Sunday 15 August 2010

Greatest Show on Earth

August is a month of celebration in our house. Two small (but growing up far too quickly) boys have birthdays and there are more in the family too. And being as it's the holidays we put the bunting up, enjoy lazing around and go on a couple of special outings too. Last weekend it was a trip to see dinosaurs at a big city museum and the next day to the circus that's arrived in our town.
Now that circuses don't feature poor, bedraggled looking animals performing with so much sadness in their eyes, I'm quite happy to go. There were some beautiful horses which looked extremely well cared for and some sweet little budgies but nothing more and Zippo's was still full of lovely old fashioned fun and wonderment.
It was an amazing spectacle with some of the most talented performers I've ever seen. The trapeze and hire wire artists performed without a net, jumping over each other 30ft from the floor. I think I have only just recovered from the knot in my stomach.
But the star of the show was the without doubt the ringmaster - yes it was him, the picture of a ring master who comes into you head and appeared on all the TV circus shows in the 70s and 80s! Norman Barrett is unbelievably still going strong. It was like going back to my childhood and when our little birthday man got to go into the ring with him for a birthday greeting I was thrilled and a little envious.
The smell of sawdust and canvas was just as I remembered. Little faces looked on in awe and even though I can't usually bear clowns, Zippo's were harmless to be honest.
Old fashioned fun. Just our cup of tea.


Hannah said...

OMG amazing circus!!!! I haven't been for years and this is proper making me want to go now. Glad you and the boys all had a wonderful time x

loveandlilac said...

Your boys look rapt with attention. I remember taking my son to the circus as a little boy (he' 38 now) and he recoiled in horror at the clowns - he's had a clown phobia ever since! It hasn't been a great obstacle in life but you just have to mention circus to him and he shudders!
Louise x

busybusybeejay said...

The circus looks great.Must look out for one coming to our area.

bellaboo said...

Never been to a circus.There was one near here a few weeks ago which DID have animals performing..and there were people standing by the gates,with placards,protesting against it.
Glad yours was fun..and didn't involve animal cruelty.

Bellaboo :o)

Bobo Bun said...

How wonderful Steph. Happy Birthday to those boys of yours.

I went to my first circus once we had our girls and it was marvellous. It was called Circus Ricardo and came to Southwold which is (posh by the sea) each summer. We went three or four times each season as it had no animals, was truly eccentric and had a story running through it in pantomime style. Little Bun adored Justo the Clown and Eldest Bun aged five ended up on his shoulders holding spinning plates while he rode a unicycle. That was when she showed me how truly fearless she could be. Your post brought back happy memories of a circus that sadly closed down a couple of years ago.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I use to love watching the circus on the telly when I was little... never actually been to one though... I will keep my eyes peeled for the next one visiting our area... must be soon...

x Alex

pinkgreen said...

That looks just like the circus I remember when I was little - I loved it all except the clowns! I'm so glad too that they don't have the sad looking animals anymore. If you are ever down in the Cotswolds you should go to Giffords Circus - it was amazing. More of an Enid Blyton feel than a 70s vibe, and well worth a trip!
Cathy XX

Katy Noelle said...

Dear Steff,

after all of the blogging that I've done in the last 8 months, I have to say that yours is still my very, very favorite blog. Pure magic! Thanks for sharing - thank you, thank you!

Love, Katy xo

Madelief said...

Hi Steph,

I can see you had a great time at the circus. When my girls were younger we would go once every two years. We all enjoyed it so much.

Before I forget: congratulations to your boys!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Madelief said...

Hi Steph,

I can see you had a great time at the circus! When my girls were younger we would go once every two years. We all enjoyed it so much!

Before I forget: congratulations to your boys!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Amanda said...

Thanks for such lovely memories. We saw Norman and his budgies at Blackpool Tower Circus along with Charlie Caroli. I can't believe Norman is still going. I bet your boys loved it.

Sara said...

omgoodness, thank you for an amazing trip down memory lane. I feel like a little girl again! Loved this post so much xx

Helen Philipps said...

The circus looks wonderful, so exciting especially for the children! I've just found your lovely blog and am looking forward to reading more of it now.x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

How great that your little boy could go in the ring. He must have loved it.

I think that circus comes near us in Oxfordshire from time to time but I haven't taken our little ones because I wondered how it would be. Your photos have made up my mind (in a good way!!). We'll go next time the circus is in town!