashionista.

I have never read Vogue, or Harpers for that matter, and boutiques and chain stores scare me a little. But don't get me wrong, I really do rather like clothes. My problem however is often budget (or lack of it) and whilst I might aspire to a lovely thing of two from Laura Ashley, Saltwater, Brora or Toast, what I often end up with is from the supermarket or charity shop!

As a busy, part-time working mum I have two uniforms; sensible trousers, tops and shoes for the office or skinny jeans (with plenty of stretch!), long boyfriend cardis and one of my array of floral tunic tops which I am rather partial to, at home.
But what I long to wear is a frock and feel properly ladylike for once. It seems though that these days I just don't attend the sort of social soirees where a dress is the required attire. Not that that stops the occassional purchase - oh no, and these are my three graces, three favourites I thought I might share.
Introducing Kirstie - my homage to Ms Allsop. Bought, at the bargain basement which was Ethel Austin, last summer and as yet unworn. When an invitation to a garden party or drinks do on a wooden yacht pops through the letter box, this will be the perfect thing.
Will I be going to a barbeque this summer (apparently it's going to be a scorcher - where have I heard that before?). I don't really do strappy numbers as a rule, (not with the sort of front I inherited from my grandmother if you know what I mean), but under a battered old denim jacket I'm hoping for a balmy, riverside evening, sipping something refreshing with my chap and wearing this.
And my favourite? My sort of "I Capture the Castle" frock which has been languising in the wardrobe for rather a while but may get an outing at a 40s dance we're off to in May.
But what about the shoes? Ah yes now that can be tricky as I only own about 5 things to wear on my feet and that includes wellies. These were from ebay and are the most perfect fit with the last frock.
And these were a birthday present from my lovely sis who knew I'd adore shoes the colour of blackberries - and I do.

What are you waiting to wear? I'd love to know.


Jacquie said...

Ooooh your dresses are gorgeous,I love the way you have displayed them with accessories !!!
I have a lovely dress I found in a charity shop I'm hoping to wear this summer ~ you can see it on my blog. Love reading your posts ,Happy easter

VintageVicki said...

All 3 dresses are gorgeous & the sort of thing I love. I tend to wear some dresses over jeans in the cooler months.

I bought a gorgeous one in Next yesterday with some birthday month - must blog about it sometime :)

Katy Noelle said...

Would you know what I meant if I said, "you're adorable"?! I love the dress with the polka dots and I love to wear a cardigan with a dress. When I was just out of college, I worked in a very British tea shop. People would always walk in and exclaim that it felt like walking into a little shop in the Lake District. On Wed.s and Fri.s we had to wear a "nippie" uniform with 50 pleats in the skirt and that horrible "hat". The rest of the time, though, we got to wear pretty dresses with gorgeous $70 linen aprons. (Did you know that hairspray takes out ink?!?!?) Right on my way home from work was a Laura Ashley shop that had wonderful sales. I have a much loved collection of gorgeous dresses that I got when I was young and carefree with no real responsibilities. I don't fit into them at the moment (WEEP!) but I'll never give them away. Now, I wear the 3 sons uniform myself, even though, for me, that means denim skirts.

Love, Katy

P.S. Those are my favorite kind of shoes but I can't seem to balance in heels anymore. Also, I remember reading some older posts about which dress to wear to another '40s dance. I had so much fun reading those.

Claire said...

Lovely dresses Steph, hope you get the opportunity to wear them this summer, sounds like it's going to be a scorcher!!
Also love the shoes.

I am waiting for winter so I can wear my favourite scarves, red leather gloves and brooches. Of course you're not properly dressed if you leave home without a brooch on you lapel!!

Bobo Bun said...

Doesn't that sum it up, not getting the occassions to get to wear these gorgeous frocks. Love the word frock too, my dearest aunt always used the correct words, frock, spectacles, cloakroom,,, It reminds me of the 50's.

Now a 40's dance sounds just the thing. Can I come too - I'd need a frock to wear.

I live in jeans and cords for work like you Steph. Dresses do turn up in the summer though and my kids nearly faint sa it's so unusual.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Lisa x

melanie said...

Beautiful dresses, I love them. :) xxx

Fondant Kiss said...

Hi there Steph
We are on the same wave length here....I have a dotty dress like this one but its red. Im waiting to wear it to an event here
I have never been to one before but I bet the atmosphere is amazing! Love your blog.
Best regards

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Liberty print dresses over skinny jeans avec huge turn~ups and flip flops!

Ahhh, hurry up flip flop weather,

Sarah x

Jen said...

I have a million and one floral dresses, patiently waiting for a sunny day! I adore the ones you've picked out here - especially that polka dot delight.


HI, i adore the bottom dress , very Cath Kidston, and I want the blackberrie shoes, where did your sister get them from ?, too lovely.. I have bbeen following your blog and loving it for a while behind the sciens ,and decided to come out and say hi!!

Garden Girl said...

ooh, I love the blackberry shoes too..
I am looking forward to getting my birkenstocks out, they are standard issue dans le caff! very comfy and slightly boho. I also have two boden skirts that I bought last summer but was too chubby to wear (couldn't bear to send them back though!) so i have been madly dieting to try and fit into them this summer. I have dropped a dress size so far, but still can't bring myself to try them on just in case they don't fit. May have to wait for a bit of sun.
I live in jeans, marks and spencers kids silver 'converse' style trainers(I have three pairs!) and tunics tops at work, or else denim skirts, little cardis,vest tops coloured tights and the same trainers. I do love wearing dresses though. White Stuff sale ones are where I get most of mine!x

LissyLou said...

Love the dresses, but esp the shoes!!! i have some lovely summer dresses and shoes still to wear!

lindano said...

Love your blog and you take wonderful photos,love the dresses.

Tilly Rose said...

I have a lovely navy and cream Boden dress which is very in this season as it is very is of a size that would not quite fit the size of my day oh yes one day I will wear that dress.....xxxx

Heather said...

Love the 'frocks' alwasy reminds me of my lovely Nan who is now no longer with me.
Frocks and denim jackets.....lovely. I've done my first post in blogland today and this blog is on my fav list
Heather x

Cottage1945 said...

Ooh, I love the middle floral one with the turquoise necklace. Fab!!! I just can't wait to wear anything that isn't a turtleneck!

*Ulrike* said...

Love the dresses! They make it real easy when you get ready in the morning! I like to slip on a simple skirt especially if I am running to the store. I'm not one to go in shorts like a lot of people, I'll also wear capris. Anything other than heavy winter stuff right now!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, i have been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to say that your home and fanily are lovely and all seem so happy together. The dresses are lovely- fingers crossed you'll get to waer them somewhere nice soon!! Tara xx

Vicky said...

Those are such gorgeous dresses - I've got a real thing for tea dresses, my collection is ever growing! And even Kirstie would be envious of the spotty wonder!
Looking forward to seeing future thrifty purchases!

barbaridade said...

I totally LOVE your shoes!