Friday 8 April 2011

Weekday Weekend

Today has been just heart stoppingly beautiful. Bright blue skies, a warm breeze and hours and hours of bright sunshine. Not working on Fridays anymore is working out brilliantly I think.
The boys finished for the holidays yesterday so we decided on a very relaxing day today, filled with not very much more than enjoying this blissful weather. Breakfast in the garden, a bit of drawing and plenty of  Lego keeps our two happy for ages.
Me too. I could have stayed here for ages.
But I thought a little wander might go down well so we packed up our lunch and headed a short way down the road to explore the island in the river.
Its the tiniest of islands with stepping stones to it that are often flooded and a few perfect little picnic benches to stop for a munch and a think. We watched herons and buzzards soaring around and barges slipped past down the canal alongside while we ate and played and imagined being marooned.
Back across the river is the steam railway and we can neverwalk past without a look around. No trains today but I love to just drink in the atmosphere.
Looking forward to this very much in a couple of weekends time.
A last paddle and then we headed back to the garden for a bit more refreshment and relaxing on a sunny afternoon. Happy days at home.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day you had, Steff!
The weather was brilliant here, too, and we enjoyed a sports-leisure day at school.
Beautiful photos!

KC'sCourt! said...

What a lovely day you had. What a pretty river.
Julie xxxxxxx

Miss Holly said...

Oh my God, do you ever live in a beautiful place!! Thank you for taking us along.......loved it!

Please may I? said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a great day.

X x

silverpebble said...

What a truly blissful day Steph. I've loved reading about it and seeing these peeks of your happy pursuits. There's nothing like a river for hours of interesting stuff to do. I admit to having an urge to explore that little island. It sounds ace!

Unknown said...

Little boys and shallow rivers on a sunny day = happiness! What a lovely bit of England you live in, and I am so glad, that after the worries and all, your fridays are bringing you joy!

What a difference some glorious weather brings, the simplest things become special. Hoping you continue to have a lovely weekend. Bx

Joanne said...

Another perfect post and a glorious day you had! I love every photo you shared and have enjoyed the sunshine and the flowers, the magazine and the relaxation, the picnic on the 'island', the train station including the thomas the tank engine back pack:)
Glorious day indeed!
Thank you for sharing Stephanie

periwinkle said...

Your pots are looking very pretty and I just love the thought of the little island - looks like an idyllic day . Have a lovely weekend x

Catherine said...

What a lovely day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Cx

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed peeking into your day it looks lovely I too have been enjoying this premature summer day .That 40s weekend looks really exciting
xx fee

DebbyMc said...

Beautiful, beautiful day!

pigeon pease said...

Money would never buy a day like that....priceless.

lynn xx

alison young said...

thank you for sunny photo's of the station as we are heading over for the 1940's weekend and now getting very excited!!

Sandi said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful countryside and happy boys. We (in Australia) are still having some beautiful days and still very warm, I feel so alive on warm (not hot) days.
x Sandi

R said...

Oh that just about sums up my perfect day Steph! It is really pretty where you live - and the river and the railway station are fantastic places for small boys to explore. Your garden is looking very pretty too!
Have a lovely weekend and lets hope we get more sunshine!

Beakery said...

ahh, splendid stuff! any cornwall trips coming up?x

Bobo Bun said...

Idyllic stuff Steph. How I'd love a spot of all that no wonder you love where you live. Happy Holidays and fun to you all.


Madelief said...

Pictures of a lovely day! Thank you for sharing!!!

Your garden looks great. So much in bloom already!

Happy weekend & lieve groet,

Madelief x

Emily said...

Lovely, lovely photos - your garden is beautiful.
Enjoy the sunny weekend
Emily x

Sarah Jones said...

What stunning photographs. The weather these last few days has been perfect. Outdoors is the place to be.
I am looking forward to getting my Fridays off again
sometime in the middle of May. Enjoy every minute of the Easter Holidays. x

Barri-Jayne said...

Wow, what a lovely day and great photographs as always. I'm looking forward to picnics in the park and strolling around in the sun x

salty pebble said...

oh what joy! your boys look like they are enjoying the river and island so much! exploring is the best part of being a kid!
beautiful weather! enjoy the easter hols x

Vicki said...

You captured the heart of England.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

You do live in a lovely part of the world. Really lovely countryside. As soon as I saw the steam train station, my eyes lit up. I am a bit of a steam train enthusiast. I live very close to the East Somerset railway, the steam train goes past our house 3 days a week. I bet the 40s weekend is going to be such fun! You are so lucky to be going. I look forward to seeing your post about it.
Isabelle x

amy said...

Bliss. Every photo sends me feelings of hope and happiness. I wish to garden. The weather's been too offish and wintry. Otherwise, you'd find me in dirt, planting, sowing seeds, and smiling.

Soon enough x

Love your posts

sugar plum kisses~
amy x

James. said...

Keep on making those memories, and count your blessings, happy days.



Sheila said...

Your garden is my DREAM, i love lots and lots of flowers, plants, herbs EVERYTHING, its all so so beautiful.