Wednesday 15 December 2010

All is bright

All around the house things are twinkling. Lights, baubles and decorations are filling our little home with festiveness.
Our Christmas has become a very colourful occassion and it looks rather pretty. Pity the light is too dim for decent photography. But secretly I love these few weeks of short daylight, because Christmas brightens the darkness and the long nights are exchanged in June for almost endless twilight; so all's fair really.
And it looks like we may be deep in snow again by the weekend and I'm in a little bit of a flap about how much time there is, or isn't, left to run all my errands. But the orders are in with the butcher, the fishmonger and the greengrocer so, even if we have to trudge to town to fetch it all, we won't go hungry.
And there's a little more decorating, wrapping and tidying to do. But we'll get there.
P.S. Just to answer a couple of questions I've been asked; the boots were from Clarks in the sale and the bauble lights are from WHSmith and are half price at the moment!
Thank you for all the lovely, lovely comments. I appreciate them so much and I'm sorry I don't have chance to catch up with everyone very often. They mean so much. Thanks!


potterjotter said...

Hope the rest of your preparations go well and that the snow doesn't hinder you too much. This weather is certainly making it a Christmas to remember. Have a good one.

Louise said...

ooh I'm gonna go hunting in whsmith then! It's not very festive at all at my house this year at the moment!

I also love the dark evenings. I love it when it's dark around 4 and then either your out and can admire all the christmas lights around or can be all cosy indoors with a book and a cup of tea!

I'm having a very hectic week with all the school christmassy events going on, loud and excitable children and lots going on at home, so I'm hoping to be knee deep in snow again so that the term can end a day early, hehe!

- said...

Pretty, pretty decorations and don't worry too much and get stressed out like so many do this time of year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

caravanartist said...

More gorgeous photographs - your tree looks lovely!

Naturally Carol said...

Beautiful photos...the ornaments look so vintage, I can't believe they are new! I especially love the picture of the pink bauble with the little string of silver balls, so charming!

salty pebble said...

wonderful baubles- never knew whsmiths did lovely things like that, maybe i should pay more attension and not just go to the country living mags section hehe;0)
my daughter, sophia (4) loved helping decorating the tree- though when i left the room for a few mins it had toppled over on her!bless her the evenings i always notice a few in her mushroom dolls house hehe ;0)
i love this time of year with all the festive decorations going up, the sparkly lights and displays in the city...even more delightful with little ones ;0)
i hope you have a magical time with your little'ns x

The Fairy Glade said...

Love all you vintagy baubles, am trying to replace all mine with glass and vintage ones too. Keep looking in charity shops etc, but pickings a bit thin on the ground in these here parts! Anyway, fingers crossed for more snow, keep warm and have a lovely Christmas with your family. Dev x

Amanda said...

A beautiful collection of baubles, love the images.

Anonymous said...

you do sound very organized and the photos I think have come out beautifully you have really pretty decorations
xx fee

bellaboo said...

I was looking forward to this post..I just knew you would have some beautiful decorations..and I was right! Hope the snow doesn't prevent you from getting out to do your last minute shopping.
Keep warm and have a wonderful Xmas full of lovely surprises! :0)

Unknown said...

Hi saw your blog header fell in love and then spent 5 mins going Ohh and Ahh at all your gorgeous vintage decorations ;-) You have a lovely blog and i will visiting again soon. Take care Dee ;-)

Katy Noelle said...

Steff, I just love your blog. It's still my very favorite - after seeing, what seems like, thousands of others. I just love seeing through your eyes.

This, also, reminds me that you inspired me to go and find some vintage ornaments like the ones that still hang on my mother's tree from when she was a child. Like the ones that my Grandma had and were always hung on her tree but were turned to tiny shards when they were shipped incorrectly to me. I have missed them all so much but it never occured to me to go and find some more. After seeing your love for them, last year, I went out and shopped for some at the antique center, after Christmas. I completely forgot that they're up in the attic, awaiting a Christmas tree to hang on, again.

Unfortunately, I have a huge mountain of things to do before Christmas. Happily, though, (I think) I just can't seem to get into a flap about it all.

Enjoy your Christmassy snow!!!

Love, Katy Noelle

busybusybeejay said...

I love all your baubles,new and old.What a great collection.Hope you only get snowed in when everyone's home and the cupboards are stocked.Then you don't mind

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Your home is looking so festive and cosy. Those baubles are just like some vintage ones that I bought recently. I love a colourful Christmas.

Thanks for sharing.

caravanartist said...

These baubles remind me of the ones we had at home in the 60's especially the ones in the last photo. Are they old ones? Ours are long gone but I still remember them clearly.

Fixing My Thoughts said...

I also grow nostalgic when I see these photos ... they remind me so much of the Christmas trees and ornaments we had when I was a child! Your tree is lovely! Bess

Reginas Cottage said...

hi steph
what a wonderful christmas-tree you
have.i love those vintage ornaments
you have really a christmas home.
have a wonderful time,
hugs regina

Maaike said...

What gorgeous pictures you have posted here of all these beautiful vintage christmas items! Love the sphere you have created. Enjoy the week ahead,
love Maaike