Saturday 27 November 2010

Snowy Dawn

I didn't think we were due for this. All the forecasts predicted snow in the east or the far south west so, even though we're quite high up, I hadn't expected a blanket of white to greet me this morning. But how exciting! I'm such a big kid and get that very same thrill when I draw back the curtains and see the world transformed.
And as it's Saturday and my day for a lounge about in bed for a while, I got to enjoy the sun rising over the hall and the farm, sip a quiet coffee and curl up with my favourite festive magazines. Bliss.
This year the honours go to Country Homes & Interiors and Homes & Gardens for featuring the cosiest Christmas homes, I found Country Living a little bit below par I'm afraid. But I have really enjoyed these two and will spend this afternoon snipping and glueing and putting together my annual festive scrapbook.
Outside it is completely perishing and has been all week. On my way to work yesterday the car thermometer measured -6 C which was a bit of a shock for the end of November. Winter is definitely here. In the woody hollows along the lane from town, the frost has remained all week and the final leaves from the last of the blazing beeches have fallen to ground.
The hedge at the end of our tiny garden is full of little birds, queuing for the feeders and bird table. The east wind has brought the teeny red polls back from Scandinavia and the reed buntings are back from their summer by the river and are resident in the garden again. This morning so far we've been visited by starlings, blackbirds, a nuthatch and a black cap, chaffinchs, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, a jay, bramblings, house sparrows, a dunnock, a greenfinch, our robin and lots of goldfinches.
I do love the birds and I try hard to keep them fed and watered through the colder months of the year. It makes me very happy to have my feathered friends back in the garden although my furry friend has been paying them rather too much attention!
Today is going to be a cosying up day I think. Woody is running the annual village 10k road race this afternoon (mad!) so we will venture out later to cheer him on, but for now I'm snuggled up in the kitchen, the boys are absorbed in a Lego adventure and there is buttered toast and hot chocolate to savour. Happy days!


bellaboo said...

Oh lucky you! Not a flake has fallen here yet...possibly some coming next week.I like the sound of all your cosinesss,and seeing your gorgeous dresser has made me all the more deternined to paint my pine one next year!
Happy weekend to you. :0)

Rose H (UK) said...

Lovely photos.
We woke to an inch covering too this morning which was quite unexpected (Nr Stafford). I've just been out clearing the paths off and putting more food out for the birds.
Hope you have a cozy weekend :o)

...Nina Nixon... said...

I feel we will be doing much of the same today, though no snow here - yet....even though we have been promised it all week.

I love your last picture - very cosy. I could just settle myself down in that chair, wrapped in the blanket and enjoy hot buttered toast, chocolate and a chat.

Have a wonderful, snowy weekend,

Nina xxx

Karen said...

What a treat to find your post when I was just munching toast with hot chocolate down here in snow-less Sussex. My youngest son also having a Lego adventure on the kitchen table and moaning we don't have any snow yet. Very very cold though and the bird feeders need topping up so thats my next job. Our two little cats are tucked up indoors although they did sit and send evil glances at the bird table/feeders earlier on. Love all your pictures and hope you all have a wonderful snowy weekend and tell Woody he is totally mad, mad, mad.
Karen X

Naturally Carol said...

What a delightful set of pics, the snow looks beautiful but very cold. Your interiors look so welcoming and warm and it sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, getting up late and enjoying it as a family. Tell us about your seasonal scrapbook though, that has me really interested.

Amanda said...

The snow was a lovely surprise (I'm in Longton/Lightwood)

I too thought the Country interiors mag far better, one or two people have commented. Even better their jan issue is out on the 3rd and continues the Christmas spirit.

Have a great day, hope the run goes OK.

French Knots said...

Like Bellaboo your lovely dresser picture has made me think I must take the paintbrush to my pine one, the white shows off your treasures so well.
My 7 year old is disappointed that we have no snow here as he was hoping to spend the day snowballing, but it is bright and sunny even if it's blummin freezing!

driftwood said...

oooh everything looks so warm and cosy xxx I've been out shoveling snow - we have a lot - and I'm desperate for hot chocolate, but I'm rationing the milk............. xxx

Simone said...

What a beautiful blog! I have just found you via Lyn from Everyday Life. I just love the view from your window. I like the sound of hot buttered toast and chocolate to drink - just the thing for a nippy day like today. x

Bobo Bun said...

Just like Nina I thought Ooohh I could just sit there and stare at all your lovlies on the dresser feeling cosy.

I'm not sure if I remembered to leave a comment on your last post or if I got called away, so Happy Belated birthday Steph. Love the dress and boots. Very similar tastes to me. I always think too much of any one thing is naff, but I guess CK built her empire on addiction to it.

Right ,might go and throw a match on the fire and snuggle, pretend the ironing has gone away.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa x

Unknown said...

All looks cosy in Curlew Country! Love all your red and white, stay warm, Belinda x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I am so glad you said that! I totally agree Country Living is always my most longed for Christmas mag but I so agree that Country Homes........wins hands down this year! I also loved Living etc. epsecially the stamp Christmas tree idea which I intend to post about as it is genius!

Glad you had a lovely morning, life is good,

Sarah x

Frances said...

Thank you for this glimpse of the beautiful snowfall round your place. It looks as if you've got the perfect day planned!

Thank you also for the preview of upcoming British magazines that we will probably have on some NYC newsstands in a week or so.

Best wishes.

salty pebble said...

* beautiful * cozy * and warm *
such a delightful blog ;0)
i felt the same about country living mag- was a little let down on the cozy home front ;0)
country interiors sooo lovely, like you i loved that same image... such a beautiful home ;0)
ive been making paper chains & paper angels today ;0)x
having a cozy day, reading mags and enjoying the winter wonderlans is a heavenly way to spend a day x

best wishes

x kazzy x

periwinkle said...

oh Winter is definately here , at the minute we have about 8/9" and its a blizzard outside with a snow forecast for the next 4 days ... I'm hoping the dec/jan issues of the magazines are going to pick up a bit on the cosiness - fingers crossed

Pipany said...

Hello Steph. Oh please post more often. I just love your posts cos they are just like dipping into my favourite mag. Have a lovely weekend sweet Steph x

Anonymous said...

it sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy winters day
xx fee

MyCretanlife said...

I hope it doesn't last long cos I'm coming over to England in 10 days. I am flying into Newcastle so hope my plane stops on the runway. Enjoy been all cosy. Time to hibernate I think.

Lyn said...

What a lovely post. I envy you your cosy day snuggled up with lovely magazines. I buy far too many magazines and can't resist a christmas issue, they are so good to curl up with. The snow looks very pretty there we haven't got much here.

Margarida said...

So cosy,so inspiring. Wonderful photos. Nice to read you, indeed. No snow here in Portugal but it's cold enough, perfect to stay at home with a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Love.


Hi, we are blanketed with snow here in the Yorkshire Dales to, I had a very scarey drive to work this morning even in a four wheel drive! I am in total agreement about coubtry homes and interiors been the BEST Christmas mag, I hope Country Living reads our blogs and take some heed as as you do I usuallly find it the best, aparty from American country living which can out do the english version , Dec not out for a week ,I will let you know if its fab!! keep warm and cosy,by the way your dressinr is lovely, Linda x x

loveandlilac said...

We've just had a light dusting down in Herts so far. I subscribe to Country Homes and Gardens as it has so much more on interiors than CL, even though the ones CL features I generally find more to my taste. I think CL has definitely slipped a bit in recent months. Keep Warm. Louise x

Concha said...

What lovely photos! And your home looks so inviting! :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I wanted to respond but couldn't find your email, so I came here instead. And now I'm going to read through your archives!

Lucy said...

The snow took me by surprise too! I looked out of the window in the middle of the night, decided it was best to wake my boyfriend and tell him it was snowing..not sure he agreed! Hats off to anyone running a road race in it!! Hope it went well.

I thought Country Living was a bit below its best too, and maybe a bit too same as last year. Still, enjoyable to look at.

little pink room said...

So cozy!! Your pictures are beautiful. I feel the need to go blanket shopping now!

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Beautiful photos of the scenery! And your kitchen looks so cheery. Agree the white really sets off the wonderful colors against it. Looks like a perfect place to stay warm! Bess

Madelief said...

Your view out over the village and your garden looks beautiful! While I am sitting behind my computer little snowflakes are falling in Holland as well. I see we enjoy the same magazines. I agree with you Country Living could have shown us more Christmassy interiors and articles. Love your kitchen!

Happy new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Sara said...

I feel all cozy-warm reading this.
You've rekindled my guilt, too, at neglecting my birdfeeder. I need to get out there asap - thanks for the reminder! x

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

You have created such a cheery, inviting home. I loved stopping by your blog today. =)

Maaike said...

wow, the sphere in this last picture is just wonderful... the curtain, that cabinet with all the lovely items and the big granny... well done, beautiful coze sphere!