Sunday 26 February 2012

Hello Dolly

My quest for a dolly tub has been a long and lenghty one I can tell you. If only I'd known how sought after they'd be when I used to play with the one my grandma had..

They did have a top loader machine by then, but her dolly tub and peg had seen plenty of use and I do remember seeing my great aunt use a mangle.
But I'm not planning to use a dolly tub for the laundry - oh no. The garden is where I want one
And look - here one is! Standing rather overwhelmingly over my pots of bulbs that are just beginning to emerge. I've seen these tubs used as planters in so many lovely magazines and they set off lots of plants and foliage beautifully.

In the Sarah Raven catalogue I saw them stuffed to the brim with scarlet parrot tulips and I thought they'd look just the thing in my plot where I've got tons of old colanders, buckets and troughs.

But blimey, they can go for an absolute bomb (£50+!) so I've been keeping my eye out for an affordable one for ages and yesterday I dropped on at long last.
First of all it will be home to a big pot of tulips, to be followed probably by some foxtail lillies, then agapanthus and maybe a little potted holly tree and lights for Christmas.

Its a hefty thing so instead of filling it with compost I've piled up some crates inside and then the pot can sit on top. Who knew that a rusty old tub could make me so happy - apart from me!
P.S. As you can see I've reverted back to the usual style of my blog because I think the format I changed to meant that lots of people couldn't actually see it - which sort of defeats the object really! So sorry, I hadn't realised! Well, here I am back in the old groove and it feels rather comfortable. Have a lovely week. Xxxx


Bobo Bun said...

Well done you finally tracking it down. If you want something badly it seems to appear in the end and is even better when it does isn't it.
Your pots look fabulous with plants peeking through.

Thanks for the message Steph. Glad you were pleased with all. You're most welcome.

Have a good week X

Rose H (UK) said...

Crikey Moses Steph, I haven't seen one of those for years, but I can remember my Mom using one, in fact I still have the copper 'posher' but don't know what happened to the old wooden dolly. I can still feel the well used wooden handle felt like silk though when I think back :o)
The tubs looking wonderful surrounded by all those Spring lovelies, I can imagine it will look astounding when it's full of flowers.
Oh, I'm glad you're back to your 'old' layout, but I wonder if you would consider removing the 'new' word verification? I along with quite a few others am having a battle to de-cypher it, I removed it from mine as soon as I realised but left on 'approval' as an extra spam check.
Have a great week :o)
Rose H

Pipany said...

I had forgotten about those too Steph. Looking forward to seeing it through the year. I am so desperate to get out in the garden but we haven't had much inspiring sun yet in Cornwall...sigh xx

pinkgreen said...

I've been after one of these for ages too to put my fig tree in, but I'm waiting to find a cheapy one too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Malvern Flower Show - they usually have good priced ones. Your garden looks gorgeous by the way XX

Country Rabbit said...

its funny how much you want something it usually finally turns up at an affordable my dresser top and cabinets...i love your heavenly garden steph- fills me with colour and joy x

KC'sCourt! said...

I always say things come to those who wait! I had waited for years to get some half barrel tubs, two came along at once - FREE!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Aunty Bee said...

thank-you for returning to the old format, I found the new you very confusing. The bulbs look great in readiness for the spring. Autumn is starting on Thursday and my sweetpeas which have been wonderful this summer are coming to an end. I shall miss there sweet scent.

Fleur Cotton said...

Love the Dolly Tub.....but more than that love your old colander! That's a really good idea planted up.

Wish I was as organised as you...can't seem to get my head around sorting out outside yet..

Fleur xx

Annie said...

Have to say I was struggling with the old format. Dolly tubs ... you should have said, my sister had one to give away. Yours will look fan full of tulip :D

bellaboo said...

Phew,I was worried there,I thought I wouldn't be able to access your lovely blog ever again!
Your lovely pots and flowers have inspired me to get out in my (bare) garden and get planting.
have a lovely week! :0)

LissyLou said...

This post and your header picture are so full of Spring! i love it!

Emma Herian said...

What a brilliant idea, gorgeous too and Im sure you will fill it with beauty! Im glad you are back with the old blog, I liked the new but yes, it took me a few seconds to work it out! Still beautiful as ever!

Sue said...

Hello Steph,
Smashing header photo(your header pics always sum up your blog for me)i too, although accepting of lifes changes, am glad you've gone back to your old format,Great post as always,
Best Wishes
Sue xx

The Fairy Glade said...

Gorgeous new header photo and so relieved that you have reverted your format, I was having real problems finding your posts. Will I sound ignorant, but I have never seen a dolly tub? Looks great though and looking forward to seeing what you eventually plant it up with. Have a great week. Devx

Katy Noelle said...

Congratulations on finding the tub! I was just discussing large 'planters' that come in various guises on Saturday (pointing to one of those potted patio trees in a gorgeous, hubungous basket for the purpose) and was saying how simple and casual they look....for a hundred dollars or so....sigh!

I love all of the bulbs that you have coming up!!!! Such a happy simple thing. I think that the bare beginnings of growth are just as pretty and exciting as when they flower. I just do. =] I discovered a few bags of bulbs that I forgot to plant and have similar plans but we're still in mostly winter....any day, now, though...

Your new header is really beautiful! Really green grass...what a dream! Please, enjoy it (take deep breaths and smile and stuff like that) for me, please! =]

Katy xo

Maria said...

Think we can appreciate the feeling Steph of finding your treasure....Well done you....Glad you changed your setting back,as I was one who couldn,t view your posts...Always like to check out your blog!!Happy Monday!!

Funkymonkey said...

Isn't it wonderful to see colour creeping back into the garden again.Love all the photos and like everyone else, I'm glad to be able to read the posts again.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back as 'normal' all I could see last time was a huge mosaic of your pictures. I do like your new header, the lambs look so sweet.

Apple Blossom Barn said...

What a lovely name for it Dolly Tub sounds so quaint! I love all your spring colour!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Hi have loved reading you blog,I am sure the dolly tub will look beautiful when planted up,I spent this morning in the garden,so lovely to see everything waking up**
Thea x

Reginas Cottage said...

beautiful post and gorgeous photos.
i love it all!!!
your new header looks fantastic.
have a nice week,

Anonymous said...

Super photos and post!
I recall my mother's old dolly tub being used as a garden incinerator with air holes punched in the sides, after she had her first washing machine. Many old tubs were used this way - could this explain the shortage?

Sandi said...

LOVE your header, am glad you reverted back, it is so much more welcoming and warm. Your garden is so pretty, I was just saying over at Country Rabbit that flowers love the UK weather more than the Ausie heat. When I first met my husband I did his washing and had to use a mangle to squeeze out the water, and have been known to 'wash' clothes in a 'copper' boiling up the water and swishing it all around with a big paddle.
xx Sandi

Unknown said...

Your flowers are so pretty. The pictures make make me feel as though I can pick them. I look forward to visiting your blog again. Thank you!

Ruth said...

Love the new header Steph - such a crisp clear lovely spring photo. And I really admire your pots - such a lovely rustic collection and all those gorgeous bulbs just on the cusp!

Julie said...

What lovely memories this post has brought to mind. I can remember standing in my Grandma's kitchen with the door open to the yard and carrying buckets of steaming wet sheets and towels out to the mangle. My Grandma saw no point in replacing something that worked and she used her tub and peg and the old mangle until the early 1960s! Looking forward to pictures of your tub through the seasons. Thanks. Julie x

silverpebble said...

How good it must feel to have found one at last, and how perfect it looks amongst your other containers, Steph. The images of your primulas and emerging bulbs are so so cheery. Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog ! The header picture is just ..... beautiful !! Is it your house ?
I wil surely droping by your blog often ! Have a very nice week-end :

Lisa from France

HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely lovely pictures!
Best wishes,

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh Steph you are a lucky girl - I too have been lusting having seen them at la Raven's...I saw lots at Hampton Court flower show but oh my pie they were eye wateringly expensive... I like the sound of a treee bedecked in lovely,

Sarah -x-

melanie said...

How lovely, well done for finding one, I love it :) x

Lyn said...

you have lots of imaginative containers for your spring plants.

Attic24 said...

Hi Steph,,,,was pootling in my antiques/collectors place today and spotted a dolly tub, pounced on it but gutted to find the £34 price tag. However, I did get an old tin wash tub thingy for £8. It made me think of you, so here I am. Hope life is ok, you've been gone from your blog for longer than usual and I'm missing you ♥
Sending lots of love