Sunday 11 August 2013


Our boy is ten! I've no idea where on earth the last decade has disappeared to if I'm honest. Somewhere along the way I'm sure we must have skipped a year or two.
He's growing into such a caring, gentle chap with a great sense of humour, smashing company and is fascinated by all manner of things (lots of computer games admittedly at the moment!) Ten seems such an enormous landmark and I'm struggling a little when I think of how much of his childhood is already behind him.
So to help me, and hopefully him, remember what fun he's had I put together a photo collage of his first ten years and he seems pretty pleased with it. It's a lovely reminder of places and adventures we've had since that day a bundle of dark hair and the softest skin came into our world.
Thursday was the big day and he'd asked for a cinema treat, his best friend for company and a party tea. He's not the greatest eater and not really a cake fan although lemon drizzle and jam tarts go down a treat. So hence this slightly odd birthday cake but he loved it and I loved making it for him even more.

I loved dressing the house and table too. Colourful bunting, curly straws, balloon cups and windmills. This could well be the last party tea for him I'm allowed to indulge his childhood.
Happy Birthday B. Hope the next decade is just as much fun xxx

P.S. Thanks for all the lovely kind wishes for my brother-in-law. He's doing ok, still one step forward then two steps back but he'll get there. Thank you xx


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steph on your little boy turning 10! I do remember thinking just like you, where did the time go...! My Lauren in now 15.5 and Sarah 14 years old and it has gone way too quickly for my liking, I wish I could hit pause for a bit or slow mode perhaps it is all just too fast. Your beautiful table, cake and decorations looked just like mine at the same time. Enjoy and thank you for the update. Simone xx

Sue said...

Thank You for sharing your son's birthday with us Steph. I think all of us Mum's feel like this,our son's 23 in a couple of weeks, has graduated from uni, looking for work,it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since we were looking at schools for him to start at!!(and we are SO SO proud of him) Enjoy every minute that you can Steph.
Best Wishes to you all
Sue xxx

Country Rabbit said...

happy big birthday lovely chap x awwww steph what a wonderful birthday to remember...the years fly before your eyes dont've given your boys such a wonderful childhood ;0)x

Sian said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration - I hope your son had a brilliant day. It breaks my heart how quickly they all grow up!