Wednesday 5 December 2007

Delights of December

The festive feeling is beginning to tingle in my toes so I've been faffing around with my blog to make it feel a bit more wintry. This weekend is "deck the halls" etc at No.25. Really I'd rather hang on until the next one but Woody (he who usually thinks celebrations are far too much fuss) prefers to get them up early. Its his birthday next week (a big one!) so who am I to deny the birthday boy his wish. So to satisfy myself, this is my December delights list, a monthly tradition I've let slip lately but am going to revive especially for the festive season:
Bare trees - I adore the stark skeletons of a stand of trees against a pale sky, so dramatic.

Dusk - there's something extra special about it at this time of year, with people scurrying home laden with bags, twinkling fairy lights in cottage windows, Christmas trees lit up on the village green. (Gosh I'm a sucker for anything twee aren't I?!)

Traditions - "we always...", everyone has them don' t they and I'm enjoying so much having the chance to pass some onto our little family and create some of our own. The best bit for me is cosying up with the family and sharing happy times but there are also the little, ordinary things that make Christmas extra special and some of my favourites are:

*** having fresh sheets and pyjamas on Christmas Eve

*** making jam tarts

*** fetching the turkey from the wonderful butcher in a gorgeous estate village and calling in at the cafe for a nice, warm drink

*** the carol service (my sisters and I did a lot of singing at school and college and Christmas was a round of concerts and services that were such fun and the perfect build up to the big day. The festive season is a lot about singing for me!)

*** peeling and chopping the veg to Carols From King's

*** pouring over the Christmas Radio Times, even though Woody is a TV reviewer and knows weeks ahead what'll be on. He's very good though and just tells me a few snippets

*** watching The Snowman

*** a walk around the lanes and appreciating the peace and quiet

*** having to have chocolate oranges, Elizabeth Shaw mints and a box of Roses in

*** a large Bailey's on Christmas Eve (hopefully in the bath when everything is finished!)

Bookshop catalogues - so many books I'll never read but browsing with a cup of hot coffee is a proper treat.

Farmer's Market Scrum - the veg shop a few days before Christmas is always a bit mad but the stall holders at our local one are really friendly and full of festive cheer - (goodness, my Christmas sounds like something out of Dickens!)

Not long to go now, and I've already got the chocolates in. Wonder if I can last?


Ragged Roses said...

Good luck with those chocs (I have already eaten a stollen I bought last week!). What lovely traditions, very cosy and lovely. Love the new look blog too

jessica daisy said...

Loving the 'new look' especially the new banner, with your pretty cushions . The family traditions are the things that I look forward to most at christmas.
last year it was all wrong because we still had Lily's puppies so everyone had to come to us, and all squash up in the dining room and move the puppies into the outhouse for the day.
But this year we are back at mum's and it's going to be big - 23 to feed! But we're all mucking in, my grandmother is cooking the two turkeys and they will have their resting time in the car on the way to mums, so she won't be too stressed out!

Lucy Bloom said...

What gorgeous scenery. I love twee and traditions, also chocolate but I've eaten all mine!
Have a good weekend!

Carol said...

I agree with it all and enjoy it all.
I love the new look.......I like my new look too and it was a mistake on my part for tinkering with it in the first place.
I wish wish wish we had snow!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, congratulations, you have won my Giveaway. Could you email me your address and I will post your goodies to you.
Hope you had a good weekend,

Anonymous said...

Love this post, your photographs are gorgeous and your Christmas list is so seasonal that I can hardly wait now... Oh the excitiement!!!!

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

A girl after my own heart... clean sheets and jim jams, chocolate orange.. Christmas wouldn't be the same without these..
Your snowy photos are sublime... how I wish it would snow here!
P.s Really Lovely blog...