Wednesday 8 September 2010

Home Alone

It's Wednesday. Quite late on acutally but the house is silent. So quiet I can even hear the kitchen clock ticking. I'm the only person in the house and there is peace and quiet. And it feels very, very odd.
Woody is off interviewing for the magazine, the poor kittens are at the vets for an appointment which will sadly bring an end to their blood lines and my two little boys are both now up at the school - all day.

Little A has started the next stage of growing up. It has gone so wonderfully smoothly I can hardly believe it. Thankfully his classroom is next door to the nursery where's he's spent his mornings this past year, so the jump wasn't too much of a leap.

Long days have led to some big late afternoon grumps but a voracious appetite which is brilliant to see! I did feel as if my right arm was missing for most of the day though.
So there I found myself, patrolling the house looking for something to keep me busy on my day off. Obviously I have a list of housework as long as my arm but I'm quite dertermined that this midweek pocket of precious time is put to very productive use.

After some garden pottering and picking a few posies for the house I eventually settled to winter curtain making which had been started on mum's ancient Merritt. For some reason it gave up the ghost halfway through so I spent a sunny couple of hours stitching seams and header tape. Might tackle some long neglected decorating next week!
And after lunch Woody and I spied the chance for a stroll along the canal. Such a glorious afternoon so we strolled past the lock, along by the flood meadows and onto the restored bridge, before turning for home and it was such a lovely, simple thing to do as just us two.
Everyone is home again now, included two jaded little furries but they're doing fine. All in all a pretty smooth start and I might just get used to my mid-week home alones.


Penelope said...

I know how you feel, I only have the one daughter but it's never easy seeing them grow up so quickly. I hope you find a happy space soon.
I too am a posie girl and have to have flowers in all rooms xox

...Nina Nixon... said...

It's strange isn't it?

I have a couple of mornings all to myself now and even though there are days when I wish for just five minutes I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs finding something (anything) to do but he blessed housework!!

Enjoy the peace. I think a lot of mums have found ourselves in similar situations this September.

Nina xxx

ps. I'll sort that recipe out by the weekend if that's OK?

Nina xxx

Anonymous said...

It's lovely to have a little time for pottering, walking and enjoying a few moments of P&Q before ...... "Mummy"? "Mummy"! They grow up so quickly, mine are 11 and 8 now and I think "how did that happen?" Relish it!

Julie said...

Lovely photos.. you have a very pretty garden.

Hope your fur babies recover from their little op quickly.

I remember when my son started school all day and I was left home alone.. he is 18 years old now..where does the time go!

periwinkle said...

scary how quick they grow up isn't it - my youngest starts nursery tomorrow and everyone has already been saying " ooh what are you going to do with yourself " easy answer - I'll be in the classroom next door to him training to be a teachers assistant :-)

Karen said...

How pretty your garden is looking and I bet it was lovely to sit with a cup of tea and no interruption for once.
Your boys will have lots to tell and share with you. My boys are 11 and 16 and still enjoy cuddles, silly TV and baking with Mum. Karen X

Leisa said...

Enjoy this precious time in your life - lovely to hear your little ones have settled back into school well. Great pics too - always love your home and garden.

Reginas Cottage said...

oh your garden looks soooooooooooo
pretty.and i love the dahlia in this sweet pitcher.
have a nice day,
greetings from germany,regina

Madelief said...

Such a lovely post! I know exactly what you mean. I cherish those moments when I am alone or with my husband. Although, I love it when they are all back home again :-)!

Your little bouquets of flowers look very pretty!

Enjoy your evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

...Nina Nixon... said...

Hi Steph,

sorry I can't seem to find your email address. If you'd like me to send you this recipe would it be possible to send me an email.

thanks ever so,

Nina xxx

pinkgreen said...

It sounds like you made the most of your peace and quiet! Your garden looks lovely, and doesn't seem to be showing any of the signs of autumnal withering that mine is full of!

Garden Girl said...

I just flicked onto yout link and said out loud "Ooh, OOH! she's posted!!" much to R's amusement..
Your garden is looking beautiful Steph, very inspiring, especially as mine looks like an overgrown swamp with tomatoes poking out the top.

Now enough of this, cough up, where'd you buy the frock?!

Garden Girl said...

I just flicked onto yout link and said out loud "Ooh, OOH! she's posted!!" much to R's amusement..
Your garden is looking beautiful Steph, very inspiring, especially as mine looks like an overgrown swamp with tomatoes poking out the top.

Now enough of this, cough up, where'd you buy the frock?!

susanwittcouture said...

Hello, I have been reading your blog for some time, and thought its about time I said hello.
I remember when my three had all started school, what a quiet house! Mine are 19, 21 and 23 now, oh where have those years gone?!
The walk sounds heavenly xxxx

susanwittcouture said...
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Bobo Bun said...

I tried to leave you a comment when you first wrote this, but bad blogger kept saying error 503 so I gave up in the end. Can't remember what I said, but I know you'll love having that little bit of just you time in the middle of the week. It feels hard at first and then it feels like not quite enough. Hope you enjoy your self this week.


salty pebble said...

such a wonderful cheeery post, i love Autum days ;0)x your piccys of your home and garden are really beautiful x kazzy x

Carol said...

A quiet house sounds just wonderful to me, I love to potter about with nobody asking me to do something for them. Enjoy these moments Steph, they are more valuable than I think we realise.
Your garden looks pretty, just like your home and you.
Have a lovely weeks.
carol x

Julia said...

What a glorious garden! I really enjoyed your pics! My little bean begins her nursery sessions properly next tuesday, although today was her first day (the Mums had to stay though, so not too wrenching!) They do grow up so fast...too fast I think!

Sending love
Julia x x x