Tuesday 7 October 2014

Autumn Hurrah

It's here! At last after the most glorious and languid of summers the air again is crisp, damp, scented by woodsmoke and filled with the calls of the rook and the robin's winter song.

October so far has been for family time, catching up with school about the start of a new year, visiting relations and cooking a Sunday feast to share with family closer at hand.

I'm running for longer at the weekends now that it's too dark in the mornings before work. I take my phone with me every time to catch moments of the season as it begins to move on. (Pics via my Instagram feed - CurlewSteph).

The next few weeks are all about celebrations and new things (we got to review this lovely Italian restaurant in town last night.) My big birthday approaches in just a few weeks so I'm starting to make a few plans and look forward to lots of fun.

I hope that your spring or autumnal October is shaping up nicely too xx


SandyshoesCornwall said...

I loved our long summer, but autumn has so much going for it as well. Great to hear that you're keeping up the running, I hear it's fantastic for making you more brainy as well! I might just have to try it although I'm surrounded by steep hills.....

Would love to see your recipes and ideas for family feasts and feeding friends, I tend to struggle with cooking for more than four so I hope you can give me some inspiration. x

Curlew Country said...

Oh you've inspired a post to come Antonia. It was our ritual autumn Sunday get together this weekend with my family that includes two vegetarians so there was a bit if everything. How does slow cooker pork, roast veg, butternut squash stuffed with spicy cous cous sound? Will try and post it this week.

How's the Cornish autumn turning out? It seems like you're still in summer down there! We visited Port Isaac in October once and I was astounded how different the rock pools were, full of glass shrimps, mammoth starfish etc that we never see when we go in the summer. Just fabulous.

Still enjoying my running (can't believe I can actually say that!) I'm hopeless on hills though and go sooooo slowly but hey if it's boosting told brain it must be doing me good :)

Have a great week xx

Alison said...

I do love October, I think it's my favourite month! Well done with the running, I do it aswell and feel so much better when I've done it :-)

SandyshoesCornwall said...

Yes please to a recipe post, I've got vegetarians in my family too so it's good to have dishes that everyone can choose from and enjoy.

I haven't posted for some time, but yes the weather's been amazing. We were still swimming in the sea last week!

It's gone chilly now all of a sudden and I've packed away flip flops and invested in some good waterproof boots as I pretty much live in these for the rest of the year. Probably too late to put up any more beach posts, but will try to get some of the lovely autumn colours. Have a great weekend x

Pat said...

Spring is in the air here in South Africa Steph, lovely time of the year! I so enjoy the photos of the countryside as you see it, just beautiful. Pat xx

Leanne said...

I love Autumn. It's a real mixed bag of hunkering down when it wet and wild, and then playing outside when it's nice again. We've had some fantastic weather here. It is still very mild, although my wellies are now stationed by the front door.
Leanne xx