Tuesday 26 July 2011

Time for a Rest

Wherever there's a crochet blanket around our house, you'll find a cat. Bertie is spending the good weather  sleeping things off and I wish I could join him some days. Thank goodness the holidays are here. The past few weeks have been an endless whirl of plays, concerts, trips, fairs, open gardens, maypole practices, fetes, services you name it. We're shattered!
And rather ambitiously we thought we were up to dashing off up the motorway with the caravan for the weekend just as school rolled up. Luckily it was a smashing time but tempers were a bit frayed and I think tiredness had a big part to play in it. Not all the time though thankfully. On Saturday afternoon we sat by the cooling water of Windermere enjoying the return of summer at long last. Bliss.
A weekend in the busiest corner of the Lake District with thousands of other people isn't exactly our usual recipe for relaxation, but the chance for the boys to see the Air Show again, over the Lake, was too good to miss. We managed to find a few more peaceful havens (honestly the lakeside did a very good impression of Oxford Street on the first day of the sales!) and enjoyed the peace of a grand hotel's gardens with space to play, demolish several ice creams and marvel at the aerial acrobatics.
Most brilliantly we finally got to see the Battle of Britain memorial flight which was cancelled thanks to bucketing rain the last time we came up.
Seeing the immense scale of the Lancaster and the agility and speed of its Little Friends, the Spitfire and Hurricane, was immensely moving and very spine tingling for a girl who hails from the same neck of the woods as the Spitfire's memorable designer, Reginald Mitchell.
But the highlight of our 48 hours away was being out on the water. The people, noise, queues and bustle all disappeared while we (well Woody actually I was far too relaxed!) rowed some of the long reaches of this famous Lake, sliding past huge, great gin palaces, secret islands, old fashioned elegant yachts and smaller pleasure craft.
I'll remember our relaxing hour on the water for such a long time. Now we're back home and a more peaceful air is slowly descending on the house.
Summer is high, the relaxing can begin and goodness its not before time. But look, someone is awake and ready for tea. Better push off or I'll never get a minute's peace. Take care. Xxx


KC'sCourt! said...

Julie xxxxxxxx

periwinkle said...

Don't you just love the Lake District and a perfect place to watch those planes... they're heading our way this weekend . Love the pic of the boats all in a line.

busybusybeejay said...

What a lovely weekend.Super photos too.Enjoy the summer hols.

Please may I? said...


x x

Carol said...

Well I had to blink then and wonder - what is our Rosie doing on your blanket? Spitting image of one of our cats!
Lovely photos, haven't been to Lake District for many years, beautiful place.
Carol xx

Hen said...

You know I was only thinking about you tonight, Steph, as I deadheaded my annuals and thinking we hadn't heard from you in a while so it was great to come in and find your post. Glad all is ok in the Moorlands. Incidentally, I spend pretty much all of my time wishing I was my cat!
Hen x

Rubyred said...

What a lovely weekend! Love the picture of Bertie on the blanket! Cats always find the cosiest places don't they?
Happy summer holidays to you!
Rachel x

Rose H (UK) said...

Bertie looks so regal lying there! Cats have a knack for that don't they?
I haven't been to Windermere for about 30 years, it's still as beautiful as I remember :o)
I've seen the Battle of Britain Memorial flight on a number of occasions and it never fails to bring a lump to my throat...
Glad you had a good few days :o)
Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.
Best wishes
Rose H

Pippin Lane said...

I have just had many a childhood memory come flooding back to me....am sure my parents have a picture of me sitting on the deck at Windermere!
Looks lovely....still.
happy summer hols to you
Nattie x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Your cat definitely has the right idea! Oh to be a cat, that is what I often think when I watch my cats relaxing.
Your photos are lovely, it is somewhere I have not yet been to. I do look forward to going there on holiday some day.
Isabelle x

harmony and rosie said...

Lovely Steph, and looking back through your posts it seems that the sun always shines in your neck of the woods. I must admit I always get excited when we see the Red Arrows doing their stuff, I could never tire of them.

Have a restful holiday.

Kate x

LandGirl1980 said...

Oh WOW!!! To see the BoB memorial flight anywhere is fabulous - but over such lovely scenery - EVEN BETTER!! So jealous!!!

What is it with cats and crochet?? Mine also love it!

Pipany said...

Lovely pictures Steph. Glad you got to relax a little out on the water. Definitely a good thing to do and so restful. Here's to the start of the hols! x

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely weekend and gorgeous photos. We keep promising ourselves a few days in the Lake District and this has reminded me I must do something about it! M x

**Anne** said...

Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. Such a pretty part of your lovely country.
That Lancaster looks might impressive, I would have loved to hear it's big throaty engines.
Your kitty looks so comfy on your blanket.
Hoping you have more sunny days with lots of relaxing and sleeping taking place.
Take care,
Anne xx

Emily said...

What lovely photos! I especially liked the shot of the wood boats lined up! And oh how I enjoy an air show -- it must have been brilliant! I've never had the luxury of seeing a spitfire up close. Thanks for sharing!

Katy Noelle said...

You just have a way of sharing the joy of what a fun adventure family can be.

Do you know, even for this American, the thought of a spitfire - of the RAF, in fact, brings a tear, too! You Brits were so deeply heroic in WWII! (Redundant thing to say but there it is!)

Thanks for sharing!=] xo

driftwood said...

our cats love crochet too! looks like a lovely weekend, but I know what you mean about all the people, we only ever venture to the lakes in the dead of winter...

Bobo Bun said...

Steph, you know how to really hit us with lust and longing with your pictures. First your cat dreaming on a gorgeous blanket and then a boat waiting to go off on an adventure on Windemere. Call me fanciful, but your pictures really captured that clean air and the gorgeous feeling of being out there in that boat. Sounds like you had a wonderful time once you got away from the hoardes. We're like you, always want the show to happen with a small crowd so we can really enjoy, but I doubt they'd bother putting it on for just the four of us would they.

Oh and I'm fine and dandy. How about yourself?


...Nina Nixon... said...

It's the teepee tent set up in the back garden at the moment where I keep finding our kitty cat snoozing.....along with all the other neighbourhood cats! He's such a tart.

To be honest it is the most cozyest place in the garden to be this week as it's been grey, grey, grey - again - ho hum! So much for high Summer.

I love your lakeside pictures and makes me wish for a holiday away.......right now.

Enjoy yours,

Nina xxx

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Bertie has his own crocheted hammock!

I think you had my sunshine when you were away, did you save me any?

Marvellous air-show.

claire said...

i had to laugh at your cats name, as thats my hubs nick name for me :)

blueberry hill said...

Lovely pics...we got married at Windermere on a sunny autumn day...borrowed a church there and took a boat trip afterwards with our guests. Fab location any time of the year!

elisabeth said...

Wonderful :) Ohh wich i would come to United Kongdom sometime it`s so beautiful with you.
Love your blog very much

Mabye you would look at mine blog sometimes you are so welcomme :)
Nice weekend
Elisabeth from Denmark




Attic24 said...

I have to agree Steph that I am consistantly disappointed with the Lake District due to the vast hoards or people, the expense of everything, the difficulty parking etc etc. We went up in the 'van in the may spring bank week and it was a mixed bag, a few of the days when we tried to go to particular places we just gave up cos we coulnd't park! Frayed tempers in our clan too!!
We were bbq'ing at Bolton Abbey at the wkend and saw the Lancaster Bomber fly overhead, it was spectacular.
Wishing you a peaceful, sunny summertime!
lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Barri-Jayne said...

I've never been to the Lake District but maybe one day. Lovely photos.
Enjoy your summer holidays!

Louise said...

It looks lovely, but I prefer the peak district anyday to the over commercialised lake district. Great air display. I can remember the lancaster bomber coming over our house, I was in the garden and ran through to the front to catch another glimpse (and I saw it) it seemed so slow, almost like it was going to fall out of the sky, very memorable. I expect your boys loved it all.

Claire said...

oh, love the Lancaster, we visit a lot of air shows and if you are lucky enough to see it land or take off....oooo the flight crew look so goood in their A2's.....:)

A Cat From London said...

What a wonderful cat is Bertie! Loved those photos.