Monday 3 March 2008

Bless my little chaps

Bacon butties in bed, a bunch of pink roses, the Doc Martin dvd and the sweetest handmade cards from the boys made for the loveliest Mothering Sunday in the world. Later we popped out to our favourite cafe (this is the boys outside it last year, a lovely farm shop with a cafe in the old forge) for lunch with Woody's mum and his sister Jack with her two little men.
Afterwards we tootled home for a play in the garden and homemade cake. What a fantastic day, the sun shone and my boys were full of kisses and cuddes. I'm a very lucky mummy indeed.
My darling m-in-law with her oldest (B) and youngest grandsons (Seth, B's new cousin)

Thank you too to my lovely, lovely mum who I saw on Saturday - so glad you liked your present. Thank you for all the support and help and love you give, thank you for everything. Lots of love Stephersxxx

Mum with A the day he arrived

Do you like my tin? Bought on ebay to replace the After Eights tin I've been using as a sewing box for years. I do really treasure the mints tin because my very dear grandparents gave it to me, (knowing they were my favourite chocolates) instead of an Easter egg one year. They gave me another for a Christmas gift which now is home to the rosettes I won in riding competitions at the stables where I helped out. I wasn't really any good and won most for grooming but Ted & Alice were very proud of me and the tin still has a whiff of mint fondant! Happy memories.
They're not very vintage though and this new, or rather older, rose tin is just the job and only £1 too! I'm quite envious of the array of vintage cotton reels so many bloggers have collected and I'd love to have a collection of my own. Two vintage spools and counting so this box hides away the modern ones and invaulable bits of wunderweb I confess to owning!


jessica daisy said...

Glad you had such a lovely mothers day, and what a lovely tin, pefect for all your sewing bits. I love the basket too.
I'm glad I'm converting you to the colour blue!

julia said...

Sounds like a lovely Mother's day. Love the tin, and the very tidy basket. I have a similar one but it's not half as organised as that!
Julia x

mollycupcakes said...

Lovely to read all about yor mother's day honey, sounds like it was a great one.

The basket full of treasures looks very pretty. And the tin is so sweet.

Have a good week.


Catherine x

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day Steph, you can't beat breakfast in bed! Love the new tin, it looks perfect in the basket too. Doesn't really matter what's inside it, it looks very pretty!

Emma Herian said...

What a gorgeous day you had! I think a girl can't get enough tins - And what a beautiful one too.
I like the look of you basket as well, again a girl needs many baskets!

Carol said...

What a lovely day you had too!
That Doc Martin dvd sounds good to me.
Love the tin.....just love old tins and you seem to spend a lot of time on EBay Steph....I wonder if we bid against each
Carol xxx

Deb said...

Wonderful post & pictures Stephanie! Your Mother's Day sounds absolutely lovely.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Steph, lovely post about your 'chaps'. I do like your rose tin, but then how could I not! I find that rose patterned thrift is still relatively easy to come across, which is lucky.
Have a lovely weekend!
Lucy x

Claire said...

What a lovely mothers day weekend you had. I love wonderweb...every mums secret weapon.
I've added you to my fave places to visit claire xx

Garden Girl said...

Your Mum looks very lovely indeed- and such sweet photos of the boys too!
Your tin is fab, you'll get such pleasure from it each time you use it. I love Doc Martin too- Martin Clunes was on tv yesterday morning-he's such a lovely man!!

prettyshabby said...

Hi Steph ..thankyou so much for your great message..I'm beginning to feel better about moving having had so many positive comments left.
I'd found you via Julia and thought your blog was really lovely, your new home looks wonderful and it sounds like you love the village..I thought I had left a message for you before as I loved the nostalgic post and reading about your boys,my brain must be a bit squiffy at the moment as I keep doing it.. maybe I dont click the post comment button and then wander off elsewhere!
I'm so glad you remembered seeing Josie on the news, we were so proud of her that day.
have a great weekend!

alice c said...

Tuck a copy of that lovely picture of your Mum with her two lovely grandsons into the tin and you will smile every time you lift the lid!

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - the tin is lovely - I wish I could find things like that - and what a bargain too! - It sounds like you had a lovely Mothers Day. if only it were every Sunday!
Natalie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, aww sounds like the perfect mother's day and aren't those babes as cute as buttons! Love the tin.

Perfectly Lovely said...

It sounds as though you had an absolutely perfect motherdays, sunshine, cake and your gorgeous boys, what more could you of asked for!

Loving your sewing basket of goodies. x