Sunday 21 October 2007

Busy in the sunshine

Two fab weekends in a row, I can hardly believe it. And making it all so much better is that we have Woody at home to enjoy every minute with now, hurrah! Although it was so sad that his Sunday paper closed (and it really was a great read) things really do look, well at least they seem to be, sorting themsleves out. W is now writing an in-depth sports interview each week with some high-profile, regional sporting figures who are all very impressed with what he's written and one, an England cricketer nontheless, has posted his interview on his website. I'm so proud of him. Brilliantly this feature pays exactly what his late-night Saturday work used to but he can do it in much more sociable hours and we get him back for the weekend.

So, we're really making the most of this brilliant weather and spent most of this one outside. On Saturday we drove up to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, somewhere I've always faniced having a look at. It's a lovely town with tons on independent shops (not even a Boots or WHSmith's in sight) and has a lovely bohemian, arty feel. We had a lovely time in the playground and watching the canal boats but didn't hang around for too long as mooching around gorgeous interiors shops isn't quite the boys idea of a grand day out but I did find thirty seconds to bag a treasure I've been hankering after for ages in a charity shop.

Isn't it lovely and will make the perfect home for the Christmas cake I've got plans to decorate. I admit defeat, I'm not even going to tackle making one but hopefully I can manage a bit of icing one from the farm shop. What a cheat!

Its been a brilliant treasure hunting week for me. This lovely tea trio arrived from Niki at Nostalgia at the Stone House, a treat to myself. I can't wait to enjoy a quiet five with tea and cake in the new house, shame my camera really doesn't do it justice though.

More lovely glass; another candlestick for the collection and a beautiful trinket jar, perfect for buttons. Amongst other things I picked up a wonderfully huge, crisp, white damask tablecloth (like one mum has) and a matching napkin for £3.39, a sweet embroidered cloth which I think I'll use on top of a chest of drawers we've been promising ourselves, to display my pretty things on (£1.50) and an embroidered brooch I won on ebay arrived too.

And these lovely hearts arrived from Catherine at Mollycupcakes, lovingly handmade they're going to make very special gift tags for some very special people at Christmas. The lovely snowman peg is already reserved for hanging B's advent calendar and the sweet little robin heart will be on my bedroom mirror I think. Lovely!
Today we stayed closer to home and treated oursleves to a fantastic lunch at The Old Smithy, Beeley on the Chatsworth Estate. Fab food and great atmosphere followed by a lovely walk out of the village which had wonderful surprises. First of all we discovered Chester, a charming goat who we fed some of his vegetable treats that he'd managed to drop the wrong side of the gate. Over the stream and back over the bridge we headed along the lane and discovered the most amazing, shed/bothy/hut which looks like it might be a potter's retreat as there was a clay kiln, oven-type thing. There's a verandah, tin chimney, log pile and benches and would make an the perfect bolt hole for a few days peace and quiet. Oh if only...!
There were a few excitable chickens running around too which delighted the boys. Then we came across the biggest pile of logs (well tree trunks really) that would keep your winter fires in for a decade and we wound our way back to the village swings before a peaceful, sleepy drive home.
A peaceful, lazy weekend, just perfect. I'm a very lucky wife and mummy.Love you boys Xxx


pinkgreen said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. I'm glad you had such a lovely time. I love your thrifty find - I have got a cake stand just like that one, and am looking forward to putting it to use at Christmas too!
Cathy XX

alice c said...

Happy days like that are very precious. You have to hold on to those memories because your little boys will grow so quickly.

Rowan said...

It was a wonderful weekend wasn't it? I live quite near the Chatsworth Estate so know just where you were. Glad to hear that things are working out for you.

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Ah what a lovely weekend. Love your glass finds, I too have that same glass jar, I have a bit of an obsession for glass at the moment... lol. I have started to miss going to car boots already and our local charity shops just aren't worth the effort so no more treasure hunting for me until next year. I will have to start blogging more though, see if that helps.

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi just wanted to pop in and say hi , I love your blog and love reading about your finds too x

pinkgreen said...

Congratulations - you won my birthday give-away! I can't find your email address, so please can you contact me with your address so I can post it to you!
Cathy XX

Tracy x said...

a perfect post about a very happy and content looking family - lovely x
tracy x

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, it was lovely here too. Your photos are beautiful. Love your charity shop finds, you must be building up a great collection of glass now.
Kim x

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi cath,

That tank top was from wait for it ...Primark at £5.00 !, bargain. I bought another one and got it home and it didnt fit and I must say it was very Cath Kidston style but without the pricetag!. Like the patterned variety. Do you have a primark store where you are ?. As they are great the tank tops. I also bought a lovely pink beret for £3.00 too. Boden things are lovely too . Thanks for dropping in and look forward to chatting more

X Dominique

Anonymous said...

Great finds and love those cabins.

Carol said...

What a result for W.
Time together like that is so special.
Great finds, I had a cake stand just like your one...but I cannot find must still be in a box that i have not yet unpacked from our last move.
Lovely post.