Monday 10 December 2007

Jolly holly

I absolutely love holly. Every year from when I can remember dad has disappeared into the night with a big bag and visited a friend's woodland to bring in the holly. Some years the thrushes got there before him and we had about one berry in the whole house. I managed to resist ransacking the hedgerows for these, but they do look very tempting, 1-0 to the thrushes there quite rightly. I was very chuffed to see these amazing branches at the nursery in mum and dad's village where we bought our Christmas tree. There was tons and I've filled lots of jugs and even managed one for my lovely new bedroom table that I'm putting the finishing touches to, I'll pop up some photos of soon. It looks so jolly and although I have got a poinsettia I like the holly best of all.
The weather here on Saturday was completely foul so the idyllic, family, Christmas tree trip, taking an age to choose exactly the right one, stopping in the cafe for cake etc was pretty much cut short. Luckily the nursery had rigged up some shelter and we could choose the tree without getting completely drenched but it was so cold, poor A wasn't in a happy mood. We quickly chose an old fashioned spruce which I know will drop a lot of needles but it smells absolutely fantastic, reminds me of all my Christmases as a little girl. Its up and absolutely swamped with decorations. Usually we have a 6 footer but with A being rather small and very curious, this year's is a four footer on a table, just out of reach. I did try to hold some decorations back, thinking that less is more but I couldn't bear to and there was no stopping B's flow!
Just like almost every other person in the land I can feel the cry of, "why aren't there enough hours in the day!" beginning to ring in my ears. This is my last week at work before Christmas and the diary is filling up with things to do, including some festive treats -

*** office meal out tomorrow evening
*** Woody's 40th, friend for coffee and dinner out for the birthday boy Wednesday
*** Last day at work and tons of stuff to finish off on Friday
*** Farmer's market with Lucy and collect toy chest from cousin's on Saturday

Decorations to finish, baking to do, school Christmas service, food shopping to get in, carols in a cave (brilliant believe me!) ... and I love it all!

I went on the school trip on Friday with B and although it was a very long way away for 3, 4 and 5 year olds on a coach, we did enjoy it and it was all very festive. It was basically a woodland walk with nursery tale tableaux and a winter village complete with elf workshop, Father Christmas and even snow! I'd been a bit dubious but it wasn't too commercial, once you'd paid all the rides were free and it was just right for the children's age group. I remember going to the grotto in the big department store when I was little and being absolutely mesmerised. Looking at it all through the little one's eyes I saw a glimpse of how Christmas used to feel a long time. Magic!

Early start tomorrow as I'm collecting my friend Lucy ahead of our office do and the forecast is for a thick frost and a sparkling morning. Christmas is definitely coming!


Ragged Roses said...

Hope you have a wonderful, busy, week. I love holly too and am going to pick some from the front garden tomorrow. Happy 40th to Woody

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful blog!
Seasons Greetings!
Sandra Evertson

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Your holly photo epitomises Christmas... lovely!
Isn't it amazing how we pour so much into the weeks leading up to Christmas... what do we do the rest of the year?
Good luck with your list of 'To Do's'.
P.s Thank you for your lovely friendly comment .. much appreciated!

Claire said...

The holly is lovely - I keep trying to raid some from some spare land behind our house, but every time I want to go, it's so dark I can't see! Your week sounds as busy as mine! Have a good one

Nonnie said...

Love holly too. It really is the most Christmassy thing. I should try to get some myself. I know what you mean about having lots to do. I'm kind of on top of things but there's still lots on the list. Enjoy the office meal!

Carol said...

I love Holly too!
You will get everything done I am sure........Do Not I am!
Carol xx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph,
what a wonderful place to visit with those cute houses, your holly looks great, think I'm going to have to find me some! Yes, it's a busy time, pre-xmas panic is starting to set in the Bloom household!
best wishes