Monday 7 May 2012

A May Morning

Everything is green and golden outside my window at the moment. It might only be dandelions but the show is amazing over the fields. This morning we even managed a few minutes of glorious sunshine.
Bank Holidays are a bit of a non-event in our house. Woody has to work, being a freelancer, but it does mean I get a special day with my boys and I had a plan in mind.
Inspired by some fabulous blog posts this weekend, especially Lucy and Kazzie, I realised it was now or never if we were going to have chance to see the bluebells in the beech woods.
This is one of my favourite sights in the whole, entire world. My two little chaps racing through the trees, whopping and wheeling, thrilled with the joy of the open air and the magic of the woods.
And here they are. Not so thick and carpet like in our local woodland, perhaps because it has lots of holly and denser cover than a true beech wood, but ever so glorious anyway. That etheral, floaty, blue haze is precious.
Treasure hunting is always fun. Moss as soft as a kitten I was told.
And of course you have to explore the stream - and get soaking wet.
Now its pouring down, grey, chilly and pretty autumnal to be honest so we're coseyed in watching dragon films and eating flapjack. So glad we managed to squeeze in our May morning.


thriftwood said...

Lovely pics! Glad you had a nice morning before the rain set in ... It's really miserable for May, isn't it? Enjoy rest of your day, love Claire xxx

Lisa said...

Our bluebell hunt didn't turn up many bluebells, but like you say it was good to get out when we could between the rain clouds.
Lisa x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Lovely post, bluebells are so so pretty aren't they?
Victoria xx

bellaboo said...

I'm waiting for a sunny day to go and visit the bluebell woods...I think I may be waiting some time!
Lovely post.
Take care and have a good week. :0)

My Norfolk Life said...

Your Tulips are stunning! Lovely photos.

DEB said...

The bluesbells in the woods are so very English, I think.

LissyLou said...

I love your header pic!!!

I have seen a few bluebell posts in blogland. We have some coming up in our garden which is a lovely surprise seeing as we haven't lived here at this time of year before.

I hope to get down to some woods for a bluebell walk on the weekend.

Have a lovely week xxx

Paula said...

Lovely images - and such GORGEOUS tulips. Paula x

Jay said...

Lovely pics, at least the plus side of all this rain is how green and lush everywhere looks - although indoors with flapjack is where I'd prefer to be on these wet days!

Madelief said...

Beautiful photo's of your walk through the woods. The rainy weather makes it all look so lush and green.

Happy weekend!


Barri-Jayne said...

Lovely photos! You really have to make the most of a bright sunny day when it comes along. They've been so few of them. Have a lovely weekend!

Barrina x

Katy Noelle said...

We don't have bluebell woods, here, in the States (well, not that I know of); so, I just LOVE seeing and hearing about them from all of you. Woods are magic - we definitely have woods! =D Moss and wildflowers and ferns and fascinating nooks and crannies in the trees and fallen trunks and roots and trickling streams and fireflies and, right, now, spring peepers and, in the fall, mushrooms.

I'm glad that you got out for your adventure with your boys! =]