Friday 26 October 2007


This is not good news for my tight purse strings. Caroline Zoob has only gone and relocated her entire operation to Stoke-on-Trent! Its just down the road from the Moorlands and is where I went to school. The Emma Bridgewater factory shop is already there and I assume CZ is investing in the wonderful, traditional skills of the Potteries which is great news seeing as how the rest of the industry is practically on its knees. All my grandparents worked on the potbanks, my dad's dad was a teapot maker and his wife (my grandma) stuck the handles on. The iconic bottle ovens have all but gone but many of the skills remain. The sad fact is that its so hard for the likes of Doulton, Spode and Wedgewood to compete with cheaper foreign imports and of course how easy it is to pick up some pottery for your kitchen at the supermarket. So when you do buy a special piece its great to know that its supporting a traditional local industry and I'm so pleased CZ and EB are producing their wares in Stoke. Bad news is the factory shops have some great bargains and I just can't resist!

Smoke-on-Trent in my grandparents day.

"It's a fine day if you can see t'other side of the road."


Anonymous said...

That is only a few junctions down the M6 from me.....oh dear. Must not google CZ, must not google CZ....!

Rosie said...

I really like her china - the designs are so pretty. I love Emma Bridgewater's pottery, the factory shop is great, I never know where to look first it's a feast for the eyes. Nearest factory shops to me (15 minutes walk) are Portmeirion and Wedgwood. I was in the Portmeirion shop this morning getting ideas for gifts and I found a lovely cream coloured, undecorated jug about 9 inches in height - for three pounds and ten pence - a bargain:)

jessica daisy said...

ohhh, lucky you!! I want to get Ella the EB rabbit mug, but I don't think she will appreciate it for a while.
I have a EB baby "a present for a good girl' mug that mum and dad bought me when I was a child, my bother and sister have got one too. It's on my plate rack now.

pinkgreen said...

I've got a couple of CZ mugs that I found in a charity shop that are my favourite ones for my morning cuppa. There is meant to be a seconds outlet near here that I haven't managed to get to yet, but it is on my 'to do' list!
Cathy X

Rowan said...

I wouldn't be able to resist either - I love the Emma Bridgewater Robin pottery but don't have any and the Caroline Zoob ones are very pretty too. Winter would seem like a good time to acquire a couple of Robin mugs:)

alice c said... new temptation...I MUST remember that I have NO room in my cupboards. No room AT ALL.

Carol said...

What lovely photos.
I love this pottery. It is good for my purse that I do not live near the factories, I would find it just too hard to resist.
But.......I am thinking now as I type...about taking Nigella on a camping trip in that I can visit the factory shops!!
Any suggestions on where would be a good place to set camp?
I think that you are right in supporting local industry. We should all do it.

Handplockat said...

Totally love your blog
hugs from the north of Sweden

Anonymous said...

That robin mug is delightful!

Marie x

Ragged Roses said...

Now that is dangerous, Caroline Zoob on your doorstep!!! Talk about temptation .... She use to have a shop near where I live, but it's closed now
Kim x

mollycupcakes said...

I just love that comment on the bottom of your post, sounds like something my Dad would say lol
It is lovely that CZ & EB are making all their pottery in England. I hate it that everything just seems to come from china (sorry to anyone from there) but you all know what I mean. Lets keep it british.
Gorgoeous mugs, I love he washing line ones.
I'd think a trip won't do you any harm lol ;)
Thanks for the comments you've left me and the promo on you other post.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

It is so very sad that these skills will soon to lost to us.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and I am also a massive Emma Bridgewater fan, I went to the open day and had the best day! Anyway I am a friend of Julias at Vintage Heaven and you expressed an interest in the boxes I have made, I now have some boy ones and wondered if you would like me to email some pictures to you? You can contact me at Look forward to hearing from you, have a good day.