Wednesday 3 October 2007

Just seen

Ever have those days when your eyes seem to spot things that mostly they miss? Maybe its the change in the light but everything seems to look so lovely at the moment and I hope these photos show what I mean. Well apart from these as I saw them in a charity shop but all in a jumble of glass that perhaps I usually wouldn't peer too closely at but for once I did.
And I'm so glad I did.
The pretty candlestick was 85p and stopped me buying a pair exactly the same on ebay for £5 when I only need one. I have a plan for a small collection of vintage, glass candlesticks with cream, maybe red, candles on the mantlepiece (please let it be the one in the new house!) all lit up for Christmas. I've got a cut glass one, this one, just bought a sweet one from ebay and have some plain and cut nightlight holders too. Well that's the plan at least!

I've developed a new passion for decanting pretty much everything in my food cupboard into glass jars (you name it, lentils, three types of rice, raisins, sultanas, pasta) and this one (70p) is very small so I think I might pop some smarties in for the boys for treats or maybe chocolate buttons perhaps. And my favourite is the lovely little flour shaker or duster (80p), not so sure what you call it. It looks quite old and is marked with USA on the bottom so I'm wondering if it came from over the Pond.

Perfect for baking so I might brave it and get some mince pies made up for the freezer like it recommends in one of my magazines. Not that I'm usually this organised but we will be having the family over this year but they'll have to camp out in my sister's freezer because ours is wee! (The mince pies that is - not the family?!)

So carrying on the 'just-seen' theme, these pictures are from our visit to Hartington on Saturday, a sweet village on the Staffs/Derbyshire border. It can get a bit busy, lots of coach trippers and the antiques shop is hugely expensive but I think its quite charming and is great for a cheap look around, perfect start for some gorgeous walks and its still a real, living, working village. I've been going there for years and it'll be on my new route to work (if we ever move - still no date). I love old village shops, this one is probably the furthest place out in the sticks that sells the paper Woody works for. You can buy everything in there from The Guardian to a sausage roll and pretty much everything in-between.

And this is a lovely front garden in Hartington that I just had to go back and take a picture of. I've strolled past lots of times but it looked so perfect for an autumn day.

Off to bed now because I'm working late at one of our work fundraising events tomorrow - "An Evening of Autumn Cookery with the Aga Shop in Sheffield". Now that's my kind of event!


Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there - didnt get my charity shop redemption purchases photographed last night -- we were in a bit of a daze - our buyers lost their buyer on Monday - then they had an another buyer who then changed their minds on Tuesday and then the first time buyers at the bottom of the chain dropped out!! We have said to our buyers not to worry - 'cos the ones who are selling the one we want havent found anthing still (3 wks & 3 days). Isnt moving awful we havent done it for 12 years and had forgotton what a roller coaster it is. Will definately put the bargains on - I looked at them again this morning whilst the kettle boiled and they are lovely. I had better go now - what do you do for a job - 'cos I am involved in promoting local produce??

Alchamillamolly said...

Forgot to say - we are viewing an empty bungalow this lunchtime - as a possibility if the pre war semi falls through - not exactly my dream property but it would save moving again when the knees finally go!! I have to admit to a little excitement - its empty so we can have a really good look - must got the bathroom is empty - dripping but empty!! Catherine

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there I work for the Economic Development Unit at the County Council. We have a new website and at the mo I am working on refining it and telling the designers which bits we don't like and what doesn't work!! As well as getting new people to join it for free. The bungalow we viewed wasn't tired it was exhausted!! We just couldnt have faced the work it needed so we will sit and wait and see what happens about the pre war semi that we really want.Its on - Harewood Lane £235k! if you want to have a look - it backs onto the WI Hall! so I guess if we get it I will have to join. Should be taking photos now but What not to Wear is on ans its for the 50 plus' so I had better watch it Catherine

pinkgreen said...

We went on holiday to Hartington in February a few years ago and had such a great time. It is a very pretty place, and one we'd love to go back to. Love your charity shop finds too. Your idea for Christmas candles sounds lovely - I hope you are in your new place by then.
Cathy XX

julia said...

I too decant everything into glass jars (obviously too much time on my hands!). It just looks so much better in the cupboard!
Love the plate, great find.
As for the aga event, sounds great, I'd love on but the cost would have put us in debtors prison! We used to wander round the aga shop sure that we'd be spotted as imposters and turfed out!
Have a great weekend
Julia x

Rosie said...

Hartington is such a lovely place. We often visit and have coffee there. I love the cheese shop and the duck pond, we've also parked up at the station and walked some of the Tissington Trail in both directions.
Love your glass 'finds' I think things look lovely in glass jars and bottles rather than plastic containers.

Lois said...

I stumbled on your blog through Rosies blog. I love your photos, and hope you dont mind if I spend a bit of time going back though enjoying your posts. Very cute family.

mollycupcakes said...

What a beautiful garden.
Hope you did well at the fund raiser.
Have a good week and speak soon about your hearts.
Catherine x

Perfectly Lovely said...

What fabulous buys, Im so jelous! Im definetly going to steal your idea with the candlesticks, sounds great!x

jessica daisy said...

My mum had the same idea with the glass candlesticks about two months ago, and ever since she and I have been scouring the charity shops for them, she always seems to do better than me though!
Lucky we don't live near to each other, or we might have a fight on our hands, candlesticks at dawn!

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Great finds! How are you finding that new Country Living book, would you recommend buying it(I love Christmas books.) I too love glass jars, the more the better is what I say.

Ragged Roses said...

Hartington looks gorgeous! Lovely photos. I bet your mantelpiece in your new home will look gorgeous with all those candles at Christmas. Love your finds, especially the candlestick! Good luck with everything, you must be moving any day now!
Kim x
PS The boots came from a shop way down the other end of the country from you, without a website too so your Christmas funds are safe!!!