Monday 23 July 2012

Allez boys!

Just amazing, what a Tour. Woody was in Paris at the weekend to see it happen. We've loved cycling for a long time in our house, Woody's followed it for years and deserved to be there so much and share that historic day. One of the best weekends of his life he reckons.

I didn't really dare hope it could happen but the Sky boys did it!
We'll be in London on Saturday to see them go for gold. Legends. Vive le Tour!
Allez Wiggo! Go Cav!


Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Yes its wonderful.
Living in France I'm so proud of what the GB cyclists have done.
Even the French are impressed.

Now Gold for the UK please.


dottycookie said...

I have to admit I have never really followed the TdF before but have been caughtnupmin the excitement this year. So glad Woody could be there.
And what a brilliant photo!

Karen said...

My husband cycled from Gloucester to Paris for charity over 3 days, ending in Paris on the night before the TdeF so was there to see them come in.

alice c said...

It is wonderful to pass your passion for cycling on to the boys - you will always share it and it will be a point of connection as they move into adulthood.

Grammy Braxton said...

I have enjoyed watching the TdF for years and try to catch all the races that are broadcast here in the US. Unfortunately, it's not many but I love what I can watch. Congrats to Cav for his 4th win on the Champs. Congrats to Wiggo and to the whole Sky team. They worked together like a well oiled machine. You Brits must be very, very proud.

JacquiG said...

DH and I have been following the Tour de France for several years now. Unfortunately the tv coverage here in Canada has been sporadic the last few years. We had to head out to a sports bar for lunch to catch the finish on in Paris!!

Wasn't that great that 2 Brits finished on the podium!!!

Carol said...

It was just so wonderful. Hope they manage to win some Olympic medals too.
Carol xx