Thursday 20 December 2012


Oh I'm so glad to be at home. No more work now until New Year's Eve. Being able to take the boys to school and pick them up is lovely although they finish so late this year (tomorrow) that tempers are short and over excitement is getting to them both.
There've been a lot of lovely things on this week; church services, concerts, parties and outings. Think they're ready for some quiet time at home before the big day.
I've been on a mammoth wrapping spree, settled in by the tree with Nigella, Nigel and Hugh keeping me company. Today I've moved onto the food; dropped orders in town to collect early on Christmas Eve, a bit of supermarket shopping done and tomorrow the baking starts.
We don't go mad for food at Christmas, but I do like a few tasty favourites for our feast. Don't get me wrong we do indulge, but not overly so I don't think. Homemade, fresh, zesty, tangy and delicious tastes are our cup of tea.
The decorations are almost finished and thankfully we got the cards and parcels posted just in time. Can't wait to shut the door when the boys are home tomorrow and settle in for the festivities. Xxxx


Revrunner said...

Lovely windows.

Ali said...

I'm enchanted by the bottletops - miss our milkman. And yaaay to the hunkering down - it really is the best bit.

Mum said...

Roll on tomorrow!
Love from Mum

busybusybeejay said...

Enjoy a lovely family Christmas.Treasure every minute.

haggiz said...

lovely festive photos. Julie x

**Anne** said...

Anne xxa

LandGirl1980 said...

Have a wonderful Yuletide x

Sue said...

Thank You Steph,for sharing your wonderful blog with us,it's an absolute joy to read and i love it when you do a new post,
Happy Christmas to you all
Festive Wishes
Sue xxx

...Nina Nixon... said...

Have a beautiful Christmas Steph and much love to you and yours - see you in 2013

Nina x

Claire/Just a little less said...

I love that feeling of shutting the door on normal routine and settling down to a cosy Christmas too. Have a great time xo

Attic24 said...

Smiled at your milk bottle tops Steph, I have the exact same and as soon as I saw them ealier this week I thought of you!
I've got the last if my shopping to do tomorrow, and lots and lots of wrapping to do too, oh and need to finish decorating my fireplaces, but then....then I can finally exhale and relax. Have found it tough going this year I must admit. Wishing you a super happy Christmastime with your boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I live in Washington and LOVE reading your blog. You live in such a beautiful place, and everything you post is lovely. Thank you for sharing! I love to sit with a cup of coffee and see your pictures!