Monday 8 November 2010

A Little More of Exmoor...and a little more besides

Our trip seems a long while ago now; before pumpkins, fireworks and birthdays. But looking back at my photos the memories of the colours and textures of Exmoor are still bright and fresh.
Autumn was in full swing just a couple of weeks ago but now I can feel the season edging into winter. There are hardly any leaves left on the hawthorne hedge in the garden and the weather today is raw, wet and blustery, (which is the sort of weather I secretly adore, I do love dark afternoons and scurrying home to get cosy away from a gale. Can't be right can it?)
So I'm glad that while we were away we got out and about and enjoyed Autumn in all its glory. Tarr Steps was a real find; an ancient clapper bridge across the rolling River Exe leads to a secluded walk up a hidden wooded valley. And perhaps the best bit was this sweet little pub where we stopped for hot chocolate under the boughs of an old oak tree, dressed in it's seasonal best.
Grey clouds revealed the texture and colours of this lovely place.
And as we were way down in the south west we just couldn't resist popping down the coast to our favourite holiday place for a special day trip. I can't explain how excited I was about visiting Port Isaac out of season. The waves were high and the sea life in the rockpools was the best we've ever seen.
So after an afternoon on the beach we retired to the cosy pub with what I think is most definitely the best view in the world for proper fish and chips.
It was a great way to round off a lovely week and the walk back up the hill to the car was a little easier this time as we looked back on the pounding waves, knowing that before long the thrift will cover the cliffs again and we'll be back beside the sea. Hurrah!


Jacquie said...

Wow , super images . I can almost smell the sea . Thankyou for sharing .

Helsie said...

Thanks for taking me with you once again. You live in a very beautiful country.
I'm like you I love the cold and the thought of snuggling down in front of a warming fire sounds delightful to a person coming from a very warm place like Queensland.

- said...


Naturally Carol said...

From another Queenslander, it is great to have a look into someone else's backyard. You get to see scenery that isn't on every travel show on tv! Beautiful country.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Looks heavenly Steph ~ I too love Cornwall out of season, the beach on a wintry day under a big big sky is breathtaking.

Amazing bridge too - I expect there was much fun to be had navigating it.....

Love Sarah x

Unknown said...

Pot Isaac without the crowds = heaven!! The photos are gorgeous, and cheered up my grey tuesday morning!x

bellaboo said...

We were sitting in that very pub in Port Isaac in September! Lovely to see your pictures of the village out of season.There were loads of tourists walking up the path to see Doc Martin's 'surgery' when we were there.Do come and look at my Cornwall posts some time Steph. :o)

charl said...

fish and chips on a windy day by the just cant beat that can you!!
it looks like a lovely place and out of season makes it a bit more exciting .. not full of plastic bucket and spades and sunburnt men!!!

Penny said...

Simply stunning xox

inmykitchen said...

I completely agree with your sentiment about dark afternoons and the changing seasons.

I also love being by the sea at any time of year there is a different beauty.

Anonymous said...

Love your grey and gold photos of the landscape: leaves, slate, lichen. Beautiful.

Rose H (UK) said...

Fabulous photos! You obviously had a really great time.....

Please visit my blog - there's an Award waiting for you :o)

Bobo Bun said...

That pub looked the perfect cosy wintery hideaway Steph. Very inviting.


prettyshabby said...

hello steph.I've fallen in love with an out of season Devon recently, we've been in the south but I'm loving the north now having seen your photos! I was going to ask what program was filmed here as it looks so familiar, then I saw Bellaboos message, of course..its Doc martin!
have a lovely week x


Hi Steph, really enjoyed your post on port issac, you have one up on me ,i have allways wanted to go there ,last time we were in cornwall I got with in 5 miles ,but i was out numbered by my men (2 sons ,1 husband,well it woudnt be the other way round would it?!!) and we all went to Padstow , so thanks for taking me, did you go into Laurence llewlyn bowens wife ,s shop, think its called charmed,its suppose to be fab,think this is where i went wrong with my men, i mentoned the shop........erm... back soon Linda

salty pebble said...

Wonderful post ;0)x

Your sweet little boys will treasure those memories, like i did when i had my very first experience of Devon between 6-8 yrs old...we stayed in a family friends cottage on the edge of a badger wood, The garden had the most amazing wild flowers- the cob webs sparkled in the early dad would take us in the evenings to see the badgers- we'd sit quietly watching- gazing in complete amazement at these special creatures...the devon coast was stunning for beach bombing, swimming and rock pool searching...i still remember it like it was yesturday...That little girl from an Essex island all those years back would have never thought one day she'd actually live in devon....but i do...and im still exploring all its beauties ;0)

x kazzy x

salty pebble said...

'beach combing' that was meant to be...think beach bombing is when silly teenagers jump off the cliffs!?...not quite sure i could do that for my hearts sake hehe

Julia said...

I agree with you about the view whilst eating fish and chips...does it get any better??
Thank you for a dose of sea and wild Cornwall, just the tonic as Im feeling quite landlocked at the moment!

Love Julia x x x

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thanks so much for this armchair tour of an area I adore.

Yes, the thrift will soon be tossing its head in the wind again and you'll be there to see it.

Not too long now and the days will lengthen.

All joys to you and yours,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Katy Noelle said...

Oh, how lovely, Steff!

I do love a good path! Just love it! When I was little, I would constantly be disappearing into tunnels in hedges or into the hidden garden courtyards or over bridges. Yours calls to me.

I do love a good rain storm! =] (Okay, so, darkly rainy days do get to me a little bit BUT....) I love when the rain is lashing against the windows and it is raw and cold outside with a fire and cozy warmth inside. Ahhhh! It calls for something special, doesn't it? Tea, hot chocolate, board game, book - even house cleaning is fun when it's raining. Is something wrong with me too??? =O

I do love the sea!!! I grew up sailing on the Pacific. I am craving salty air so badly, now, that there's an empty spot in me just waiting for it. Ooooooo! And I love fish 'n chips in a pub with a view, too!

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Thank you, thank you!

Love Katy

Joshy and belle said...

i love the beach in winter, collecting shells and skimming pebbles in the ice cold waves, getting blown away by the wind! your holiday photos look lovely, do your boys like looking at photos, joshy does hes just made his own album and printed off his fave photos! fliss xxx

Lyn said...

I love this post!