Saturday 14 April 2012

Tulip Time

This is the first time I've had a proper display of tulips to enjoy. Because I was under the impression (wrongly it turns out) that tulips in pots needed to be planted later in the autumn, most years the sweetie-coloured packets of carefully chosen bulbs, have mouldered in the back of the vegetable cupboard until they've turned up in March looking very folorn.
Planting goes out of my head by November when my gaze turns firmly indoors until March. Last autumn was so balmy however that I sorted my act out for once and treated myself to several bags of bulbs with the idea that I'd spend more than usual and it would spur me into action. Well it did. My £12 investment is looking fabulous so far.
A combination of offers on websites and the ever reliable Wilkinsons, is producing a display I can't take my eyes off at the moment. Predictably I've completely forgotten the names but who cares, I can enjoy choosing them all over again.

This particular pot is my curent favourite. What I wouldn't give for a lipstick just this colour! There are more pots emerging so hopefully this little show will last a fair few weeks.

I have to get up much earlier than the rest of the house to get to the office on time so, before the boys emerge and need feeding and watering, I've taken to eating my breakfast sitting on the kitchen worktop so I can gaze out of the window on my cheery pots. There's no better way to set up the day.
I'm quite obsessed with the garden at the moment, hence all the recent floral posts. Trays of seedlings crowd the windowsills and there always seems to be a tray getting a drink in the sink. Peas and potatoes are on the way for the "patio allotment" as B calls it and here are sweet peas, cosmos, ammi majus and sunflowers on the way up too.

My bed time reading is Monty Don's fabulous Ivington Diaries and this week I found myself having an accidental email chat with a producer on Gardener's World (he has the same name as a local BBC contact). It was a  fab, friendly exchange of me saying what I loved about the programme (Carol, weekend jobs etc) and what I'd like to see more of (flowers, how to design a planting scheme, keeping colour going etc). On last night's programme I'd say they've got it pretty much spot on. Really enjoyable.

Better push off and get on with some potting up I think. Have a super weekend.
P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments recently, especially anyone who's been finding out more about Totally Locally (- check out the new Foxlowe Arts Centre website to find out more about our town's new community arts venue) and many new visitors from across the Pond. Thanks for visiting, your comments make me smile so much.Xxxx


Country Rabbit said...

such beautiful colours brightening up your patio and garden! ;0) Tulips are beautiful! and lovely to see them at this time of year. Wilkinsons are fabulous for their garden range of mums just given me a bag full of Begonia for my big pots- The colouring is cascade orange. should come up around mid june. I've been having a mad sort out of my patio court yard- its such a small space really- but its great area for pots n tubs and i do get some lovely flowering ;0).

I really enjoy your posts- your garden is beautiful x

Carol said...

Hi Steph, what wonderful tulips, don't they make you smile! I've a particularly lovely one out at the moment but I can't remember its name (see blog photo) still that doesn't matter, I just love it.
I've planted tulips in December (usually reduced bargains!) and they have still given a good show.
You certainly don't need to spend a fortune to get fantastic results.
I've rarely watched Gardeners' World since Geoff Hamilton died, he was one of my gardening heroes. Another is the late lamented Christopher Lloyd his "The Well Tempered Garden" is a favourite book, well worth trying to find a copy.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Arthur Ransome said...

I'm glad to hear there's another breakfast-eating tulip-gazer out there!

Cait O'Connor said...

Fabulous photos of your garden and colourful tulips, I grown a few more of these each year. Spring is my favourite season.
Ah.... Monty Don's Ivington Diaries is a beautiful book, he is a great writer as well isn't he?

Elderberry-Rob said...

Your tulips are beautiful, I don't have any success with them, planting every year they just don't come up as they don't like the soil and roots creeping in from the woods I suppose. Maybe a tub next time.

The Cookie Jar said...

Your tulips are beautiful. Mine are nearly all finished. Read Monty's Ivington diaries and found it brillant. I am reading his new book Gardening at longmeadow and finding it fantastic.

SAS said...

Oh, my goodness, Steph, what beautiful arrangements in your garden. I haven't seen anything to compare this spring. Truly.

After every blog, I ask myself is there anything that girl can't do?

This is not idle flattery. I enjoy your blog tremendously.

Unknown said...

The tulips look lovely. I have only discovered the excitement of the garden this year but I am so going to plant up some bulbs in the autumn. For some reason, the daffs that my MIL planted a couple of years ago only flowered once and they've been coming up blind since so I pulled them out the other weekend and will replant this Autumn.

Do you know, like many of your readers I suspect, I am now stalking local car booters for a dolly tub to plant up!


Rose H (UK) said...

What stunning tulips Steph :o) I especially love how you planted up the galvanised dolly tub, it looks fabulous.
I still have to start sewing my seeds, looks like a job for tomorrow....
Rose H

Bobo Bun said...

Fabulous garden displays as usual Steph. You really have the garden magic in your fingertips. Agree a lippy would be great in that shade.

I've still not planted the bulbs I bought and they need to be in by the end of April if the hens want to chew on them by the summer! Hope that's not the case really.

Hope you're all well and dandy and life is good.

Lisa X

Happy Homebird said...

Your garden is so pretty - the colours remind me of dolly mixtures. I have two tubs of tulips - parrot tulips but I do not like them as much as the traditional ones. One set has some weird virus too and looks rather grim. Seeing the dolly tub has reminded me yet again that I have one sitting on my allotment! It needs to come home and be planted up instead!

Sam x

lawyers nova scotia said...
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Bodkin said...

I love your style ,the red writting on the blue sky. h x

DEB said...

I have just planted mine so that come Sept I have a beautiful array such as yours. I am down under so the seasons are back to front.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Hey Steph - what beautiful displays and you are so right - I can't keep my eyes off all the things popping up at the mo.

Happy weekend to you and I love your new header.

Nina xxx

driftwood said...

oh your tulips are so lovely, we're a bit further north and so a bit behind, some of mine are just coming out, except for the huge pot that I have mistakenly put somewhere shady, and it's too heavy to move.........

boats said...
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Anonymous said...

A lovely post, your garden looks so pretty this spring.

melanie said...

I love tulips, yours are magnificent :) xxx

Tea with Prudence said...

Hi Steph,
Fabulous colours on the tulips.

I don't think I could wear a lipstick that colour though, too pale skinned for that.

You've reminded me that it is bulb planting time here, and maybe I should go buy some and get them in.


Pipany said...

Obsessed here too Steph. Can't seem to get out there enough lately. Your tulips are gorgeous. I always regret not planting more x

silverpebble said...

Oh Steph, those tulips are spectacular and they look stunning in your dolly tub. I'm not surprised you enjoy your early morning breakfasts looking at those. Happy Spring

Joanne said...

Your blog is British perfection!
I love everything you feature here.
Thank you for the lovely photos and narrative...I really enjoy reading you!
Have a fantastic week!

purple-roses-country-cottage said...

Beautiful Tulips! I like the fresh colour. Take care Nicole xxx

Helen said...

Gorgeous arn't they tulips?
Mine arn't out yet her in the north east of England!!

Fleur Cotton said...

Every Spring I wish i'd been more organised in the autumn and planted more bulbs. Your tulips are beautiful! Well done you!

Fleur xx

Rubyred said...

Oh I do have Tulip envy,I always leave it too late! They are so pretty and such a gorgeous colour!I only have Forget me nots and Forsythia in flower at the mo!
Must try harder!
Rachel x

JacquiG said...

I recently found your blog and I think it's wonderful! Great posts and fabulous photography. Hope you don't mind but I've added you to my blog list and mentioned you in my latest post.

When I have the time I plan on looking through your archives and enjoying a good read!

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

Your spring bulbs look gorgeous, and I love your header picture.
Jacqui @ Musings of a Windsor Rose (see comment above) mentioned you, as she said, and I had to come and look :)

patchworkandlace said...

Lovely post ,i too planted lots of tulips last year and im really pleased with the display it was well worth planting them all out ,your pots look so colourfull xx

Magdalena said...

Wonderful blog&beautiful photos!
Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

Lynne said...

My tulips this year have been a bit of a disappointment - loads of them haven't come up. But those that have - love them, and I so love your pictures of your tulip display.

I think in Autumn I am going to go the container route, and hope I have better luck next spring!

Enjoying your colourful blog, thankyou.

Joshy and belle said...

So pretty, I love tulips! Fliss xxx

galant said...

You simply can't beat tulips for style and colour at this time of the year. What I especially like about them is that they are ciruclar, they don't have a back and a front, unlike daffs! I plant them in early October and they don't seem to mind going into pots earlier than recommended (experts recommend November, but really, who want to be outside when it turns cold?) And if those that are naturalized in the ground know when it's time to reappear in spring, why not new ones in tubs?
I like to combine the inky purple of Queen of the Night with flame coloured lily tulips, in terracotta pots. I saw something like this once at Sissinghurst (the colour combination, I mean) and what's good enough for Sissinghurst is good enough for me.
Margaret P